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3rd > December > 2015 Archive

Microsoft, US senators want to grease wheels of trade secret theft cases

Proposed law lets companies sue others across state lines

Wow, what took you so long? Comcast bends net neutrality rules

It's not the internet, stupid! It's our managed network

Iran – yup, Iran – to the rescue to tackle Internet of Things security woes

Unfortunately also want controls over 5G and things like VoIP

Wikimedia tries AI to catch bad edits

Open-sources model and API

NBN: blowout or not, leaks are an irritant for government

But they're also a two-edged sword for the ALP

Popular 3G/4G data dongles are desperately vulnerable, say hackers

SOHOpelessness is the new normal

Industrial control system gateway fix opens Heartbleed, Shellshock

Metasploit module released to make 0day pwnage easy

Off-key Violin Memory stuck on a bridge over troubled waters

Terrible puns not as terrible as storage biz's latest quarter

Boffins could tune telescopes to listen to lasers on Mars

Take the great gig in the sky to Mars

And on Thor's Day, Ingram confirmed Odin's absorption

Plesk and Virtuozzo to live ordinary, mortal, independent companies

PaaS the SLAs: HPC is like one great big cloud ... right? Guys?

CommentOur man goes to the Supercomputing Summit and likes what he sees

Darkode 3.0 is so lame it's not worth your time reading this story

Supposed sekrit crimeware den can be searched through Google. Even HackForums makes you sign in

Brocade admins: Check your privilege

You did kill that diagnostic account, yes? If not, naughty folks know how to kick it hard

Ponmocup is the '15 million' machine botnet you've never heard of

BotconfSkilled VXers have built 25 plugins, made 4000 variants, say crack security team

PHP 7.0 arrives, so go forth and upgrade if you dare

You get to play with a T_SPACESHIP operator, and much, much, more

How I found a small, weird-looking horned dinosaur from eastern USA

Scraps of bone lead to scientific curiosity

Bank fined £1m after outsourcing faults led to improper transfers

Also resulted in exposure to financial risk

NAO slams £830m e-Borders IT project as ‘not value for money’

Even so, some ‘valuable capabilities have been added to our defences’

Microsoft Office 365, Azure portals offline for many users in Europe

UpdatedStatus page says all systems go, users cannot log in

Part of the world's IT brought down by Azure Active Directory issue

Microsoft speaks. As do office workers now … to each other!

Pure Storage flashes post-IPO results: Get a load of our... revenues

Dietzen as pleased as punch. Don’t mention the losses though

Facebook to Belgian data cops: Block all the cookies across the web, then!

Free content ad network complies with ruling – for now

Flexible friend: Data's Big digital journey online

Big Data and All ThatThe analogue shift disguised its original purpose

Chef manages a major bump for console

Then immediately plugs XSS hole

Booming Ballmer bellows 'bulls**t' over Microsoft's cloud revenue run rate

Call me mister bombastic, say me fantastic

CloudFlare intros HTTP/2, so we can ‘spend holiday time with our family’

So … erm, that’s a good thing, probably

14 strikes and you’re out. Or not. Emails reveal how Cox lost Safe Harbor

AnalysisAccording to court, ISP's policy at issue

Exablox co-founder Tad Hunt flies the coop

His ‘passion has been a critical part of our founding vision’, says CEO

Target settles with banks for $40m after data breach

I see a Friday and I want it painted black

Array with it: What's next for enterprise storage?

StoragebodGreat time to be a customer, but what about the vendors?

Clean-cut code-warriors behind Cohesity's hyper-converged tech

CommentHey secondary storage vendors – you're toast

Free HTTPS certs for all – Let's Encrypt opens doors to world+dog

How-toAnd it's pretty easy to install via a command line

Microsoft's full-fat E5 Office 365 plan with phone extras goes live

More features, more security, more expensive

Is Kazakhstan about to man-in-the-middle diddle all of its internet traffic with dodgy root certs?

Come on, guys. Don't go giving the Russians any ideas

Now you can tailor Swift – Apple open-sources the whole shebang

Just as well considering all the new OSs it's putting out there

Bad wind halts space station resupply mission

PicsAndroid satellites will have to wait at least a day before leaving Earth

Google fends off EFF's claims kids probed by Chromebook software

Apps for Education won't follow your offspring, says ad giant

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