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20th > November > 2015 Archive

VMware cofounder and CEO Diane Greene to run Google's cloud

She's already on the Board, but Google's slurping her latest startup anyway

Tech goliaths stand firm against demands for weaker encryption after Paris terror attacks

Massacre accompanied by political backdoor push

How TV ads silently ping commands to phones: Sneaky SilverPush code reverse-engineered

Near-ultrasonic sound system drives pets, and users, crazy

Uncle Sam's IT bods find 2,000 data centers they FORGOT about

Can't consolidate until we stop discovering lost ones

Seven-year itch claims Splunk CEO

Godfrey Sullivan steps down, effective immediately, leaving a profitable loss behind

NASA palms off blunder-bot Valkyrie for top US universities to fix

Rubbish robots need better software for space

Android's accessibility service grants god-mode p0wn power

Even factory reset cannot smite the foulness that is Shedun

Don't flip your lid: The Internet of Helmets has arrived

Building company decides electronic sweatband can stop workers overcooking

US 'swatting' Bill will jail crank callers for five years to life

It's just not funny when you tell the FBI your mates are holding hostages

Shall we Drupal 8? Hint: it's not a verb, but the 8th version of Drupal

New version of open source CMS debuts, but migrations may be tricky

Cat discovers GNOME desktop bug

Coming soon: Dog rewrites Linux kernel

Windows Server and System Centre 2016 get fourth previews

Hyper-V containers debut along with erasure codes, live VM migration and other goodies

Remember Windows 1.0? It's been 30 years (and you're officially old)

Microsoft's cash cow celebrates three decades of PC dominance

600,000 cable modems have an easy to pop backdoor in a backdoor

Brazilian whacks Arris for easy-t-o-guess default password, fix promised fast

One-armed bandit steals four hours of engineer's busy day

On-CallHow many pub owners does it take to change a light bulb?

Rdio's collapse another nail in the coffin of the 'digital economy'

AnalysisMoney for *distributing* (nearly free) jam is a terrible idea

Another $75m for Datto as EMEA and APAC expansion beckons

But could the Hillary Clinton email issues rain on its parade?

France's 3-month state of emergency lets govt censor the web

Constitutional amendment has already passed lower lawmakers

Looking for a council house in Sheffield City? Meet your fellow tenants

BCC email oopsie

Dell PCs to be never knowingly undersold by John Lewis this Chrimbo

Apple, HP, Lenovo scrum down in battle for the middle classes

Want to take the stage at our DevOps and Continuous Delivery Conference?

You have 12 days to get your proposals in...

Ofcom asks: Do kids believe anything they read on the internet?

Survey finds strong parental support for smut-blockers

Love your IoT gadget but could you keep the noise down?

Something for the Weekend, Sir?Breakout? I don’t want to live like that

Shares tumble at flash-disk array maker Nimble: Time to crack open the all-flash?

Larger enterprise sales fall flat

Short weekend break: Skegness or exoplanet HD 189733b?

Our handy cut-out-and-keep comparison guide

The Register reveals SAP’s very own version of Black Friday

ExclusiveUndercutting on maintenance deals to keep S4/HANA on track?

NetApp adds in-line dedupe to all-flash FAS arrays

Supports 3.8TB SSDs

Fujitsu channel man prepares for war on enterprise rivals

'There may be conflict but you’ve got to get on it quickly'

Struggling to understand Docker? Let's start with a Minecraft demo

Taking a pick axe to your application strategy

Why Microsoft's .NET Core is the future of its development platform

AnalysisMicrosoft is betting on open source fork of .NET Framework to draw cloud customers

Half the staff go gardening at the now not-so-jolly Jolla

Finland's last phone company hits cash flow trouble

Many UK ecommerce sites allow ‘password’ for logins – report

As well as ‘abc123’ and ‘123456’, would you believe

Crimestoppers finally revamps weak crypto. Take your time guys

Poor rating due to out-of-date SSLv2 protocol

Roundworm infection increases female fertility

Surprising finding among Bolivian ethnic group

How NSA continued to spy on American citizens' email traffic – from overseas

Files show agency just moved surveillance offshore

Network problems? It's not just you. Level3 outages reported in the US

Backbone carrier looks to be grappling with cut cable headaches

Hillary Clinton: Stop helping terrorists, Silicon Valley – weaken your encryption

Prez hopeful wants tech giants to stop treating govt as adversary

Tesla recalls every single Model S car in seatbelt safety probe

90,000 motors hauled in for checks

Malware caught checking out credit cards in 54 luxury hotels

Sheraton, Westin, W chains in US, Canada pwned

Who's running dozens of top-secret unpatched databases? The Dept of Homeland Security

Irony alert

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