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17th > November > 2015 Archive

Intel's Omni-Path InfiniBand-killer debuts at sizzling 100 Gb/sec

SC15Scalable System Framework promises cheaper, denser, cooler networks

The million-dollar hole in the FBI 'paying CMU to crack Tor' story

AnalysisResearchers and writers blur lines, cause problems

US govt just can't hire enough cyber-Sherlocks

One in ten FBI Cyber Task Force teams don't have a techie

Supercomputers get their own software stack – dev tools, libraries etc

SC15OpenHPC group to take programmers to the highest heights

Netflix and skill: Web vid giant open sources Spinnaker cloud tool

Continuous delivery across AWS, Google Cloud and CloudFoundry

BitLocker popper uses Windows authentication to attack itself

Blackhat EuropeMicrosoft squashes offline logic flaw that makes lost laptops dynamite

Microsoft to world: We've got open source machine learning too

Help teach Cortana to say 'Sorry, Dave'

VMware open sources its Photon container control freak

Virtzilla wants you to fork it up as best you can

Hubble finds lonely 'void galaxy' floating in cosmic nothingness

No sign yet of tragic, philosophical infant Prince chatting with odd mates

Medical data, staff creds exposed as scores of apps bork the backend

Blackhat EuropeHAVOC tool rips out keys stored inside apps.

Symantec's salvation plan is more and better integration. No, really

New CEO Mike Brown outlines security product mashup plan

Tinder clone TanTan lets wire spies locate lovers

Fixes promised for man-in-the-middle diddle

Today is not the day to search for a beautician in Russia

CTB ransomware blasts 60 high-traffic sites hosted by Rustelekom

Child abuse image hash list shared with major web firms

19,000 criminal pic hashes given to Facebook, Google

FCA paves way for cloud computing in UK financial services

It’ll improve competition as it can 'facilitate entry and/or expansion'

Refined player: Fedora 23's workin' it like Monday morning

ReviewThe Linux distro that doesn't stop

Commentard achieves bronze badge, goes directly to jail

Prison term unrelated to forums posts, we believe

Fujitsu: We started the cloud party, honest

Fujitsu Forum 2015Acquisition of UShareSoft to be 'core' of cloud stuff ... get down

Virgin Media daddy Liberty Global swoops on Cable & Wireless Communications


French Playmobil heist: El Reg denies involvement

Thousands of boxes lifted from lorry

Small Euro telco lobby group births small Euro telco lobby group

ECTA Regulatory Conf '15Big beef with big telcos, naturally enough

Seagate serves up three layer ClusterStor sandwich

Online disk archive for HPC and Big Data

Yesterday: Openreach boss quits. Today: BT network goes TITSUP

UpdatedTripped on cable on way out? Yes, it'll take 3 days to fix

Terrorists seek to commit deadly 'cyber attacks' in UK, says Chancellor Osborne

‘We know they want it’ chimes George during GCHQ speech

Docker launches Universal Control Plane at enterprises

Runs anything on anything, apparently

TalkTalk boss on Joe Garner exit, Virgin Media support for Openreach and THAT attack

ECTA Regulatory Conf '15Top folk want to run public firms

Xamarin releases version 4.0 of its cross-platform mobile developer suite

Major updates for C# developers targeting iOS and Android

Telecity London data centre outage borks VoIP, websites, AWS...

Update 2LINX reports sudden sharp traffic drop, Amazon Direct Connect goes TITSUP

Avere adds Azure to triple-headed cloud beast

Already has AWS and Google virtual edge filer support

We are not getting out of PCs, says Fujitsu exec

Just rejigging where they sit

DDN's cache wolves come howling out of the creek

IME14K has a client driver, and an out-of-band and open API. No word on price

Brit cops accused of abusing anti-terror laws to hunt colleague

Allegedly asked for records of whistleblower, journalists

Debian daddy Murdock joins the unstoppable Docker crusade

Contain your Linux, folks

Today's Quiz Question: Are there more SIMs than people in the world?

Mobile calls cost more. Check operator's rates before calling

Rap for wrap chaps in crap email trap: Chipotle HR used domain it had no control over

Tell us your message horrors, readers

Microsoft chief Satya drops an S bomb in Windows 10, cloud talk

S is for security, but what about privacy?

Rip up secretive patent royalty deals, says new tech'n'biz coalition

Fair Standards Alliance attracts heavyweights to FRAND cause

Pure gives its flash boxes some 3D TLC

And tries to out-Nimble’s Infosight to handle customer probs via analytics

Citrix to axe 1,000 workers, tells GoTo to go to someplace else

Spin-offs and layoffs abound in corporate blood-letting

Adobe releases out-of-band security patches – amazingly not for Flash

ColdFusion, LiveCycle and Premiere get fixed

Apple's Faulty Powers moment: iPad Pro slabs 'temporarily bricked' during recharge

Fanbois fret following freaky phantom fondleslab freezes

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