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7th > December > 2015 Archive

Australia's smut-shocked senators seek net censorship (again)

Politicians worry pr-n's getting nastier, so fire up committee to learn how just how nasty

Weather finally cooperates with NASA, ISS resupply launch successful

Lock up your top-of-racks, says Cisco, there's a bug in the USB code

It's almost 2016 and Nexus 5000 switches can be flummoxed by a dud driver

McAfee Security Manager lets anybody bypass managers' security

'Specially crafted username' opens the keys to the kingdom of FAIL

NBN opens 400 tech jobs in looming second Melbourne security shop

Garden State becomes Security State.

Obama calls out encryption in terror strategy speech

President wants 'high-tech leaders to make it harder for terrorists to use technology to escape from justice'

Turnbull's 'ideas boom' plan recycles existing ideas

Industry dept has no detail of coding for teachers plan, promised classroom engagement already exists

Scality puts RING on one of HPE Apollo's fingers

With this RING we can get in bed

Most businesses collecting data they never use, survey finds

Ripe for the picking...

Russian "Pawn Storm" expands, rains hell on NATO, air-gapped PCs

Group cooks zero days, malware modules, and hacks anything it likes

Hacker reveals lifestyles of the rich and famous in UAE bank pop

'Buba' drops transactions, dox, after bank slaps away $3M ransom demand.

Windows Phone won't ever succeed, says IDC

Android's the winner, forever, best Microsoft can get is 0.1 per cent extra market share in 2019

Whisper this, but Java deserialisation vulnerability affects more libraries

The ‘challenge is internally written software’, says ISC

Tiering up: Our man struggles to make sense of the storage landscape

CommentData Retention for Dummies

The gear I use in my test lab: A look at three Trident+ switches

Sysadmin blogWe put Dell, Cisco and Supermicro head to head

IBM, NetApp lose ground amid global storage systems growth, says IDC

HP and ODM on the rise, however

Putin's Russia outlaws ECHR judgments after mass surveillance case

Lower house says gov can ignore inconvenient European rulings

Serco slashes profit outlook thanks to call centre biz exit

Outsourcing giant in big turnaround following loss of public sector contracts

CFEngine goes from beta to full product in just a month

Non-LTS, so no enterprise support though

Scandal-hit Toshiba faces investor sueball over accounting woes

Share price slides 40 per cent, lawsuits start flying

Google Ventures ventures away from European investments

Move along please, nothing to see here

Alleged Silk Road architect arrested in Thailand

Canadian chap faces possible lifetime of stripey suntan time

Windows' Nemesis: Pre-boot malware pwns payment processors

Infosec bods finger Russian hacking crews

The HPE-Scality hookup is a full-on reselling deal

And it's making the object storage folk rather happy

Brit 'naut Tim Peake will run the London Marathon – in space

ISS chap will also get 28,000km/h head start

UK research network Janet under ongoing and persistent DDoS attack

Attackers seem to be adjusting methods in response to Tweets

IBM kills Hack A Hair Dryer women-in-tech vid after backlash

UpdatedIf only STEM was pitched at men like this

Veritas email faux-pas adds insult to injury for exam candidates

Data breach, then BCC, what next? Will the rubble burn down?

Cheque, mate? Barclays Bank borked as website, apps take cheeky siesta

Service titsup for hours – customers line up to complain

Adobe's Flash tools now embrace HTML 5. Sadly Flash is still alive

Appeal to Facebook from media tools conglomerate

Visual Studio Code: How to integrate Git

Keeping in-step with the clones

Dropbox tells Mailbox and Carousel users to get their affairs in order

Both services set for shutdown in first quarter 2016

Pirate Bay domain suspended thanks to controversial verification system

File-sharing site didn't verify its Whois – and disappeared

Japanese hack gets space probe back on track

The little engines that could

Facebook kills Creative Labs, cuts support for mobile apps

Slingshot, Riff, and Rooms get zapped by Zuck

James Clapper has found another reason why he lied about NSA spying

Yep: he had actually forgotten about the storing of all Americans' phonecalls

Who! would! want! Yahoo!? How! about! Verizon!?

CFO says telecom giant could swoop in if the price is right

Uber fined $150,000 and forced to embarrass itself by French court

Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time!

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