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14th > December > 2015 Archive

Microsoft beats Apple's tablet sales, apologises for Surface 4 flaws

Flickering lights, sleeplessness leave Redmond's typoslabs feeling drained

India to add seven new elite IT training institutes

1.3 million students a year take entrance exams, 10,000 are offered places

VDI comes to the Raspberry Pi

Citrix HDX and ThinLinx deliver super-cheap endpoints and flawless 1080p video

'Fairly bad core bug' crushed in Linux 4.4-rc5

Linus Torvalds says almost no-one 'actually ever hit the problem', or will code at Xmas

Russian friends make German web scum the 'best' in European Union

Researchers find n00b friendly slick sites in crime forum probe

SCC buys 'controlling stake' in mobile services biz One Point

Third investment this year, CEO Rigby stuffed, no room left even for a wafer thin mint

Curiosity Rover digs into humanity's first alien sand dune

Will sieve sand in search of spice, plans for Shai-Hulud uncertain

Gamer ransomware grows up, now infecting UK, Euro businesses

TeslaCrypt pops all networked machines

American cyber crims operate popup hack 'n crack sites in plain sight

Yanks thumb noses at cops, use YouTube to sell RATs

Nokia, ARM, twisting Intel bid to reinvent the TCP/IP stack for a 5G era

Re-jigging network protocols is a proxy war for data centre dominance in telco-land

Expert welcomes UK’s digital health recommendations

… but says data security issues must be addressed

Clearleap buy ushers IBM’s entry into video

Big Blue may have made a canny acquisition

Memory-resident modular malware menaces moneymen

Latentbot avoids your HDD – and it's been off the radar for two years

Microsoft extends Internet Explorer 8 desktop lifeline to upgrade laggards

ExclusiveIt's just like the XP saga all over again

Are second-hand MoD IPv4 addresses being used in invoice scams?

It might not be Tommy Atkins trying to get you to cough up

Brit 'naut Tim Peake preps for Space Station launch

Soyuz warming up at Baikonur

Continuous Lifecycle London – Early Bird Tickets Available Now

Reg Events2016’s deepest DevOps and Continuous Lifecycle conference

HMRC aims for fully digital tax system by 2020. Yeah, whatever

Could we finally see the end of tax returns?

CityFibre coughs £90m for nearly all of KCOM's UK comms network

You listening BT, we're heeeere, says CEO of expanding biz

EMC: No rival offers, so we're flying solo with Dell

'Go shop' period expires, so it's just the Michael and Joe show

Seagate wears dunce's cap in hi-cap disk ship slip

Hi-cap drives driving out small fast spindle spinners

Kids' TV show Rainbow in homosexual agenda shocker

Puppets punted perversity, pastor proposes

Rack servers drive $120bn data centre infrastructure market

HPE, Cisco and Microsoft lead the pack

IBM brews exciting enterprise-grade PaaS project

Language VM bits from the Java days

Dell to offload Perot Systems for $5bn: report

Every little helps in reducing gigantic EMC deal mountain

VMware backs out of Virtustream business

Deal set up with EMC collapses in face of investor intransigence

Apply online to go to Mars. No, seriously

Are you made of the right stuff? Probably not

FAA introduces unworkable drone registration rules in time for Christmas

All fliers must pay $5 to register with the government

Twitter warns users of state-sponsored hacking

Canadian privacy group gets warning

I can turn Yahoo! around claims hedge fund manager

Investor sends hate letter to Marissa Mayer

GCHQ creates Github repo, offers graph database code

Running an intelligence agency's super-database – what could go wrong with that?

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