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23rd > November > 2015 Archive

Windows 8.1 exams kept alive six more months, Win 7 tests immortal

How hot, or not, is Windows 10 when Redmond has no plans to retire some Windows 7 tests?

Researchers say they've cracked the secret of the Sony Pictures hack

Log wipers, timestompers may have helped hackers stay quiet in terabyte raids

Y'know how airlines never explain delays? United's bug bounty works the same way

Researcher says airline failed to fix critical bug for five months

New Wireshark, Nmap releases bring pre-Xmas cheer to infosec types

Nmap for XP and Wireshark for Mac put a smile on the face of security-loving girls and boys

Clueless Anonymous asks the powerless to save dolphins

Guys? You might want to look up some recent election results before tweeting at world leaders

OpenBSD's native hypervisor emerges

By all means start rummaging, but expect breakage in this very early code

Mostly harmless: Berlin boffins bleat post epic TrueCrypt audit feat

It's got holes, but she'll be right.

Russian cybercriminals steal $790 million in three years

Twenty pro hackers grease Russia's best crime groups.

BT rebuked for attributing some EE acquisition costs to 'all UK lines of business'

'Inappropriate', mutters Ofcom

Intel hires Qualcomm's compute leader to lead new mobile push

Venkata Renduchintala to run Chipzilla's re-organised client and IoT efforts

All Cisco certs add cloud, IoT, 'business transformation'

Network admins: Go buy a tie and some kool-aid, diluted to 10 per cent of your marks

Top Android app devs found exfiltrating mystery stealth packets

Half of covert packets are about analytics, half are a mystery

How cyber insurance actually works

Insurance industry insider tells all

Blocking out the Sun won't fix climate change – but it could buy us time

Refreeze the poles... giant magnifying glass... What shall we do?

This storage startup dedupes what to do what? How?

Sysadmin blogYep, it's complicated. Our man Trev unravels one new firm's tech

Malvertising: How the ad model makes crime pay

Feature... and who's liable for all the money lost?

Cisco slurps Acano for $700m

Brit video conferencing and collaboration biz to be assimilated by the borg

Brit filmmaker plans 10hr+ Paint Drying epic

By law, the BBFC must suffer every single minute of it

Data breach at biz that manages Cisco, F5 certs plus many others

Pearson VUE says credentials manager product affected

Irish electricity company threatens to cut off graveyard

Unregistered 'occupant' receives disconnection notice

Austria's highest court mulls class action status for Schrems v Facebook

1000s of privacy gripes deserve to be heard, says complainant

Want to defend your network? Profile the person attacking it

Sysadmin blogPART 1 – Can't keep them out, so catch them while they’re in

Homebrew crypto in Telegram hangout app full of holes, say security pros

'Jihadi favourite' cooked up by Vkontakte's Durov Bros

ICO fines PPI claims firm £80,000 over 1.3m spam SMS deluge

More fines, totalling £250,000, to be doled out this week

EE plans to block annoying ads on mobile network

Operator mulls controls for 27m subscribers, chief says it's not about blocking

We chew over CCS Insight's look into the fu-ture-ture-ture-ture

Get your 2016 predictions here

TalkTalk Business email servers titsup for days after DNS config snafu

'Handful of customers' told to wait until Tuesday for a fix

Shocker: Smut-viewing Android apps actually steal your data

Pr0n software actually leads to pwnage

Europe didn't catch the pox from Christopher Columbus – scientists

Syphilis was around before his New World jaunt, Austrian skeleton suggests

Google takedown requests mushroom as copyright holders play whack-a-mole

More than 65m requests flood into Choc Factory in past month

Windows 10 pilot rollouts will surge in early 2016, says Gartner

Takeup will be ‘significantly more rapid than seen with Windows 7’

Superfish 2.0: Dell ships laptops, PCs with huge internet security hole

Root CA certificate opens up folks to banking, shopping snooping, etc

Telstra cloudwhacks storage vendors' sweet spot

Cloudy medical image library is bad news for big storage

Superfish 2.0 worsens: Dell's dodgy security certificate is an unkillable zombie

UpdatedAnd now here's how you can really destroy it

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