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31st > December > 2015 Archive

Good news! US broadband speeds are up. Bad news – they're still rubbish

Inventor of the internet lagging behind developed world

Five key findings from 15 years of the International Space Station

Primus interplanetary

BBC News website takes New Year's Eve break

UpdatedError 500, but normal service now restored

Web radio stalwart Live365 lays off staff, may close in New Year

Platform for small webcasters holds out begging bowl

MPs slam mandarins over failed GP IT system

UpdatedPublic Accounts Committee asks: Have you learned nothing?

Facebook 'Free Basics' service frozen in Egypt

Are they all telling it to zuck off?

Microsoft to begin alerting users about suspected government snooping

Chinese whispers

Dr Sue Black among handful of IT Brits getting New Year gongs

CodeClub founder also gets a nod

Got a pricey gaming desktop from PC World for Xmas? Check the graphics specs

With great hardware comes great power... or not

Supermicro's ability to enable should worry IBM and Lenovo

Sysadmin's 2015 review part 3With customer backing, the tech minnow is trying something rather different

Baidu flash-card supplier Memblaze pockets extra funds

Do flash fabrics beckon?

Researcher criticises 'weak' crypto in Internet of Things alarm system

Claims connecting smart home remote app causes issues

Trustworthy x86 laptops? There is a way, says system-level security ace

32c3ARM isn't the answer either, adds Joanna Rutkowska

Solving the data silo problem using a crawl-walk-run strategy

Analysis + CommentPrimary Data opens its tech kimono wider

NSA spying on US and Israeli politicians stirs Congress from Christmas slumbers

Surveillance is fin..what! They are spying on us! An outrage!

Forget anonymity, we can remember you wholesale with machine intel, hackers warned

32c3Resistance coders, malware writers, and copyright infringers take note

iOS 9 kludged our iPhones, now give us money, claims new lawsuit

Plaintiffs say upgrade was never meant for 4S

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