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9th > December > 2015 Archive

US Navy's newest ship sets sail with Captain James Kirk at the bridge

The stealthy Zumwalt looks like a giant iPhone battery case

Linknet shuttering, blames NBN rollout

NSW north coast customers at risk of three years without the Internet

Chicago and LA teased with promise of Google gigabit pipes

AT&T also has big rollout, provided you don't mind being tracked

Google says its quantum computer is 100 million times faster than PC

Controversial D-Wave system gets thumbs up

Snapchat TITSUP on heels of Google App Engine outage

Correlation, causation or coincidence?

Microsoft leaks Xboxlive SSL server cert

Patch Tuesday not over yet

Downtime for Up.Time: time to patch some bugs

Server crash monitor easy to crash

Apple finally publishes El Capitan Darwin source

Look, we really are an open source company, okay?

Netherlands votes to splash cash on encryption projects

€500k for Open/Libre/Polar-SSL

Bitcoin inventor Satoshi 'outed' as Aussie, then raided by cops – but not over BTC

Calm down, conspiracy theorists

EU governments reach agreement on passenger name data

Each member-state will set up unit to 'receive' airline data

Boffins teach cars to listen for the sound of a wet road

Artificial intelligence to make autonomous cars safer

This is how you count all the trees on Earth

NASA project combines algorithms and AWS

Motorola’s X Force awakens a seemingly ‘shatterproof’ future

ReviewThe glass is strong in this one

HPE's private London drinking club: Name that boozer

Reader suggestions invited for IT party central moniker

CSC beats off Capita, snaps up Xchanging for £480m

Soz Crapita, we don't want your peanuts after all

ISS 'nauts prepare for Cygnus space truck consensual grappling

Catch the mating live this morning on NASA TV

We're not in ordinary servers anymore: EMC readies open sorcery spells

RackHD, CoprHD and REX-Ray - autocorrect paradise

CTERA Networks offers up in-cloud server backup

Protecting thousands of tenants from a single console, apparently

National Crime Agency: Your kid could be a nasty interwebs hacker

Do they like coding? Or play with computers a lot?

Puppet jerks into life, hugs Microsoft and orchestrates apps

Lose the beard – no more Artisanal ops, please

IBM has visions of a cloudy future ... so buys Clearleap

Just add it to the aquisition pile, on top of Gravitant

Everyone wants a piece of software maker Atlassian's ass

SaaSy playa hikes IPO price by double digits

Speaking in Tech: Look out Isis/Isil/IS/Daesh, Hillary could unleash Silicon Valley

PodcastOr at least try and persuade it to disrupt your tech, a bit

IBM dispels the doubts and bags quantum computing funding deal

At least someone's putting their money where their mouth is

Eurocrats deserve to watch domestic telly EU-wide, say Eurocrats

But no QoS mandate for ISPs. What was the point again?

In-a-spin! Yahoo! clutches! Alibaba! baby! to! breast!

Purple Palace plans to chuck other assets out the door instead

Channel on red alert as Alternative Networks scours market for buys

LSE-listed biz on acquisition trail again... someone's gonna get rich quick

Mandatory data breach reporting rules finally agreed by EUrocrats

Thou shalt report thy breaches – but to who, exactly?

Sophos, Fortinet settle patent lawsuit, allegations of staff poaching

No admission of malfeasance either way

Enraged Brits demand Donald Trump UK ban

UpdatedBlow-dried rabble-rouser even less popular than Phil Collins

Spotify mulls Swift change of policy – we can stream Taylor, but we'll charge

Subscriber-only album releases incoming, says report

Chinese cyber chief plays down censorship concerns

It's like cars on the road. No, it's like guests in your house

Think you're all done patching? Not if you have any Apple gear

OS X, iOS, Safari, pretty much everything anyone still buys has been patched

Hacked Japanese space probe sends back first pictures of Venus

Belated visitor will skim 400km above planet's surface

Microsoft pitches lobotomized Cortana for iOS, Android handsets

Don't be jealous, Siri. It's just an App

Aussie hacker flips Coin into fraudster fob

KiwiconShoddy authentication checks let stolen, expired credit cards be loaded on payment gadgets

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