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12th > February > 2016 Archive

Verizon is on cloud none: Comms giant will axe two public services

Punters told they have until April 12 to save their data

Dell 'struggling to raise funds for EMC gobble'

A falling tech market sinks all boats

VMware hikes vSphere prices, shrinks licence options

Thousand-dollar increase for vCenter instances, but you get new goodies for the price

You can leave your hat on, warbles Rackspace to OpenStack users

Red Hats enterprise linux OpenStack comes to former AWS-chaser's cloud

Net narks phishing AlphaBay drug logins in clever redirect attack

If ever you wanted proof there is no honour among thieves, this scam proves it

Hack VMware, score US$75K. Hack Flash, get much less

CanSecWestPwn2Own hackerfest names its targets and prizes for 2016

Zero. Zilch. Nada. That's how much Netflix uses its own data centres now

Eight year migration ends after year spent beating up billing application

Council IT system goes berserk, packs off kids to the wrong schools

Admissions software piles pressure on anxious parents

Computer Science grads still finding it hard to get a job

Skills gap? What skills gap?

Depressed? Desperate for a ciggie? Blame the Neanderthals

Prehistoric nookie has knock-on effects

Scariest climate change prediction yet: More time to eat plane food

Boffins predict jet streams to strengthen, which will mean longer trans-Atlantic flights

When asked 'What's a .CNT file?' there's a polite way to answer

On-CallAnd then there's the Reg reader way, as used on a chap who 'lost my blue E'

Indonesian comms ministry orders 'gay emoji' block

First they came for the local IM services, then they came for the world's

Portworx puts storage into containers for your data centre pleasure

Early edition of product is aimed at DevOps folk

Big data lakes? Too many ponds, that’s the problem

Everyone says they'll go big, then puts together a bunch of small silos

IT's Holy Grail, but is DevOps a Poisoned Chalice for sysadmins?

A journey without end...

Send tortuous stand-up ‘nine-thirty’ meetings back to the dark ages

Something for the Weekend, Sir?They’re almost medieval anyway

Argos offers 'buy now pay in 3 months' deal

Reg reader enjoys deferred payment and free shopping voucher

When it comes to spaffing your login creds, Android biz apps are the business

300% better at it than non-business apps

Ofcom spent £10m in past 2 years desperately lobbing away sueballs

UpdatedDoes regulator have time to make policy?

HPE StoreServ flash capacity boost coming

Near enough 8TB SSDs on the way

National Pupil Database engorged to 20 million individual kids' records

Massive population-wide pupil data slurp also available to private sector

Microsoft seller Trustmarque seeks private equity sugar daddy

ExclusiveAppoints William Blair to run the process for £200m sales firm

Skype users were targeted by bad-ad pushing Angler crooks

But fear not – the taint has now been purged

Philae comet lander officially dead

Chances of communication 'close to zero'

Google wins High Court fight with StreetMap over search results self-pluggery

Dominant? Yes. Abusive? No, rules the judge

The field at the centre of the universe: Cambridge's outdoor pulsar pusher

Geek's Guide to BritainRadio astronomy, sheds and high-explosive ordnance

Post-pub nosh neckfiller: The gargantuan Gatsby

South African supersized spicy steak sarnie

Want AWS Lambda without the Amazon lock-in? Meet Project Kratos announces project to beat cloud lock-in; but is it that easy?

Mobile: DevOps for IT shops. Minus the upheaval

First step on a thousand-mile journey

De-anonymising data should be a criminal offence, says MPs report

Although that could be a bit of a problem under the new EU rules...

HPE is going to unleash a Machine on us. Here's how it might play out

CommentThe decomposable infrastructure endpoint and our route into its gaping maw

Reluctant Wikipedia lifts lid on $2.5m internet search engine project

It simply ain't true – until Mr Wales publicly denies it

Get out of mi casa, Picasa: Google photo site to join Wave, Code, Reader in silicon hell

Estás muerto para mi

Louisville says yes to Google Fiber. Funny story: AT&T, TWC didn't want that to happen

Surprise, surprise

PBX phone system hacking nets crooks $50 million over four years

Dial G for guilty – one miscreant admits laundering role

Free science journal library gains notoriety, lands injunctions

Sci-Hub loses domains and Twitter account wobbles

If you're going to protect people's privacy, protect our profits, too – US broadband biz to FCC

We need ways to snoop, er, innovate

Brit spies can legally hack PCs and phones, say Brit spies' overseers

So that's that, then

This is what it looks like when your website is hit by nasty ransomware

How depressing: British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy hijacked

iPhones clock-blocked and crocked by setting date to Jan 1, 1970

Cupertino's amazing software quality showcased once again

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