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4th > February > 2016 Archive

US taxmen borked in computer cockup riddle

IRS says its online form filing system is, er, offline

T-Mobile US's BingeOn does break net neutrality, says law prof

But where's John Legere's ranty response?

Cisco borgs IoT outfit Jasper Tech for US$1.4 billion

And just like that, Cisco has an internet of things business unit

Get ready to tear into next round of hacker tool rules in Wassenaar Arrangement refresh

Public consultation to be held on rewritten draft update

Assange will 'accept arrest' on Friday if found guilty

UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention set to rule on legality of long couch-surfing stint

Parallels opens new Windows with app virtualistion upgrade

New plan is to do what Citrix and VMware do, for less, for less-deep-pocketed orgs

Cisco splats Nexus, APIC, and security manager bugs

Hip-hip hooray it's Borg bug day!

Autodesk vapourises ten per cent of jobs to go completely cloudy

And it's handling the transition rather better than Adobe

Google to deep six dodgy download buttons

Safe browsing to start flagging dodgy 'download now' buttons

Microsoft's malware mitigator refreshed, but even Redmond says it's no longer needed

EMET 5.5 is upon us, complete with Windows 10 support

New AI chip from MIT gives Skynet a tenfold speed boost

Or, or ... Eyeriss could turn smartphones into deep thinkers

Bill for half a billion quid lands on Apple's desk in Facetime patent scrap

Cupertino iGiant tells El Reg it's demanding a mistrial

Barracuda kills CudaDrive and Copy cloud storage services

Blood in the water as company decides to ' focus resources on our most strategic initiatives'

It killed Safe Harbor. Will Europe's highest court now kill off hyperlinks?

Intriguing legal case over leaked Playboy pics may impact web

How a power blip briefly broke GitHub's boxes and tripped it offline

git-blame -l -t

Z-z-ZAP! reveals Lightning release and price hikes

More functions mean price hike shouldn't be very very frightening, says analyst

Go phish your own staff: Dev builds open-source fool-testing tool

Dear Colleague, what's your password again? Send to please!

Winning Underhand C Contest code silently tricks nuke inspectors

Top evil source looks simple and innocent but is actually a warmonger's dream

Row over GCHQ-built voice algo MIKEY SAKKE rumbles on

Researcher maintains criticism as CESG defends tech

Xitore slings 4 million IOPS box under its arm, strides out into the light

Hey buddy VCs, gotta dime? A-round open for donations

Three: We won't hike prices if you say yes to £10.5bn O2 merger

Please Ms Regulator, let us do our deal

Software devs' new mantra: Zen dogs dream of small-sized bones

'BIG' is for old-skool bosses

Google Search head: I'm off. Yes, I told you yesterday. On Google+

*Click*. Firm locks Artificial intelligence head in place

Speednames 'fesses up, admits customers' emails are borked

You can shout into the ether but you won't hear the echo

Scottish MP calls for drone-busting eagles

Impressed by Dutch anti-UAV squadron plan

Pebble punts out new firmware to watch you as you sleep

Where are the straps?

Networks First chairman Titmus to exit, dog pool biz awaits

Long-serving chairman to call it quits, in IT that is...

Leak – UN says Assange detention 'unlawful'

Meanwhile pallid webmaster's support site wobbles

HPE chases risky business with Autonomy and Stonebraker tech

Promises to help titans 'get in front of a Libor-type event'

Lenovo: China biz down, PC and mobile down

But hey, losing 3,200 staff plumped profits. And it is nearly the weekend

Like your iPhone, but not enough to touch it? This patent's for you

Apple gearing up for a mega Surface challenge?

OpenSSL fixes bug, gets dissed by German gov: That's so random ... not

Code review highlights problematic RNG

Druva shows us its DRaaS and it's full of BADness

It's less risky if you do it their way, they say

NASA seeks rocketeers for annual RockOn! shindig

Obligatory: Ability to solder and US passport

Mall owner lays blame at Apple's door for dragging down sales

How does a halo actually help you drive down rents?

Supplier promises to nudge UK schools towards secure webmail

Think of the children, er, school governors

So. Are Europeans just a whining bunch of data protection hypocrites?

Analysis'We’re fixing oversight. When will you?' - USA

Mozilla officially kills Firefox OS for smartphones in favour of 'Connected Devices'

Version 2.6, expected in May, will be the last release

Mystery hacker hijacks Dridex Trojan botnet... to serve antivirus installer

Ah, great. Ave AV

Stylish Vaio biz mobe is flying this way – ah, it's got Windows 10 inside

Shiny, shiny .. with a catch

Cruz missile slams into DNS overlord ICANN over Chinese censorship

Republican presidential frontrunner sends nastygram to CEO

Sorry, Toshiba, speak up ... What was that? A $6bn loss amid an accounting scandal?

Biggest dive into the red in company history expected

FaceTime, WhatsApp UDP streams AWOL on iOS 9 beta with T-Mo US

IPv6 LTE fingered in networking mystery

Fired Norse Corp CEO blames the media

And has a good old moan at his former employees

The fracking oil price drop whacked Panasas – who's next in energy IT?

Plummeting fuel prices cause tech budgets to shrink, which is bad news for tech suppliers

Flash array biz Tegile swings axe on staff

ExclusiveWorkforce trimmed in UK, Netherlands in response to 'revenue at any cost'

You, FCC. Do something about these overpriced cable boxes, yells Bernie Sanders and pals

Taking a pop at Comcast – election-winning move, that

Teradataaaaargghh! How to go from years in the black right into the red

Goodwill impairment's long shadow

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