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19th > January > 2016 Archive

Advantech authentication forgets the authentication part

Industrial gateways also carry a debugging backdoor

Zombie OS lurches through Royal Melbourne Hospital spreading virus

Windows XP shocker is 'willful negligence', OWASP boffin chimes.

AMD accuses Intel of VW-like results fudging

Revives ancient SYSmark dispute

Trump's new thought bubble: Make Apple manufacture in the USA

Also ponders punishment tax for those who dare to offshore manufacturing

Australia and America working on global no-state-hacking pact

Turnbull goes to Washington, calls for Coalition of the Blogging to defeat ISIL

Yahoo! Mail! Had! Nasty! XSS! Bug!

Finnish fellow scores $10k bug bounty for reporting malformed HTML mess

Devs complain GitHub's become slow to fix bugs, is easily gamed

Open letter calls on site to be more responsive and accelerate own development

20KB trojan turns on bank customers in Singapore, Indonesia

Fifth Tinba iteration 'Tinbapore' found and flagged

Outsourcing spend declining for 2016, says research

Better drink up that bubbly guys, the good times are coming to an end

Amnesty International accuses tech giants of battery bastardry

Very nasty mines in Democratic Republic of the Congo may be source of your smartmobe

Adblock Plus blocked from attending ad industry talkfest

'Punting us won't make online ads suck less', chime miffed content killers

US publishes guide to hardening your arteries, security-wise, that is

Food and Drug Admin wants medical device-makers to get better at infosec

Viglen staff mark CEO Tkachuk's passing with a royal tribute

The great unwashed wander with wonder at exec's private shower and loo

Twitter goes titsup

Complainers take to... er...

Mangstor busts out smash chart for flash pocket rocket

CommentRoCE road to banishing storage array network access latency

Shop online at Asda? Website vuln created account hijack risk

UpdatedWalmart-owned store patches hole, but it was open for nearly 2 years

HPE finds new Azure czar lurking in channel biz

John Ansell leaves partner hat on stand, successor Hughes tries on for size

BT appoints new CIO Howard Watson

First job: join up our networks to EE's

SAP UK and Ireland shuffles management cards

Cloud, data, analytics, database and sales changes

Microsoft: We’ve taken down the botnets. Europol: Would Sir like a kill switch, too?

It's like pulling a smoking car off the road ... hang on

Snowden bag-carrier Miranda's detention was lawful – UK appeal court

Top judge: Key part of Terrorism Act breaks human rights law, though

Hey, Intel and Micron: XPoint is phase-change memory, right? Or is it? Yes. No. Yes

CommentPeople in (chalcogenide) glass houses shouldn’t throw stones

LOHAN takes the stage at Oz Linux shindig

Andrew Tridgell to discuss 'craziest' ArduPilot project

Onyx to erect 'for sale' sign outside corp HQ, say sources

Bit barn managed services outfit working with Deloitte to run the process

UK can finally 'legalise home taping' without bringing in daft new tax

European Court sat on the levy and moaned

Big reader? Toshiba tweaks endurance, wrings out low-write SSD

It's enterprise-tastic, says Tosh floored by DDoS assault

Irish forum goes away with the fairies for a while

HDS brings out all-flash A series array

HFS means HDS is taking on Pure and EMC XtremIO directly

NASA rockets datasets into Amazon’s cloud with Avere

As endorsements go, this is pretty neat

UK govt: No, really, we're not banning cryptography

IPBThe draft Investigatory Powers Bill debate goes on

Let's get GDS to build a public blockchain,'s top boffin says

No, really. That's exactly what his latest report argues

Recall: Bring out yer dead and over-heating Microsoft Surface Pro power cords

People, please 'do not wind, twist or pinch your cords. Here's a free replacement'

Cisco: Businesses are losing the ground war against hackers

Old kit, poor patching and supply chain vulns. opening the door to attack

Crummy Samsung gear no one wants, now no one can get – well done, Apple

Tens of millions in legal fees to stop sales of 4-year old phones, hope it was worth it

Prez Obama sends Iranian defense hacker home in prisoner swap

White House pardons him for good measure

How to get root on a Linux box, step 1: Make four billion system calls

Step 2: ??? Step 3: /#

For fsck's SAKKE: GCHQ-built phone voice encryption has massive backdoor – researcher

Well, what did you expect?

Afraid of getting your iThing pwned? Get yourself iOS 9.2.1

Apple addresses fresh crop of remote code execution holes

Apple backs down from barring widow her dead husband's passwords

Don’t die without a digital will

Internet of Things 'smart' devices are dumb by design

Your photoframe watches you back, and is a snitch to boot

IBM still on a (downward) roll with 15th consecutive quarterly revenue drop

Big Blue continues exciting transformation into a new, less profitable company

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