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7th > January > 2016 Archive

Trend Micro: Internet scum grab Let's Encrypt certs to shield malware

UpdatedAngler kit served via compromised HTTPS websites

Slimmed-down Verizon looks to lop off another piece of itself

Data centers reportedly on the block in $2.5bn sell-off

MediaTek to spin out Ethernet biz – reports

Go, little business unit, be free like a startup

Mozilla warns Firefox fans its SHA-1 ban could bork their security

Protection mechanism screws other protection mechanisms. What a tangled web we weave

Amazon scurries into Seoul bunker day after Nork 'H-bomb' nuke test

Er, time for a Korea change, Bezos?

EMC's VCE welcomes new president amid '250-plus layoffs at all levels'

'Welcome all my staff – not so fast you lot'

'You're updated!' Drupal says, with fingers crossed behind back

Next Drupalgeddon is really gunna sting

Black hole shows off glow-in-the-dark ring after sucking in matter

VideoV404 Cygni can be spotted by telescope

Latvian coder released from clink after mega-millions bank raids

Gozi '76 Service' hacker handed time served after 21 months.

Reverser laments crypto game protection, says wares dead after 2018

Just Cause 3 will be popped, but it's getting hard, chirps Bird Sister.

Plain cruelty: Boffins flay Linux ransomware for the third time

World's most determined VXers can't get a break

Wi-Fi standard could make Internet of Things things even easier ... for hackers

CESHaLow somewhat less than saintly

The Network and Information Security Directive – who is in and who is out?

Do new spring 2016 rules consider YOU to be a 'digital service provider'?

SwiftStack CPO: 'If you take a filesystem and bolt on an object API'... it's upside down

InterviewJoe Arnold on Ethernet accessed object drives and more

CMA to review BT whinge over superfast broadband price setting

TalkTalk has also moaned that the rules don't go far enough

NetApp finance chief quits, dons Blue Coat

+ CommentJeffrey Bergmann to step in temporarily

Foetuses offered vaginal music streaming service

Direct stimulation coming soon to a womb near you

Social media phisherfolk cast their lines for Fortune 500 suits

URL in your tweet, sir?

Windows 10 phones are not dead yet. Acer, Alcatel OneTouch just made some new ones

CESPrimo supports Continuum, but what's the demand for PC phones?

2015 chip market battered by everything bar earthquakes and nuclear war

And that could change soon....

Microsoft training sites borked, leaving users unable to confirm exams

Luckily, it's ‘working diligently to get website up and running’

Flash storage bods at X-IO dare to encrypt

Resting data in iglu and ISE encrypted with no speed bump

Oh Say you're not for weakened encryption – Google and Facebook

IPBCompanies weigh in on Investigatory Powers Bill

New Year, new Git: Version control system updated this week

Careful of flakiness when perusing this box of delights

DevOps is no excuse for cowboy devs. Right. Let's talk Composable Infrastructure

Trevor Pott blasts through buzzword bingo, reveals cool efficient thing

British bureaucrats are world's most social-media-tastic

But wait a minute, Sir Jezza. How did you work that out?

Apple CEO Tim Cook was paid more than $28,000 a day in 2015

And has $985m backed up in stock options. It's tough at the top

Carbonite goes on exec hiring spree despite deepening losses

Hoping EVault opens the door to revenue riches

Invite-only bug bounty criticised for turning up the heat on Tor

HackerOne squares up to critics

Gartner sees enterprise SSD-HDD revenue crossover in 2017

CommentFlash taking over the mission-critical space and spinning disk out

T-Mobile US boss John Legere calls bulls*** on video throttling claims

Unfortunately, pink-tracksuit-wearing potty mouth also wrong

So what's all this about 320k Time Warner Cable users being hacked?

WatercoolerMore like phished, it seems

Your boss yells 'build a secure IoT gadget' and you don't know where to start. Take a look at this

Tech foundation publishes gentle guide

Tell us what's wrong with the DMCA, says US Copyright office

Form a queue people, no pushing

Bloke sues dad who shot down his drone – and why it may decide who owns the skies

AnalysisFederal case filed after flying machine blasted

Say oops, UPSERT your head: PostgreSQL version 9.5 has landed

Row-level security, web app data integrity lead the list

DataCore’s benchmarks for SANsymphony-V hit a record high note

+Comment65.7% of the performance of a NetApp box for 2.9% of the cost

Nvidia's patent war on Samsung is a wreck – what you need to know

TimelineNothing like a good game of sueball to get the migraines pounding

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