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11th > January > 2016 Archive

General Motors turns key on bug bounty program

With a zillion suppliers under the hood of most cars, this could get interesting

Intel admits Skylakes can ... ... ... freeze in the middle of work

Chipzilla promises BIOS patch for really hard maths bug

Rejoice, Penguinistas, Linux 4.4 is upon us

New bits mean it really might be the year of Linux on the (virtual) desktop

Nvidia GPUs give smut viewed incognito a second coming

UpdatedDiablo black loading screen swapped out for flesh-fest

'OAuth please do grow up' say IETF boffins

Lightweight token-passing protocol suggested to deliver single sign-on

Windows 10 makes big gains at home, lags at work

US government data shows weekends are when Win 10 shines

Time to worry about container standard's AWOL dates?

This year, next year, when?

Planet-bonking rock hunt armed with humanity's cruellest weapon: bureaucracy

NASA launches Planetary Defense Coordination Office to find near-Earth objects

Feel like you got ripped off online? This is for you

Europe opens new internet arbitration service

Exploit kits throw Flash bash party, invite Crypt0l0cker, spam bots

Evilware rivals race to exploit the flaws stoopid folks don't fix

Samsung turns to smart home, wearables chips as mobile declines

Analysis10 years of smartphone dominance is over

Finding NEMEA: NetApp loses northern Europe chief

More change ONTAP at NetApp

Investigatory Powers Bill: A force for good – if done right?

Ding, ding – last call for loopholes

BT puts new head on 10-year-old network arm Openreach

One-time state monopoly promotes internal candidate

Imation sells off the family jewels

+CommentMemorex brand goes for $9.4m, corporate HQ for $11.5m

Google's head in the clouds: Cut, cut as fast as you can. You can't match us, AWS plan

Miles Ward trashes Amazon's pricing as 'unpleasant surprise'

Discworld fans stake claim to element 117

'Octarine', surely, Pratchett petition proposes

Clinton Group to Violin: What do we want? Sale. When do we want it? Allegro

+CommentLook at our mutual friend Imation. It had a nice board too

Anyone using M-DISC to archive snaps?

El Reg hack seeks storage solution for permanent relationship

ICO: You call that a sentence? Courts need power to hit data thieves harder

Tooth-poor watchdog points out weakness of court

Switzerland, Spain and France are beating UK at DevOps – survey

Only 11% of Brit orgs in advanced stage of deployment

Unify leashes direct sales reps as it cozies up to channel types

Listen up people – we'll have rules of engagement

Cops stuff Mumbai thief with 48 bananas

Cunning plan to retrieve swallowed gold chain

Data centre outfit Interxion admits to contact detail security breach

Chill, the ‘vulnerability' has been fixed, people informed

DataCore scores fastest ever SPC-1 response times. Yep, a benchmark

+CommentBut here's why that actually means something in the real world

David Bowie: Musician, actor... tech admirer

ObituaryThe muso was the medium

Lights out! Newbie IT manager's dark basement trip

This Damn WarPass the pliers for the supplier's testicles, we might need them

EE, O2, Giffgaff, BT Mobile customers cut off as mobile networks fail

BT cockup believed to be at heart of TITSUP communication

Violin Memory's top dog snubs activist investors Clinton Group

CEO says board has the right commitment and experience

NY to Charter: Sure, we'll approve that TWC merger, if you boost our broadband speeds

It's not called a bribe when the government does it

200 experts line up to tell governments to get stuffed over encryption

No laws, policies or secret agreements with companies, urge crypto-eggheads

Stanford boffins snuff out li-ion batt blaze risk

Plastic covering corrects cockups

Beware the terrorist drones! For they are coming! Pass new laws!

Research bods tear out hair, argue for new rules and lasers

Trend Micro AV gave any website command-line access to Windows PCs

UpdatedComputers could be easily hijacked or trashed via security holes

Qualcomm tries to figure out if Apple, Samsung made it anti-trusted

Launches legal probe into who told regulator what, and when

What's going on with Desktop software body could lose domain

Future of one of the world's rarest web names under question fined for 'reckless indifference to privacy rights'

Vows appeal after collecting IP addresses and listing user's personal details on blog

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