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12th > January > 2016 Archive

All Systems z are Go: IBM ports Google language to mainframes

Hm, why could that be? Could it be to run things like Docker?

Hacks rebel after bosses secretly install motion sensors under desks

Well done, thanks for giving PHBs everywhere a great idea for 2016

Cisco forgot its own passwords for seven weeks

No, you're not the worst sysadmin in the world if you can't log on to a new UCS box

5.34 petaflop SGI monster forecast at US National Center for Atmospheric Research

SGI scores deal for new 'Cheyenne' super

FRITZ!Box home broadband routers' security FRITZed

SOHOpeless vuln gives attackers free VoIP calls

Drupal uncrosses fingers, promises secured patching

Don't worry too much about CSRF, security wonks chirp

Citrix buys System Center control freak, sells CloudPlatform

And for good measure gives XenDesktop and XenMobile a tweak or three

Microsoft kicks VMware right in its weakest, cloudiest spot

Improved VMware-to-Azure backup service shows, again, the weakness of vCloud Air

Turkish carder scores record 332-year jail term

135-years for yanking 11 bank cards, on top of previous 199-year stretch

Philae's phinal phlop: Lonely lander didn't answer wakeup signal

Odds of revival: tiny. Odds of brick on comet: unbackable

Future Snowden hunt starts with audit of NSA spooks' privileges

No more sudo cp -R * /dev/DVD

Wanted man sends selfie to replace 'terrible' police mug shot

I don't look like 'James Brown on the run' says court-dodger

Open Web Application Security Project issues new secure coding bible

Independent security advice can keep you out of The Register's security section

Former prez of Misco parent Systemax declared bankrupt

Ex-exec Pim Dale falls on hard(er) times

Asian cyber-spies fling Seven Pointed Dagger against Myanmar, NGOs

Ninja malware in multi-pronged attack

EU lawmaker committees call for single EU telco regulator

And we need a 'harmonised framework' for spectrum allocation as well

All-flash hot-shot Elastifile pulls open wallet for big B-round

Storage software startup wth mild XtremIO flavour

Southend-on-Sea splashes £1.5m on hybrid cloud data centre

Deal will create 'agile' services, apparently. Erm, ever heard of G-Cloud?

Wikimedia Foundation bins community-elected trustee

Also appoints former Google exec to another seat

Biz jabber tool Slack realises it needs a Chief Security Officer

New hire comes from CIA-funded document management firm

One Ring to pwn them all: IoT doorbell can reveal your Wi-Fi key

All you need is a screwdriver and a smartphone

Eric Schmidt, for one, welcomes our new robot overlords

And Facebook’s CTO ... AI?

Continuous Lifecycle London: Speakers, sessions announced

Reg EventsWho’s talking what, where

Come in Internet Explorers, your time is up. Or not. Up to you

Zombie IEs 8, 9 and 10 limp on

Boffins switch on pinchfist incandescent bulb

An efficient new spin on old school tungsten tech

MoJ extends yet another IT contract in transition to 'tower model'

Good luck, prisoners

Scality given $10m funds from partner HPE. Plans to polish RING

HPE showers 'petabyte-scale' SDN firm Scality in gold

Cybercops cuff two in hunt for DDoS extortion masterminds

Zombie master suspects tracked to Bosnia

Microsoft’s Get Windows 10 nagware shows signs of sentience

RoTMHumanity versus GWX: Are we ready for the battle?

HPE smashes champers bottle on side of punter engagement centre

Trying to ‘demonstrate the art of the possible’. Right

Ansible dumps Van Halen product names for Led Zeppelin references

Will v2.0 incompatibilities leave users dazed and confused?

Human cost of California gas well leak revealed

Refugees would fill 176 double-decker buses, BBC explains

ANS Group consumes specialist network minnow Eison

Execs' eyes bulge as 'intelligent' WAN and SDN opps falls into view

Devilish flash DIMMer Diablo gets $19m and new CEO

CommentFunding round coincident with legal foe getting another defeat

Comcast repeatedly crams modem upgrade demands into browsers

No, I'm quite happy with my own gear, says punter

T-Mobile US CEO Legere apologizes/refuses to apologize for BingeOn

AnalysisA change of tune? More a learning experience

New US freedom of information law aimed at fixing 'broken' system

Bill to simplify FOIA requests passes House – but with security services carve-out

Sigh ... c'est la vie: France mulls mandatory encryption backdoors

Europe at odds over secure comms

Avere replenishes FXT filer accelerator appliances

Faster, thinner, more flash, extra dash

Skype finally catches Google with group video chat

Has it finally fixed mobile video issues?

Fortinet tries to explain weird SSH 'backdoor' discovered in firewalls

Update your firmware or suffer the consequences

Windows 10 shattered Remote Desktop's security defaults – so get patching

All users of Windows, Office, and Adobe software, should update ASAP

Telstra costed fibre to the premises before it was Telstra

Cabinet documents reveal a history of might-have beens for Australia's internet

Mozilla tells Persona single sign-on to singularly sign off

Never heard of it? Never will do, either

Europe, China line up their best bureaucrats for epic 5G battle

The world's lamest Tough Mudder course

Not good enough, VW: California nixes toxic mix fix in strict interdict

Three out of ten, must try harder to end its air pollution emissions test nightmare

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