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16th > February > 2016 Archive

Router configurations suck (power out of mobile devices, that is)

RFC asks IPv6 admins to quiet routers so mobile devices don't have to wake up quite so often

European Space Agency lights up new Australian antenna

Perth's skies are polluted so ESA puts new sat-tracker in the hamlet of New Norcia

Debian 6.0 about to take flying leap off long term support cliff

Here's a novel use for February 29th: ending security updates for Debian 'squeeze'

Cisco customers on alert over new vulns

Patches not yet ready

Idiot e-tailers falling for fake patch that exploits year-old Magento hole

Crims lifting customers' credit card records thanks to negligent failure to apply patch

Big Brother's pet unicorn Palantir closes the Kimono

Got data at Not for long, you don't

Backdoors are bad, Euro security wonks ENISA tell governments

And also futile: how on earth could Europe stop its citizens downloading crypto tools?

Review sites commit to address UK regulator's concerns

CMA also plans to publicise probe into paid endorsements

Xen forgets recent patches in new maintenance release

Is this any way to run a supposedly cloud-grade hypervisor?

'Hobbit' heads aren't human says bone boffin

Phrenological footling fuzzes theories on little people from Indonesian island

UK to stop children looking at online porn. How?

Big fines for non-compliance

Samsung now pushing Marshmallows into the Galaxy S6, Edge

The rest of you using cheaper handsets can wait until Sammy gets around to your Android upgrade

Are you a Salesforce or an Uber? Choose wisely, devs

CommentKnow when to break out the emergency release tools...

Virgin posts increase in profits and sales amid 900 jobs chop

Biz announces merger in Netherlands with Vodafone

Hey cellcos: Guess who's got your backhaul still? That's right. Big daddy BT

Radioheads roar over cloud RAN backhaul leap for

Big, fat fail? Here's how to avoid that: Microservices and you

Time to start acting 'small'

Ordnance Survey unfolds handy Mars map

Plenty of craters, a bit short on pubs

EMC's Chad Sakac once made a Gangnam Style parody music video

VidYou have never seen – or heard – anything like this

Toshiba denies it will exit the PC market

Fujitsu, VAIO ops merger rumours grow more insistent

Facebook tells Viz to f**k right off

UPDATEDBrit comic unpublished for community standards breach

Follow ESA's intercontinental ballistic missile launch live today

Sentinel satellite soars heavenwards at 17:57 GMT

Volvo offloads IT biz to HCL, then outsources own IT to.... HCL

20 data centres, 11,000 servers. What can go wrong?

Official: Seagate notebook drive has shingles

Mighty lighty mini thinny drive gets 2TB shingling

Brit bit barn and hosting slinger C4L Group sold for £23m

Castle Street Investments goes from online dating biz to tech services

Nutanix updates its stack, not just to distract you from EMC's big day

Acropolis hypervisor said to enjoy 4x performance boost

Khronos releases Vulkan 1.0 open graphics specification

Explicit thread control and closer to the metal, but OpenGL not dead yet

Stray electronic-magnetic leaks used to harvest PC crypto keys


Ah, that new 'baby' mainframe smell: IBM shows off z13s

Faster security baked into Quite Big Iron

EMC's hardware 'quantum leap' is more of a brisk catchup stroll

'VxRail' debuts with familiar hyper-converged package and promises of low, low prices

Google? Great firm, lovely people, says Microsoft-backed ICOMP

Outfit will now do, er, privacy and stuff. Yeah. That thing

Quotemehappy? No, I'm furious: Insurance site loses customer details

And one-time TalkTalk victims are really unhappy with the help on offer

$30m stands between you and the contract to run all .org domains

PIR unexpectedly opens up backend to bidder

Comcast celebrates Presidents Day with Gerald Ford impression

Cable giant still not sure why its network went kaput

EMC energizes Star Trek-style matter-phasing warp field coils, emits VxRack Neutrinos

It's just a box that runs cloud and big data apps

Patch ASAP: Tons of Linux apps can be hijacked by evil DNS servers, man-in-the-middle miscreants

Buffer overflow found in glibc

RSA: Fraud may double as 2017 Oz snap bank transfers cut safety nets

British bank reform was a boon to bandits.

Public enemies: Azure, Amazon, Google, Oracle, OpenStack, SoftLayer will murder private IT

AnalysisThe dirty half dozen

Europe whips out tool to get a grip on govts jerking around the web

Keep up with rules, regulations and laws affecting your internet

US software biz fined $28 million for bribing Chinese buyers with free vacations, gifts

Goodies exchanged for deals

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