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4th > January > 2016 Archive

Linode: Back at last after ten days of hell

Geo-blocks half the world to stop the DoS

BlackEnergy drains files from Ukraine media, energy organisations

Booter bot becomes modular malware.

Apple had more CVEs than any single MS product in 2015, but it doesn't really matter

Meaningless league table sparks silly schadenfreude

Cisco Jabbers in the clear due to STARTTLS bug

UpdatedSysadmins get a belated Christmas present

EMC goes on the chainsaw diet to slash $850 million

Happy new year - goodbye

Irked train hackers talk derailment flaws, drop SCADA password list

32c3Maybe now they'll fix it.

Here's your Linux-booting PS4, says fail0verflow

32c3Work-in-progress at 'ugly' stage for now

Dust off those White Space devices: New rules finalised by Ofcom

New kit can't mess with digital TV though, warns regulator

Amazon, Azure and Google in race to the bottom ... of cloud storage pricing

Storage 2016And where's Violin Memory?

EE's chief exec Olaf Swantee to step down

Out the door ahead of BT mega-merger

The Register's entirely serious New Year's resolutions for 2016

We've made a few changes we'd like to share

Alu Alu! Nokia gobbles French rival Alcatel-Lucent in €15.6bn deal

Joint biz gears up for market launch

HSBC online customers still in the cold after hours-long lockout

UpdatedFirm makes the usual Twitter noises, everyone else moans. Happy new year!

Brit cuffed for Kyrgyz 'horse penis' sausage quip

Mock local delicacy chuchuck at your peril

Missed our Christmas crackers? Top stories from the break were...

Not so quiet nights

Periodic table enjoys elemental engorgement

Names required for newbies 113, 115, 117 and 118

Face, meet book: Zuckerberg plans to dabble in AI this year

We have met the machine, and we LIKE™ it

Firefox will support non-standard CSS for WebKit compatibility

Apple and Google are dictating the languages of the mobile and 'legacy' web

The Register guide to software-defined infrastructure

ExplainerOur very own Trevor Pott does his best to cut through the marketing fluff

AMD to nibble the ankles of Nvidia this summer with 14nm FinFET GPUs

Look at me, we're still here, we're still going, still making chips, still relevant

Dutch govt says no to backdoors, slides $540k into OpenSSL without breaking eye contact

People need encryption to be safe and secure, says ministry

Iron Mountain stars in total Recall: Watchdog probes rival biz gobble

Get your NAS to Mars

Got a Nexus? Google has five critical Android security fixes for you

Have any other Android device? You've got five new gaping holes

Anyone seen my DVD? Ohio loses disc holding 50,000 citizens' records

Taxmen's backup goes AWOL

HaLow, is it me you're hacking for? Wi-Fi standard for IoT emitted

802.11ah could be too expensive and too late

Dick limps towards inglorious end: Gadget retailer on the brink

UpdatedYour gift cards will expire in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... are worthless

New OpenDNSSEC doesn't want you to ... ride into the danger zone

(With apologies to pop sysadmin Kenny Log-ons)

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