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27th > November > 2015 Archive

NZ Uni EMC broke considered ditching EMC before SNAFU

VNX fleet was almost out of warranty, RFI called for replacements

Russian nuke plant operator to build on-site data centre

'Status: Green' may not be what you want to hear if you put data in Kalinin

HTTPSohopeless: 26,000 Telstra Cisco boxen open to device hijacking

Embedded device mayhem as rivals share keys

Enterprise vendors get into the swing of Black Friday sales

Cheap servers, tech books and desktop hypervisors can be yours

Hackers spray Reader's Digest stinky feet with exploit kit

Home remedy seekers backdoored by Bedep

Mobe-maker OnePlus 'fesses up to flouting USB-C spec

Adapter and cable are fine with OnePlus' own phones, but other kit could cook

Oz Govt calls for more talk on telco network security laws

We've listened, says Attorney-General, but we still want network plans

Australian cops rush to stop 2AM murder of … a spider

Macho death threats, winsome shrieks both came from arachnophobic chap

EU copyright reforms to be 'gradual, balanced and targeted', says Ansip

All will be revealed in a 'strategy paper' next month

NASA pours cold comets on aliens-make-star-flutter theory

Comet swarm, not super space, thought to make star KIC 8462852's light fluctuate

Mr Grey, the Russian hacker who helped haul in 1.2 billion logins

Courts release open source intel data sales scams on one man

Outsourcer didn't press ON switch, so Reg reader flew 15 hours to do the job

On-CallDell servers have this one weird feature that anyone competent would understand

Who owns space? Looking at the US asteroid-mining act

CommentIt is dangerous and potentially illegal, claims legal expert

So why exactly are IT investors so utterly clueless?

Something for the Weekend, Sir?I wash my hands of the whole matter

BOFH: How long does it take to complete Friday's lager-related tasks?

Episode 17'I bloody hate time management applications'

Rooting and modding a Windows Phone is now child's play

What could possibly go wrong?

Continuous Lifecycle call for papers: It’s the final countdown

96 hours – don’t let it end in tears

Texas HPC cowboys win award for data-nomming flashy Wrangler

Stuffed with DSSD's clustered flash stash

Investigatory Powers Tribunal scraps its first annual report

We didn't expect to have so much to be transparent about

Hungryhouse resets thousands of customers' passwords

Good security hygiene after third-party data breach

Protection at last: Operation Emergency UPS succeeds for Telecity

Power protection for cloud and VoIP crowd

Former Logicalis exec hired by ONI Plc to jump start services biz

Tom Kelly lands as non-exec director

Kids charity hit by server theft

Some personal data stored, but motive likely equipment theft, says Plan UK

German ex-pat jailed for smearing own pat all over Cork apartment

Former Apple worker stored three months worth of own, er, waste

IT manager jailed for 5 years for attempting dark web gun buy

'Walter Mitty type' told officers he wanted to be NCA officer

Research: Microsoft the fastest growing maker of tablet OSs ... by 2019

Nine years late is better than nothing

What a bum note: Violin's shares perform financial diminuendo

Flash storage upstart's stock needs some tonic as it crumples to $1.30 apiece

Millions of families hit in toymaker VTech hack – including 200,000+ kids

Youngsters' personal info, parents' contact details leak from Chinese gizmo giant

VW's Audi suspends two engineers in air pollution cheatware probe

In briefConvenient

Final countdown – NSA says it really will end blanket phone spying on US citizens this Sunday

We're leaving together ...

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