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8th > December > 2015 Archive

University of New South Wales to offer free online infosec courses

Commonwealth Bank tips in AU$1.6M to help grow pool of trained infosec bods

Nokia, ARM, Enea craft new TCP/IP stack for the cloud

Open source 'OpenFastPath' unloads comms from the kernel

Bare metal is not dead, so Borg goes for SDN assimilation

Microsoft, VMWare, Docker pulled into ACI cloud

IBM hands QRadar APIs for developers and resellers to set up shop

Big Blue's latest move to out-develop hackers

Six years in the slammer for SilkRoad-skimming secret agent

'Breathtaking abuse of trust,' judge says of Shaun Bridges

IBM bats away Australian sueball over billion-dollar-blowout

2010 get-out-of-jail free card can't be revoked, says Queensland's Supreme Court

Ethernet switch sales flatten but 40 Gbps starts to take off

IDC's abacus puts Cisco first, daylight second

Sydney quantum computing wonks get $36M to build god box

Commonwealth Bank lobs $10 million build ball at UNSW team.

Linksys routers vulnerable through CGI scripts

More SOHOpeless misery

Donald Trump wants Bill Gates to 'close the Internet', Jeff Bezos to pay tax

Only the foolish oppose this on free speech grounds, says putative president

Like a version? JDK 9 will point out its own flaws the very first time

'MAJOR.MINOR.SECURITY' format will sort the wheat from the OMG PATCH THIS NOW

Google proffers plugs in Android MMS pwnfest

Crack Chrome team, Project Zero bod, out yet another phone hijack nasty

SAP insists no license changes after user's multi-core arm twister

Changes 'not' ushered into existing contracts via audits

Brits leave 138,000 gadgets in the pub

And drink too much to secure them properly, natch

Lenovo reveals its Nutanix hyper-spawn

Three, count 'em, three, hyperconverged boxen aimed at China and beyond

ASCII @dventure game NetHack gets first upgrade in ten years

Terry Pratchett tributes litter the new version 3.6

Old school Fibre Channel gets new lesson in NVMe treatment

Brocade and QLogic team up for a proof of concept demo

Former NetApp chief chap boards board at storage upstart Cohesity

Storage establishment bigwig hops on, but is he the right fit for the job?

Microsoft Lumia 950 and 950XL: Clear thoughts of Continuum with a snazzy camera

ReviewSadly, these are for the collectors and diehards only

NHS IT projects worth £5bn at 'high risk' of failure, warns HSCIC

Latest health report on numerous programmes not looking good

Can DevOps and Agile save the planet? thinks so

EPA investigates green digital services

Browsium serves stats to demystify cloud consumption

Monitor in real time, slice and dice at leisure

Airbnb confirms it raised $1.5bn in spite of regulatory worries

Company with no physical assets gets huge pile of cash

Dailymotion hit by malvertising attack as perpetrators ‘up their game'

Malwarebytes: Attacker at great pains to disguise purpose

MapR floats Streams for integrated big-data stack

Hadoop node centralisation

Day 2: UK research network Janet still being slapped by DDoS attack

DNS services appear to be targeted, switching may work

Microsoft drops internal PowerShell tests on GitHub


Tintri shrinks its all-flash entry-level to $125K door-opener

Analytics will tell you when to buy more kit

Is ATM security threatened by Windows XP support cutoff? Well, yes, but …

Don't panic! Just try to get a supported OS, m'kay?

'Paedo hunter' who made £40,000 from blackmail jailed for 9 years

'Fines' for obscene pics were payable in Amazon vouchers

Telecoms provider Oricom working with NHS fraud officers in ongoing probe

Investigation is not a police matter, says provider

EC fires antitrust charges at Qualcomm over its pricing tactics

Wireless chipset maker accused of acting illegally to snuff out rivals

Huawei: Hey, storage bigshots – we're coming for your top 3 spot

Huawei? Your worst nightmare, pal

Unsourced, unreliable, and in your face forever: Wikidata, the future of online nonsense

Special reportLike the 'pedia but without the footnotes

IT salary not enough? Want to make £10,000 a DAY?

Time to call yourself a cybersecurity expert

Kill Flash Now: 78 bugs patched in latest update

More holes than the British Open!

Battery-free IoT sensor feeds off radio waves

Stay close to that router

Internet's root servers take hit in DDoS attack

Who's testing the limits of the DNS system?

It's nearly 2016, and Windows DNS servers can be pwned remotely

Patch TuesdayAnd Word documents can own PCs – 71 patches to apply ASAP, people

Mozilla confirms its Firefox OS phones are dead

Operating system shifting to IoT uses

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