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11th > February > 2016 Archive

Enterprise network spend hits the brakes – and Cisco's OK with that

$11bn is still $11bn

Cisco security kit wide-open to IKE bug

Patch your ASA appliances now unless you like the world reading your secrets

Celebrities fronting startups again? Now we're interested!

In who’s behind the startup and who it’s linked to

Building automation systems are so bad IBM hacked one for free

Remote sites owned as router, controller and server all fall to pen-test team

Panasonic Toughbooks are so tough they can smoke

It's a fire-bug, not a feature. So Panasonic's recalling machines from 2011 to 2013

Norks stabilise non-threatening space speck ... for about five minutes

South Korea recovers chunks of rocket from ocean as satellite tumbles on

South Korea abandons manufacturing enclave in nuclear North

Kaesong Industrial Complex to be 'completely closed', says Unification Ministry

Bluetooth direct to the internet: What could possibly go wrong?

Hang on! Doesn't Wi-Fi already let 'things' do that?

Indian telcos ask for details of Facebook-flaying neutrality law

Regulator's Zuck-off to Free Basics has carriers worried they might be in trouble too

Boffins freeze brains, then thaw them – and they're in perfect order

Rabbit and pig brains look fine, but haven't been transplanted. Sorry, Walt

Hollywood gives up speculative invoicing attempt in Australia

Judge wanted copyright-holders to charge pirates a pittance so Dallas Buyers Club folded

Putin's internet guru says 'nyet' to Windows, 'da' to desktop Linux

In Soviet Russia, computer uninstalls you!

Women devs – want your pull requests accepted? Just don't tell anyone you're a girl

Did you pull last night? ... Code. We're talking about code

Bitcoin's governance bungles stain the blockchain's reputation

If the cryptocurrency can't organise its own evolution, we lose a chance at better security

EVO:FAIL as VMware quietly shelves its EVO:RAIL recipe

VSAN's the man from now on, but there may be another plan

Don't freak out, but your primary storage has become 'aware'

CommentPicking apart the new 'data-aware' storage trend

Joint Committee on UK Snoopers' Charter: Make like a dictionary and give a definition

IPBSuggests ICRs may be up for the chop... or maybe not

From Tony Stark to Iron Man: Building tomorrow's IT chief

The new IT chief and you... the new IT chief is you

Amazon's Lumberyard invaded by zombies

Game dev tool service terms address undead apocalypse

Scale-out storage: Proprietary? Commodity? Or both?

Depends what the object of your quest is...

Automic grasps plug-in, reaches for OpenStack

Enterprise ops people best placed to float clouds for devs

Global crypto survey proves govt backdoors completely pointless

Like playing a frustrating game of whack-a-mole

Heart Internet in 22-hour TITSUP after data centre power stuffup

One of the 'most efficient and resilient data centres in Europe'

1Gbps quad-antenna mobile broadband chip dives off Qualcomm's drawing board

Plus new Snapdragon SoCs for upcoming smartphones

School network manager wins £10,000 in NCC Group Cyber 10K challenge

Impressed panel with 'holistic' computer solution

Tier me up, tier me down: Cohesity adds cloud spill trays to on-premises array

Plus SMB support and encryption

Move over, Google. Here’s Wikipedia's search engine – full of on-demand smut

Why trawl the world, when the world is inside Wiki?

Boffins show Ed Vaizey what superfast means: 50,000x faster than UK broadband

Data transmission barrier smashing demo

Google after six-year tax foot-drag: No they're fine about the fine. We're fine. No fine

£130m tax bill over 10 years biggest settlement outside US

Docker users clock up 2 billion pulls since 2013

The mark of a healthy and active ecosystem

Mirantis: OpenStackers, it's us or Amazon...

Never mind the rest, we're the only viable open-source choice

Microsoft axes ‘dozens’ more from former Nokia phone biz

UpdatedSatya Nadella continues Finning out the herd

No, HMG, bulk data surveillance is NOT inevitable

Painful realities of the Investigatory Powers Bill

Great news, investors of Hortonworks: Only $179.1m net loss in 2015

Still burning bank notes, but at least not at both ends

Insight Enterprises CEO: our EMEA ops are firing... no not staff

Cloud business grows double digits but can't offset sluggish on-prem IT sales

Cricket can get nasty: India v Pakistan rivalry boils over into cyber-war

Cheer at Test results, find yourself hit by SQL injection

Health and Safety to prosecute over squashed Harrison Ford

Star Wars production company due in court

Sick and tired of modern Windows? Upgrade to Windows 3.1 today – in your web browser

Over 1k programs and games preserved by Internet Archive

Time acquires Myspace, creates 2004's most fearsome media giant

Social networking has-been is Joe Ripp's problem now

Uber, Taskrabbit, other Silicon Valley darlings urge Europe not to screw their business

47 sharing-economy outfits ask not to be limited by local laws

Boffins' gravitational wave detection hat trick blows open astronomy

AnalysisA discovery to make Einstein proud

Used a cell phone in NYC? The cops probably tracked you

Report on heavy stingray use could make NYPD blue

Facebook-squishing Indian regulator's next move: Open source code

How's that for colonialism, Andreessen?

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