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Remember the Carrier iQ mobile snoopware? It's in AT&T's hands now

Phone giant picks through support company, finds some stuff worth keeping

Microsoft's 200 million 'Windows 10' 'devices' include Lumias, Xboxes

Now can you give us a break with these upgrade screens?

Look what Gbps fiber brings: Competition, then new router chips

Broadcom whips out ARM SoC for 5Gbit/s internet firehoses

Happy new year, VW: Uncle Sam sues over engine cheatware

Automaker menaced by threat of billion-dollar fines

SpaceX makes rocket science look easy: Falcon 9 passes tests

Pics + vidIt's sooty, it's sound, it's back down on the ground

Intel, Warner lock horns with hardware biz over HDCP crypto-busters

'Leave our encrypted video alone'

Tor launches invite-only exploit bug bounty

HackerOne to open to noisy rabble later this year.

Security bod watches heart data flow from her pacemaker to doctor via ... er, SMS? 3G? Email?

Wow, beats me

Ruskie rats selling Choose-Your-Own-Adventure love scams

Call centre scammers charge $10 to seal the deal

Outfit throws fit, hits FitBit's hit kit with writ (Apple also involved)

Lab claims tech pair nabbed designs after meetings

Seagate's new drives are so shiny, we should call them ... bling buffers

Ring buffers, it's supposed to sound like ring, oh forget it

Etsy’s DevOps supremo to take the stage at Continuous Lifecycle

Re EventsKatherine Daniels on nodes, clusters, beer and hot sauce

Half of UK financial institutions vulnerable to well-known crypto flaws

We can’t name names, say consultancy, suffice to say they’re at risk

Rubrik's cube: Storage firm founder drenches us in upstart Kool-Aid

CommentPride might not come before a fall here

Library web filtering removes info access for vulnerable, says shushing collective

Both pro- and anti-filter advocates thinking of the kids

Seagate reorg: CEO puts ops man at the wheel

+CommentDave Mosley to look after Global Markets and Customers

SanDisk offers super-slim terabyte SSD to tablet-pushers and other bulge-watchers

CESX400 comes in 2.5-inch and M.2 form factors

Day 2: Millions of HSBC customers still locked out of online banking

Want to make a payment? Ring us!

Curiosity Rover eyes Mars' creeping dunes

Fine panoramic postcard of migrating sand

Thinking of buying a Surface? Try a modular OLED Thinkpad first

ReviewAiming for expense account impulse buyers

LogMeIn adds emergency break-in feature to LastPass

Also stuffs free 2FA into slurped app

Cisco starts 2016 with a spring in its step, pours cash into Springpath

Hyperconverged infrastructure OEM deal in pipeline. Be still, our beating hearts!

Ready for DevOps? Time to brush up on The Office and practise 'culture'

Beyond the tools: DevOps and you

Yet another music video treat from Insight Enterprises

Santa Baby, slip an order under the tree

HSBC COO ‘profoundly apologises’ for online outage

UpdatedBank reckons it's getting closer to solving the problem

Furious Easyspace customers moan about 'random' site outages

Problems present since Christmas, operator only coughs today

Six Degrees grabs £12m pot of cash from private equity overlord

We are recruiting yells CEO, "we want to own the mid-market".

IBM's $16bn software supremo Mills reportedly exits

Growth and M&A leader has left the building

Compuware promises mainframe DevOps as old programmers croak

Like adding go-faster stripes to your Silver Ghost?

IT security is a safe job? Tell that to Norse staff laid off this week

ExclusiveLife in the VC lane

Comcast's Xfinity home alarms can be disabled by wireless jammers

And you thought its cable service was bad …

Rumor mill in overdrive as Dell pumps up Perot price, Atos offers $4.3bn

Going once, going twice ...

Under-attack Linode resets passwords after logins leak onto web

DDoS'd virtual server host's hell continues

Amazon: Hey pal, since you're shifting all your IT over to AWS, why not that email server, too?

What do you mean you forgot about WorkMail?

Americans massively back call for more police body camera tech

And they're even willing to pay for them

Lumosity forks out $2m after claiming its 'brain training' games worked

Mentally challenged

We're all really excited about new smartphones, laptops, tablets – said no one ever

Consumer apathy hurls companies in direction of IoT

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