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16th > November > 2015 Archive

GPS, you've gone too far this time

Built-in bias means your walk tracker over-estimates distances

Badware in the firmware all over the place

Eurecom researchers scan embedded systems, kick an ants' nest

iPad data entry errors caused plane to strike runway during takeoff

What's a fat-fingered ten tonnes between friends in a QANTAS Boeing 737?

Microsoft boffins build better crypto for secure medical data crunching

Practical homomorphic encryption manual released

Google wants to add 'not encrypted' warnings to Gmail

Bad actors named and shamed

More POS malware, just in time for Christmas

VXers stuff evidence-purging malware in retailer stockings.

Slovakians seek funds for battling drone squadron

Smartphone-controlled quadchopper tomfoolery

MetroPCS patches hole that opened 10 million user creds to plunder

Scripts could have caused mayhem.

3ROS exploit wins plaudits for the prettiest Mal-GUI ever

Options make pwning as easy as ordering pizza

US Presidential race becomes Wi-Fi password snark battle

Freeze on visas for skilled workers bubbles along as background issue

Brace yourselves. Huawei’s launching an HCIA product

CommentCan be deployed in 11 mins after unpacking

Trouble brewing as iThing coffee machine seems to be hackable

You'll need quality granules, hot water, and fully configured IT for a perfect cup

No, the EU is not going to make hyperlinks illegal

But its copyright changes will have a big impact on the web

EU orders Equinix to dump colos in Amsterdam, London and Frankfurt

After Telecity tie-up

Will the Ericsson/Cisco alliance work or simply break?

Better to play nicely than try to muscle in on territory

Drop the obsession with Big Data, zero days and just... help the business

Black Hat EuropeSecurity pros urged to drop the crap, get into the scrap

Microsoft shelves 'suicidal' Android-on-Windows plan

AnalysisRedmond: We've remembered OS/2 for you, wholesale

Openreach boss quits BT in midst of split uncertainty

Joe Garner returning to banking sector. Search begins for replacement

Hurricane Meg unleashes storm of HPE storage updates

StoreServ’s on-premises storage array assault

Surprise! No wonder Oracle doesn't 'see' IBM or SAP in the cloud

Free gifts to customers don't count as deals, Larry

Yes, GCHQ is hiring 1,900 staffers. It's not a snap decision

Increase announced days before Paris attacks

Next-gen killer hurricane hunter to be armed with Nvidia graphics chips

SC15Think crisis, not Crysis

Faux Disk Encryption: Mobile phone crypto not a magic bullet

Black Hat EuropeAnd sorry fandroids, iOS provides 'more granular control'

IBM bets POWER8 processor farm on hardware acceleration

SC15Enlists Xilinx for data centre 'solution stacks'

Ex-GCHQ chief now heads up infosec firm's advisory board

Walled gardens are 'scintillating proposition' for ex-spy

Broadband minister: Our voucher scheme for SMEs is a tremendous success

Yeah, never mind sluggish uptake and reduction in funds

HPE comes over all Docker, throws containers at Helion tools lineup

Move of its tools kit illustrates interest in the tech

X-Gene 3 in 2016 – no, not a superhero movie. It's a 16nm FinFET 64-bit ARM chip for servers

In-briefApplied Micro promises TSMC-fabbed CPUs

How to wrap your brain around HP Enterprise's reheated StoreOnce kit

Disk backup hardware and software families reshuffled

JURECA! Germany flips big red switch on 2.2 petaflop supercomputer

Machine open to all fields of data-crunching

NBN boss unleashes Australian Net Neutrality debate

Grab some popcorn and watch Netflix justify its data deluge

Intel Xeon chip ban? Pfeh. China triples top 500 supercomputer tally

SC15Real reasons behind Middle Kingdom's rise

Hold on, France and Russia. Anonymous is here to kick ISIS butt

Terrorists get their wish – they really will be screwed by 72 virgins

Microsoft quietly slips out patched patch for Outlook – in camouflage

Same name, very different results

Apple supremo Tim Cook rules out OS X fondleslab, iOS merger

Reg staff stunned – some Cupertino news we can get behind

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