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28th > December > 2015 Archive

Jez Humble to deliver keynote at Continuous Lifecycle London

Reg EventsYou’ve read the book, now meet the guy who wrote it

Bah humbug. It's Andrew's Phones of the Year

Roundup'Tis not the season to be Jolla

2015 wasn't about AWS. It was about everybody getting ready to try to beat AWS

2015 Year ReviewWill the end of cheap money cast a cloud over 2016?

Patch now! Flash-exploitin' PC-hijackin' attack spotted in the wild by Huawei bods

Adobe squeezes out one last batch of security fixes for 2015

China wants encryption cracked on demand because ... er, terrorism

FBI dreams wistfully of Middle Kingdom's new antiterror law

Password-less database 'open-sources' 191m US voter records on the web

UpdatedGetting public records a chore? Not any more, claims bloke

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