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15th > February > 2016 Archive

The Nano-NAS market is now a femto-flop being eaten by the cloud

Of 68.5 million desktop storage devices sold in 2015, just 1% had 3 or more bays

CSIRO says it hasn't sacked the LIGO mirror-makers

Precision optics lost its balls, not all of its brains, thanks to robots

GitHub to devs: 'We ignored you but we never stopped caring'

Sourceforge also in belated apology mode as it kills hated 'DevShare' ad-injection plan

Cisco's Chambers mulls Indian manufacturing base

Come to Pune or miss the bus, apparently. Also, you rock harder than Shelbyville

Bomb hoax server hoster reportedly cuffed in France

Log-less network service targeted in wake of global bomb threats.

NICE catch, Amazon: Bezos buys HPC toolkit from Italy

Is Uncle Jeff's cut-price bit-barn rental company contemplating HPCaaS?

Roses are red, violets are blue, Valentine's Day means DDoS for you

Net scum target florists on day of commercialised romance

Metel malware pops bank, triggers 15 percent swing in Russian Ruble

ATM hacking tool used to place $500 million in orders.

Shopping for PCs? This is what you'll be offered in 2016

The world's big three PC vendors explain what they think you want to buy

Blighty cops nab Brit teen for 'hacking' CIA Brennan's AOL email

Thin Blue Line reaches over cyberspace

Elasticsearch cluster in a jiffy: Step by step

It can be done in under 30 minutes

BlackEnergy trojan also hit Ukrainian mining firm and railway operator

There be nasties out east, y'know

Ofcom must tackle 'monopolistic' provider BT, says shadow digital minister Chi Onwurah

'Unacceptable' for sub-1Mbps internet speeds in 2016

Another storage upstart pops up: Say hello to OSNEXUS

CommentA mix of Ceph, Gluster and ZFS on a virtualised hardware grid base

Is this the last ever Lumia?

Microsoft unveils new Windows 10 biz workhorse - but sorry, no Continuum

Facebook has paid $4.3m to bug-hunters since 2011

Trinidad and Tobago quite the bug-reporting hotspots, it transpires

This Android Trojan steals banking creds and wipes your phone

Dial P for pwnage

Hazy outlook for Verizon cloud storage after compute gets axed

CommentChange of direction in Verizon's data centre jet stream

Spark man Zaharia on 2.0 and why it's 'not that important' to upstage MapReduce

InterviewMatei tells us about his brainchild

Thanks for the extra memories, folks: Say hi to GridGain

Distributed in-memory parallel processing nodes face off against storage-class memory

ESA's Sentinel satellite to ride converted ICBM

Old school tech for tomorrow's Earth-watching launch

Higher US Fed interest rates will hit startups over the head

You don't need to risk your capital when banks start paying out again

Two sales directors wave goodbye to Dell

Channel 'shake-up' means firm needs new top-level folk

IP freely? Your VoIP phone can become a covert spy tool...

UpdatedSod it, let's just go back to carrier pigeons

Virgin Atlantic co-pilot dazzled by laser

NYC-bound flight forced to return to Heathrow

Streetmap's lawyer: Google High Court win will have 'chilling effect’ on UK digital biz

New hurdles for victims to prove abuse

Payroll at XMA swells as industry veterans haul themselves aboard

Former Phoenix IT Group boss Bertram among those to rock up for services glory

India's ‘Facebook ruling’ is another nail in the coffin of the MNO model

Ability to access 'net from mobe no longer considered a miracle

Adobe issues patch to nix its Mac-killing Creative Cloud update

No more will service delete important bits from your root directory

Oz battery maker Redflow's residential product to land in March

Cue "plucky Aussie versus international juggernaut" tropes

Failed school intranet project spent AU$1.4m on launch party before crashing and burning

Blowouts, corruption, failed projects: just another day in Oz state government IT

Ransomware scum infect Tinseltown hospital, demand $3.6m

Pathology, pharmacy, and medical machines impacted

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