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27th > January > 2016 Archive

Facebook CSO slams RSA Conf for repping 'the worst parts of the security industry'

Usenix EnigmaStamos tells infosec world to drop the hype

In this Facebook and Google-owned world, it's time to rethink privacy

AnalysisNew paper suggests ways to grab control of your data

VMware says vSphere in decline, new multi-cloud plan will ensure growth

Virtzilla beats the street, fires 800, crimps vCloud Air, doubles down on new products

Lenovo's file-sharing app uses hardwired password '12345678' ... or no password at all


AMD emits fresh open-source GPU tools for HPC, game devs

Fleshes out GPUOpen strategy

Juniper slurps packet-optical outfit BTI Systems

SDN and NFV, apparently

VMware axes Fusion and Workstation US devs

The show will go on, says Virtzilla, probably in China. Or how about open source?

500Gbps DDoS attack flattens world record

Booter blasters belt businesses.

'Here are 400,000 smut sites. Block them' says Pakistani telco regulator

Weary sysadmins copy pr0n to /dev/null

Islamic fundamentalists force Yorkshire IT shop to chop off brand

Jihadi-nough room for one ISIS in hazardous environments

Medical data experiment goes horribly wrong: 950,000 records lost

If you find six disk drives marked 'patients who used lab services', please hand them in

'Unikernels will send us back to the DOS era' – DTrace guru Bryan Cantrill speaks out

Reaction to Docker biz gobble

PayPal patches deadly server remote code execution flaw

Java deserialisation flaw was so nasty, PayPal paid bounties to two researchers

Werner Herzog chats about dystopian tech doc Lo and Behold

PodcastLegendary director's doc ponders dark and light side of the networks that connect us

UK councils continue to run into the arms of Capita

Microsoft also makes ground in councils' dash for digital

Outage outrage: Banks need clear targets for improving IT systems

MP: You need 'greater IT expertise' in the boardroom

Brit censors endure 10-hour Paint Drying movie epic

Two days to classify protest cinematic masterwork

NetApp hits back at Wikibon in cluster fluster bunfight

Comment'Storage focus is important and sustainable' says irate firm

Berlin takes down ‘for sale’ sign over top Nazi’s love nest

For poor old Goebbels, no offers at all…

Walmart takes its DevOps platform and piles it high on GitHub

Mega grocer throwing rotten tomatoes at Amazon?

Stop everything! PC sales did increase in the UK over Christmas

Sell-out numbers driven by Black Friday... and Win 10

Lincolnshire council shuts down all IT after alleged 0-day breach

Medical records, addresses, dates of birth, and bank details all exposed according to insider

Pubs good for the soul: Official

Digital world 'simply no substitute' for mates and booze

Google patents robotic 'mobile delivery receptacle'

Grabs package from drone, dumps it in your garage

Slack snags Foursquare veep to run new AI and machine learning office

Noah Weiss enters, begs world to apply for jobs

AT&T and Big Telco pals join Facebook OCP club

El Reg talks open with Equinix

UK police have 43 separate IT systems and it's putting you at risk

Coppers beg for info-sharing network at ICT Summit

Hot-patching method melts security hole in Apple's App Store

JSPatch is a time bomb waiting to explode, warns FireEye

Safari iOS crashing: Suggestions snafu KOs the Apple masses

Fix your settings, or refresh your DNS? Give it a go and let us know

Met Police: Yes, outsourcing IT to Steria has 'risks'

'No flag-waving yet', says top cop, won't say 'it'll be easy'

Website admin cPanel hacked, loses a bunch of folks' contact details

Press the big red password reset button anyway

UK Home Sec wants Minority Report-style policing – using your slurped data

Be a shame to waste the 'vast quantities' of lovely citizen data!

400 jobs to go as Texas Instruments calls time on chip fab in Scotland

Production shifts to Germany, US and Japan

Techie on the ground disputes BlackEnergy Ukraine power outage story

UpdatedAnd Russia? That's too convenient

Wikipedia board stands by new ex-Googler appointee

He's our man

Profits sink at Logicalis, UK captain no where to be seen

Press-gangs still on prowl for new local boss, vendors chucked overboard

Plexistor rolls out storage-defined memory for the masses

Flash as memory: What's not to like?

Google DeepMind cyber-brain cracks tough AI challenge: Beating a top Go board-game player

Robo elbows bio Go pro

Ansible says Galaxy app store revamp is really real

Beta label picked off and flicked in the bin

Whew! How to tell if a DevOps biz is peddling a load of manure

CommentTake your SaaSy nonsense and shove it, pal. This is the real deal

Ban internet anonymity – says US Homeland Security official

Justification: Child abuse and terrorism, of course

Apparently we have to give customers the warm fuzzies ... How the heck do we do that?

AnalysisCustomer experience done right

This gun says you ain’t leaving until my PC is fixed

On-callDell computer repair guy allegedly held hostage

Glum Commvault vaults out of the well it's been stuck in for months

Revenue rise and return to profits at software biz

Lyft to drivers: Here's $12.25m, now shut up about employee rights

Ride sharer coughs up settlement so cyber-cabbies keep 'contractor' status

Death to clunky, creaky rip-off cable boxes – here's how it will happen

FCC proposes blowing open the market to competition

Cops hate encryption but the NSA loves it when you use PGP

Usenix EnigmaIt lights you up like a Vegas casino, says compsci boffin

How to build a starship - and why we should start thinking about it now

Onwards, upwards and outwards

Would you like fraud with that? Burger chain giant Wendy's 'hacked'

Weird payments probed

Microsoft: We think your Office files should see other people

Documents can now be stashed in Box, Dropbox, etc

Billion-dollar blood-test unicorn biz Theranos 'putting lives at risk'

US federal agency threatens to shut down Silicon Valley upstart's testing facility

Aereo TV boss is back ... pitching gigabit internet and a $350 Wi-Fi router

Forgive us if we're skeptical, Chet, but that last venture didn't go so well

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