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1st > February > 2016 Archive

UK taxpayers should foot £2bn or more to adopt Snoopers' Charter, says Inquiry

IPBParliamentary committee says bill would otherwise undermine the tech sector

'VxRail' looks like EMC's next-gen hyper-converged appliance

Trademark filing, jobs, Tweets and an undeniable X-factor point to an EVO:RAIL evolution

App for homeless says walking on water is the way to reach services

Australian Prime Minister hails app as just the kind of problem-solver the nation needs

LibreSSL emits new versions, says not vulnerable to OpenSSL bug

Cisco's pedalling hard to prepare patches too

Toshiba, Fujitsu and Vaio may be about to merge laptop ops

Japan's laptop-makers mulling combined last stand say Taiwanese sources

Is security outfit Norse Corp dead or just temporarily TITSUP?

'Imploding' says Brian Krebs

Slashdot, SourceForge slurped by travel publisher

Move along, nothing to see here says new owner

Intel's SGX security extensions: Secure until you look at the detail

MIT research suggests Intel's taking risks with its locked-down container tech

Netflix picks up Molly at university, scores harsh character assessment

Prototype UC Berkeley fault-generating code finds flaws streamer's human fixers missed

Microsoft sinks to new depths with underwater data centre experiment

Why schlep data cross-country when we live on the coast, near free cooling?

A RAT and a spammer both avoid the slammer

Judges go soft on cyber crime as hackers evade behind bars

Micron's Xpoint excavations: More murmurings about PCM

CommentIt's just a phase ... (geddit?)

EU agency warns of cyber risks from using big data tools

Yep. Businesses' privacy is also at risk

'International tax' needs reform. Google's chicken bill makes me chuckle – comms guy

'We would like to be seen to be paying the right amount'

El Reg nips down to the Hewlett You Inn?

Delivers modestly boxed signage for HPE's private London boozer

BT airs out new business structure as it digests EE

Points to Openreach and tells Ofcom it is already at 'arm's length'

Rooting your Android phone? Google’s rumbled you again

Android Pay now refuses to play ball on a rooted handset

Google peddles Linux based load balancer to open sourcers

Seesaw ups the ante

Here's to Hu: QLogic beats expectations as it waits for new CEO

Third quarter results good but annual compare shows fall

CSC boss Gossain is now an ex-exec

He's 'transitioning to the next chapter of his career', says firm

Lincolnshire council IT ransomware flingers asked for ... £350

To be paid in Bitcoin, of course

Ofcom's head is dead against Three and O2's merger

Brit industry regulator snuggles up to EU mummy

Chef reviews internal update plans after 'degradation incident'

Automation vendor manually fixes Hosted Chef problem

Samsung trolls Google, adds adblockers to phones

What are you going to do about it, Alphabet?

Did water rocket threaten Brum airport Airbus?

Mystery 'fizzy drink bottles' at 1,500ft

RM's core tech division suffered a 12% revenue dip in 2015

BSF contract run down, exiting PC building, flaky schools budgets blamed

Dutch cops train anti-drone eagle squadron

Talons out in the war against UAVs

Oracle hires cloud 'success' pushers, denies EMEA customers are floating away

March of the persuaders

Microsoft: Yes, we are going to kill off Enterprise Agreements

They are 'cumbersome, confusing' admits software titan

Uni of Manchester IT director resigns after chopping 68 people

Former Co-op Bank man leaves on his own terms – unlike many of his staff

WirelessHART industrial control kit is riddled with security holes

... says a vendor flogging kit to plug those holes, anyway

Network builders: LTE costs will transform the cell tower biz in 2016

AnalysisThe effects of high-speed broadband on radio electronics

How Symantec scuppered Veritas sell-off six ways to Sunday

Organizational changes wrecked last quarter's results

CFEngine fixes default override irritants in 3.8.1 release

def.json feature caused 'unexpected' behavior

Safe Harbor crunch time: Today's the day to hammer out privacy deal

US, Euro officials still wrangling over security services' access to your personal data

US government's $6bn super firewall doesn't even monitor web traffic

Einstein not so smart, wide open to old-days as well as zero-days

Hackers mirror 250GB of NASA files on the web

UpdatedSpace agency says docs are public anyway – and miscreants didn't hijack $200m drone

Secret Service Silk Road scammer in the slammer

Shaun Bridges arrested while allegedly getting ready to flee the US

We've just stepped out of our time machine, and we can reveal ... EMC's new kit for early 2016

AnalysisNVMe fabric flash and deduping VSAN lead

Alphabet, cough, Google most valuable biz on Earth as it pours billions into 'other bets'

Plenty of doh-ray-mi from ads as Fiber et al gobble cash

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