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21st > January > 2016 Archive

Cisco patch day fixes CGI script blunder, hard-coded credentials

Good news for Meraki users, firmware flub fixed

IRS 'inadvertently' wiped hard drive Microsoft demanded in audit row

Sure, we'd love to help your case against us. Now, where could that disk have gone?

Pentagon fastens lasers to military drones to zap missiles out of the skies

Sadly no plans for sharks as yet

Citrix names former Microsoft exec Kirill Tatarinov prez and CEO

Dynamics ERP and CRM man gets the job of shedding the 'ailing' tag

Indonesian government cracking the whip on lazy telcos

Build networks or I'll cancel your license, says minister

While you pretended to work, Cloud operators fixed two Xen bugs

Missing sanity checks and host-killer bug hit open-source hypervisor

France's CEA wires up 6 PB of disks ahead of HPC upgrades

Seagate squeezes out DDN

Arista adds Docker support to EOS

Also a million-route net-state repository

Drydex malware busting bursting British business bank balances

Hack group called 'Evil Corp' cooked code just for the Sceptered Isles

FireEye buys iSight Partners for $200M

Threat intel giant gets new teeth.

Star Wars: Episode VIII delayed by six months

The Force slows time in Hollywood, turning summer 2017 into late December

No, that Linux Keyrings bug isn't in '66 per cent of Android devices'

Googler promises patch by March 1, where needed

HD Moore exiting Rapid7 for VC-land

Won't abandon Metasploit

India just about accuses Facebook of faking Free Basics fandom

Regulator minded to ignore 'crudely majoritarian and orchestrated opinion poll'

Sorry, kids. Microsoft is turning Minecraft into an 'educational tool'

That's one way to justify your $2.5bn buyout...

Asda slammed for letting vulns fester on its cyber shelves

Sat there for two years and did ... well, not very much about it

Continuum gets some Qualcomm mid-range support

Is it a phone? Is it a PC? Or just bits of both cobbled together?

Gov must hire 'thousands' of techies to rescue failing projects

IT shared services 'keeping me awake at night' - major projects head

Two big risks could torpedo Dell-EMC deal

+CommentTracking stock valueless and EMC marcap falling

Bad luck, Ireland: DDoS attack disrupts isle's National Lottery

Attack KO'd the website and ticket machines

Brit boffins brew nanotech self-cleaning glass

George Formby hangs up his bucket and sponge

HP Inc's channel mechanics give sales programmes an MOT

Platinum badge up for grabs, direct accounts rejigged, quoting tool on way

Ukraine energy utilities attacked again with open source Trojan backdoor

Macro phish attempts to hook BlackEnergy borscht and battered sector

Newly minted DevOps consultancy roams world, looking for CIOs in pain

Investors flash $30m for Contino/Clutch combo

Atherton quits Exertis after ten months

But like a Brummie Arnie Schwarzenegger warns, 'I'll be back... in the channel'

MariaDB hires new CEO with code daddy Monty in as CTO

CEO: 'This is my manifest destiny'

Blighty's Parliament prescribed tablets to cope with future votes

Surface tension added to crucial debates

Thousands fled TalkTalk after gigantic hack, confirm researchers

Troubled telco's 2015 TITSUP tore into subscriber base

Docker bags unikernel gurus – now you can be just like Linus Torvalds

AnalysisWannabe a kernel developer? Well, soon you can be and rather easily

Does anyone know what their broadband costs? The ASA hopes to change that

Ad watchdog to clamp down on 'misleading' price claims

The last time Earth was this hot hippos lived in Britain (that’s 130,000 years ago)

Microsoft legal eagle explains why the Irish Warrant Fight covers your back

InterviewPlus: Nuke all emails after 6 months

Women account for just one fifth of the EU’s 8m IT jobs

No, that's not a good thing

Containers! Containers! Containers! And RHEL 7.2. Employ as you wish

ReviewRed Hat Enterprise Linux release packs it in

IRA’s former political wing takes aim at Apple over back tax

Republicans plot 2016 rising over tax regime

OpenStack abandons AWS challenge dreams, makes eyes at telcos

Virtualisation is the future. Not cloud. Got that?

Virginia man charged in intriguing 'suspicious bacon' case

Caught drunk, armed and packing perplexing pork product

Eight budget-friendly 1TB SSD data packers for real people

There, there... personal storage, no pain

Someone please rid me of this turbulent Windows 10 Store

Build the apps and they will come? Er, no they won't, say developers

Samsung sued over 'lackadaisical' Android security updates

Up your game, says Dutch consumer group

Peru scrambles vulture squadron in war against trash

Eyes in the sky spy Lima's illegal rubbish dumps

IBM, Ustream-BM, we can't believe Ustream is now owned by IBM

Big Blue's bucks buy business to build better broadcast bundles

Public cloud storage spend to double in two years – reliable sources

It’s a pain! Data and storage capacity growth

GCHQ spies quashed this phone encryption because it was too good against snoopers

MIKEY-IBAKE could alert people to fact they're being monitored

AMX backdoors US govt's comms system with Batman-inspired surveillance mode

Developers had a thing for Scarlett Johansson, too

Google and Red Hat hook up for OpenShift container cuddles

Greene light for cloud plans

Oracle blurts Google's Android secrets in court: You made $22bn using Java, punk

And Google paid Apple $1bn to put its search into iPhones

Why does herbal cough syrup work so well? It may be full of morphine

FDA says to return drug-laced bottles. We're sure everyone will comply

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