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17th > December > 2015 Archive

Canadian live route map highlights vulnerabilities to NSA spying efforts

You knew routing was odd, but did you know how odd?

Oracle, looks like your revenues were down. 'Cloud! Cloud! Look at the cloud!'

Hurd n' Catz blame dollar, talk up cloud numbers… again

Philips backs down over firmware that adds DRM to light

Let a thousand third-party bulbs glow

Carbonite acquires Seagate's EVault backup cloud for US$14m

On this of all days, the Universe just gave the storage industry a Star Wars angle

Digital Transformation Office hits deadline for prototype

EXCLUSIVE PICAlpha design adapts to users' circumstances

Hollywood given two months to get real about the price of piracy

Australian court tires of Dallas Buyers Club's litigation over payment demands

Press Backspace 28 times to own unlucky Grub-by Linux boxes

Integer underflow fault means you can get into rescue mode and rummage around

EE recalls all 'Power Bar' USB batteries due to 'fire safety risk'

Stop using danger dongles now, then claim £20 voucher to spend on other EE accessories

Mobile developer report shows growing back-end challenge, weak Windows support

Never mind the app, it's integrating with data that counts

Bungled storage upgrade led to Google cloud brownout

Credentials copied to new storage, but software looked for the old storage

Cloud Foundry interop scheme leaves PaaS players certifiable

PaaS portability promise is signed, sealed, delivered

Google chap bakes Amiga emulator into Chrome

Ancient windowing system can be yours in all its pixellated glory

Vote now to name HPE's London boozer

POLLTime for a pint at the Meaningless Green Rectangle

We Kidd you not: Ex-NetApp CTO Jay speaks his brains on storage tech

Shared storage, converged systems, flashy all-flash: it's all on the table

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Star Wars Special Editions

Star Wars specialSorry, but this is George’s vision, not ours

After safe harbour: Navigating data sovereignty

Do you know where your data is?

Speaking in Tech: That’s going to look really bad on LinkedIn!

PodcastPlus: Rumour has it Dell's putting Perot Systems on the market

How to feed and raise a Wikipedia robo-editor

Is contributor doing it for the LULs Y/N? Input = Y

'Phantom' menace threatens to down Xbox Live, PSN at Xmas

Hackers reveal plans to make children cry

How Seagate lost $171m before flogging off EVault

Covering itself with glory – or constantly meddling?

Launch embiggens Galileo satnav fleet

Two new satellites blast off, eight now in orbit

EE Power Bar recall: Telco will waive £5 fee for laggards

Small print said you'd pay if you didn't give it back

Things we should regulate: Spyware cowboys – EU Data Protection Supervisor

It's a privacy issue

Box announces Salesforce integration, SDK for developers

Cloudy storage meets cloudy CRM

MPs question value of canning Raytheon from e-borders

'Some 80 per cent of £1.1bn project has been written off'

Drunk? Need a slash? Avoid walls in Hackney

Hydrophobic coating targets al fresco piss-takers

'Powerful blast' at Glasgow City Council data centre prompts IT meltdown

'Business at the council has ground to a halt'

Strict new EU data protection rules formally adopted by MEPs

Companies face 4 per cent global turnover hit if found in breach

Microsoft Trusted Root Certificate program getting a lot less trusting

Redmond goes 'yoink!' on twenty CAs

Brazil gets a WTF WhatsApp moment

AnalysisService taken offline because of one case; country erupts

13,000 Comcast customers complain to FCC over data caps

Imposed without agreement; measured suspiciously

Pandora pleased with 15% rate hike for streaming music

Artists less happy with 17 cents for 100 plays

LifeLock didn't live up to their hype, and now they're $100m lighter

FTC exacts its pound of flesh from ID theft preventer

'Unauthorized code' that decrypts VPNs found in Juniper's ScreenOS

And it may have been there since 2008, making this a late contender for FAIL of the year

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