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6th > January > 2016 Archive

If you want a USB thumb drive wiped, try asking an arts student for help

Or better yet, realize the hammer is the best option

Obama: What will solve America's gun problem? What could it be? *snaps fingers* Technology!

Prez calls for plans from three agencies

Harman to TowerSec: 'How are you with stable doors?'

Jeep-hack attack-vector buys auto infosec biz

'Wipe everything clean ... Join us ...' Creepy poem turns up in logs of 30 million-ish servers

Playful hackers send message to world + dog

Ten years in, ultra-high-def gets a standard

4K-ing hell, what took you so long?

Bash, smash, trash Flash – earn $100k cash

Exploit men set sights on Adobe heap isolation, proffer fat cheque for those who wreck

GCHQ mass spying will 'cost lives in Britain,' warns ex-NSA tech chief

Whistleblower Binney to bend ear of MPs scrutinizing Blighty's draft super-snooper law

Docker proffers guide to better headers

Too hard? Just use CloudFlare

Qualcomm, Nvidia are driving us nuts – with silicon-brains-for-cars

Put the pedal to the metalization layer

Draft super-snoop bill's data protection Code of Practice is a blank canvas – expert

IPBCode should be published as draft before bill becomes law

A third of big projects will fail in next five years, warns NAO

Lack of IT knowhow highlighted by public sector beancounters

Microservices are not the same thing as components

An explainer for broad-minded architects

BT and EE, O2 and Three: Are we in for a year of Euro telco mega-mergers?

AnalysisNot if Brussels can help it

HPE's London boozer dubbed the 'Hewlett You Inn?'

The people have spoken. Pints all round

Speaking in Tech: Rant at fools on Facebook? You pass the IQ test

PodcastPlus: 'Me and the Atari 2600, we had good times'

IBM union: OK guys, you've beaten us down, we give in

Alliance@IBM 'suspends campaigns', claiming job cuts 'took their toll'

Longing to bin Photoshop? Rock-solid GIMP a major leap forward

ReviewGEGL has landed

Fans demand 'Lemmium' periodic table tribute

New heavy metal to honour Motörhead frontman?

Hyper-converged infrastructure? Pop open some 'Azure in a can'

Trevor Pott holds forth on HPE's cloud in a box

ISPs: should pay full costs of Snooper's Charter hardware

IPBAnd Terrible Theresa accused of deceit over comms data definition

How long is your password? HTTPS Bicycle attack reveals that and more

Get your 2FA on, slackers

The new Huawei is the world's fastest phone

Hands OnWhat's Chinese for Scorchio?

Activist investors want tepid Yahoo! to reboot crashed Marissa Mayer

UpdatedStarboard adds voice to growing number of angry moneymen

You want to migrate how much data?

How do you move a 500lb gorilla? Gingerly

The designer of the IBM ThinkPad has died

Richard Sapper also worked for Alessi and Fiat

UK universities unveil £28m hub for Internet of Things

No word on when they'll connect the hub to the smart beer fridge

Kaminario salesmen will now be told why they're earning their dosh

Manual compo system gets junked for modern tech

Oh, Zuck off: Facebook under attack for its attacks on net neutrality

Snippy open letter to US giant over Free Basics in India

CIO spending will stand proud this year, no really, honest

SaaS and analytics the place to be in 2016

At last – Feds crack down on crummy encryption … starting with your dentist

Uncle Sam finally gets his teeth into terrible technology

Amazon drafts blueprints for its own home router, IoT gateway ARM chips

Web bazaar's SoC subsidiary expands networking line

The sloth is coming! Quick, get MD5 out of our internet protocols

Researchers point to lingering hash function

Oops. Silent Circle let apps meddle with Blackphone's modem

Software interface left open, so make sure you're patched

Did North Korea really just detonate a hydrogen bomb? Probably not

AnalysisBig bang in Little China

ANN-IE-LATION: Microsoft to axe support for older Internet Explorer next week

Don't say we didn't warn ya ... because we did

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