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No, George Brandis, telcos still don't want you taking the console in their networks

Proposed Australian telecommunications security laws are a mess

Sure, encrypt your email – while your shiny IoT toothbrush spies on you

AnalysisHarvard's internet arm frets about gizmo security

Windows 10 will now automatically download and install on PCs

'Recommended' update roll out starts here

Google plugs Android vulns

Happy days if you own a Nexus

NASA preps silicon-photonic modem for space laser internet test

Aeronautical agency will offer its small, speedy LCRD tech to industry

Google adds lots of cloudy flash, no sign of saviour

Alphabet subsidiary’s scaling its cloud, but won't say if sales are up, down, or sideways

Exascale project wants machine with TEN MEEELLION ARMS

Europe's ExaNeSt HPC pilot will start with a mere 1000 cores that Intel won't be making

Chip chomped after debug backdoor found in Android phones

Cheap Chinese handsets ready to be rooted.

Euro-security group ENISA notices cars are insecure, plots fixfest

Stable door? Check. Padlock? Check. Horses? Oh …

Boeing's X-Wing 737 makes first flight

British-made winglets debut on new version of world's most popular airliner

Azlan crowns Tomlin

Today Basingstoke ... tomorrow the world

Windows 10 overtakes Windows 8.1's market share

It looks like Santa stuffed chimneys with new PCs last year

Little warning: Deleting the wrong files may brick your Linux PC

Don't run rm -rf / as a laugh to clean your filesystem on a ham-fisted UEFI machine

Brit boffins get green light to edit human genome

Groundbreaking research could help fertility treatment ... or create custom humans

Why the Sun is setting on the Boeing 747

It can't get any better, basically

Syncer and (flash) shipper feeling chipper: We're going great guns

Growth from flash array pusher Kaminario and sync 'n' sharer Syncplicity

Microsoft vs, Internet of Stuff, etc: What's up with 2015's legal cloudy issues?

Is Big Data still a Big Legal Problem?

TalkTalk admits losing £60m and 101,000 customers after THAT hack

All those ads promising free stuff, yet they still fled

UK concerned over EU law plans on trade of data for digital content

Careful, Europe. You might ruin 'very innovative business model'

GCHQ’s Xmas puzzle proves uncrackable

Honestly devoid of cant?

UK govt right to outsource everything 15 years ago – civil service boss

But now we, er, actually need some of those skills in-house

Lawyers cast fishing nets in class-action Seagate seas

Hoping to hook pissed-off Barracuda users

Danish Sith Lord fined in Galactic Republic rumpus

Disturbance in the peace in far-flung Jutland

Backers fling cash at Gridstore for Hyper-V hyperconverged development

Funding round for growth for Hyper-V HCIA startup

Plan B hoovers up NZ-based cloud outfit ICONZ

Confusion over UK rapper’s apparent foray into business continuity services

Embattled Barracuda Networks looks for buyer – report

SMB backup and protection business sees customers heading to the cloud

IBM buys two digital ad agencies in a week

Chasing the marketing dollar

Cloudian's better at Amazon S3 than anyone else, apparently

CommentExcept for that Amazon cloud character - obviously

Disputed eBay platform vuln poses ‘severe risk’ to tat bazaar's users

Infosec bods warn of problem – and so far there's no reaction

Firing a water rocket to 1km? Piece of cake

Well, not exactly...

Perforce boss: ‘I’m just the cook’, flips firm to private equity

New owners focus on undefined 'next stage' of growth

For sale: One 236-bed nuclear bunker

Spacious Northern Ireland pad, handy for emergencies

UK IT pros love OpenStack. Who says so? SUSE says so

Vendor survey: High adoption rate

BT broadband is down: Former state monopoly goes TITSUP UK-wide

UpdatedTotal Inability To Shift Usual Packets

IBM blesses Catalogic's ECX copy data management

Big Blue takes storage biz's hand, gallops into the sunset

Wanted! A browser to replace Xombrero

Readers' cornerCan you help your fellow commentard?

See that fist punching through the clouds? That's Veeam's, that is

Read this and weep, fellow storage upstarts

IBM's Spectrum Scale gets see-through cloud tiering

Direct support of object storage by parallel file system

Alphabetti spaghetti: What Wall Street isn't telling you about Google

Black boxes and botnet armies ravage aging ad biz

Smart toys spring dumb vulns. Again. This time: Cuddly bears, watches

Get it together, IoT makers

Google ninjas go public with security holes in Malwarebytes antivirus

Software biz races to fix bugs everyone now knows

Safe Harbor ripped and replaced with Privacy Shield in last-minute US-Europe deal

Uncle Sam promises not to spy on Europeans en masse

Google calls out Comodo's Chromodo Chrome-knockoff as insecure crapware

Installed it for free? Costs the same to uninstall it

Intel, Qualcomm set up their WiGig 802.11ad devices on blind dates

Good news, seeing as they're already flogging the hardware

ABC storage project adrift in 'brown ocean'

Stuttering AU$4m video edit platform pulled from user acceptance testing

Layoffs! Lawsuits! Losses! ... Yahoo! is! in! an! L! of! a! mess!

15 per cent of staff axed, bits likely to be sold off, $4bn loss for the year

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