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10th > December > 2015 Archive

FTC and Wyndham end hotel data protection feud

Resort chain promises to lock down customer info

Kaspersky, McAfee, and AVG all vulnerable to major flaw

Researchers watch the watchmen

Brit-American hacker duo throws pwns on IoT BBQs, grills open admin

KiwiconHalf-baked code a feast for attackers because Thing-builders are hopeless

Libertarian hero: 'Satoshi Nakamoto', government funds, the NSA and the DHS

Craig Wright, the model of the Aussie 'entrepreneur'

Cisco bitten by Java deserialisation bug, working on patch

Huge number of vulnerable products

NBase-T maps out spec ahead of products in 2016

MAC/PHY specs released, plugfest in the pipeline

Ceres' salty history hints at bright spot origin

Dawn's happy snaps also hint at underground water ice

Facebook wants a kinder, gentler end for SHA-1

Graceful migration would help the other three billion

International Space Station braces for pre-Christmas rush

Much coming and going aboard orbiting outpost

'Legacy' Wordpress blog site of The Independent serving malware

Ransomware targets old Flash versions, says Trend Micro

GCHQ Christmas Card asks YOU the questions

Festive puzzler promises cryptographic and charity payload

All eyes on the jailbroken as iOS, Mac OS X threat level ratchets up

Number of new problems rising, says Symantec

Red Hat clicks with server foe Microsoft on CloudForms

Azure management move

Does scaling out bring TCO advantages over scaling up? The Reg offers advice

AnalysisYou get what you pay for

MPs slam gov heads over 'childishness' on failed farmer IT project

GDS had all the power, none of the responsibility, says PAC

Aurous shutters for good, will pay $3m damages

Not really a good idea

'Personalised BBC' can algorithmically pander to your prejudices

CommentNarrowcasting and the battle of the robots

Logicalis: Yes, we're recruiting for another senior head

Sales transformation officer Russell Crampin hotfoots it

Spectralogic CTO talks up hybrid flash-tape cartridge. Welcome, tape robot overlords

CommentA Starr idea: Faster access to files

CIOs aren't loving SAP's HANA. Yep, somebody's afraid of commitment

Platform plays aren't taken lightly

Seagate rolls storage kit for manufacturers down Dot Hill

Future channel for firm's SSDs and HDDs

Vodafone slings sueball at Dutch telco alleging anti-competitive conduct

Operator's Dutch wing wants €115m from a perplexed KPN

Revealed: Mystery 7-year cyberspy campaign in Latin America

Bogus propaganda websites punt malware to likely marks

WordPress hosting biz confesses to breach, urgently contacts 30,000 users

We’re ‘proactively taking security measures’ - WP Engine

Samsung shoves IT arm into connected cars, hires new hands

Restructure meant to 'pre-empt biz uncertainties'

Structure this: Open-source containers project unboxed

Open Container Initiative gets formalised

NetApp wades into UK engineering pool, crowns first local techie officer

Grant Caley to play Babelfish between users, sales teams

Node.js Foundation gets a small sprinkling of Yahoo!

Server-side JavaScript giant pitches in

HP Euro Cloud28+ app store open for biz, 'get yer infra-as-service ere'

Branding nightmare if UK actually withdraws from EU

Facebook one-ups Google with open hardware release

Deep learning mindgrab war hots up

US government pushing again on encryption bypass

FBI chief and deputy CTO bring issue back to the table

Verizon sees AT&T 'sponsored data' billing scheme, says 'me too!'

Another telco signs on for net neutrality end-run

Confirmed: Turnbull's Innovation Agenda recycles old education programs

And those old programs don't have a great track record

Social media snitching bill introduced into US Congress by intel bosses

Companies told to watch customers for terrorist tendencies

SpaceX starts nine-day countdown to first flight of the new Falcon

Hoping to avoid rocket roasting on an open fire

Judge adds new army to Uber driver suit

Opens door for more plaintiffs in class action case

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