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9th > November > 2015 Archive

Let's Encrypt gets automation

Unblocking the open CA's client process

Oz submarine bidders paper over hack attacks, deliver tenders by hand

Report: Germany, France, Japan contract hopefuls spotted multiple attacks

NBN shows strong ARPU growth as users connect

HFC trials announced ahead of 2016 launch

Cryptowall 4.0: Update makes world's worst ransomware worse still

Now you won't even know what files are encrypted

Gods' own broadband: Loon option for DEITY

Alphabet eyes another billion

FCC won't track Do Not Track

Consumer Watchdog request gets '403: Forbidden'

Considering application whitelist tryst? NIST will help you clear the mist

Hardening:Have your patching only if you've eaten your app whitelists, spies croon.

Cloud will kill tech sales jobs

CommentFeeding the beast that will kill your job

Alibaba presses 'play' on multi-billion video host buy

Youku Tudou borged into Chinese 'net giant

Trident test-shot startles West Coast Americans

VideoThis great big light in the sky is classified

GCHQ's infosec arm bins advisor accreditation scheme

Too busy listening in to phone calls to listen to customers?

China decides to cook its own chips – report

$12bn to fry up some memory dies

Here's the little-known legal loophole that permitted mass surveillance in the UK

Law from 1984 – yes, really – let GCHQ et al run amok

Space fans eye launch of Lego Saturn V

Apollo 11 mission made miniature

Will open source storage make the hyperscale dream real?

One small Ceph, or one giant leap?

Working with Asperger's in tech: We're in this together

CommentPractical approach to behaving, saying and doing

UK lawmakers warn Blighty to invest more in science, or else

Germans, yanks beating us in STEM investment, claims parliamentary committee

HPE trots out benchmark blaster flash array as PCs become distant memory

Flash 3PAR flagship creams VMAX

Imation results drenched in red as exiting consumer biz cuts deep

+Comment‘Restructuring alone’ won't be enough – interim CEO

Ericsson and Cisco ink deal for networks of the future

Borg and Swedish wireless giant make big IoT and 5G play

Flying drug mule crashes in Manchester prison

Strangeways airways strange days

Facebook brings creepy ’Minority Report’-style ads one step closer

Zuck flogs your location to brands for a mall mithering

Touchnote breach: Wrote a postcard with us? Thieves have your pal's name, address

The gift that keeps on giving. (Yes they have your details too)

Judge bins Apple Store end-of-shift shakedown lawsuit

Want to avoid bag search, iThing staffer? Then don't bring a bag, says beak

Microsoft Band 2 wrist watchers in pay-first-ship-much-later rage

Does twiddling your thumbs count as an exercise? finally promises legally binding broadband service obligation – by 2020

Is 10Mbps pledge only on downstream? Wait and see

E.ON fined £7m for smart meter fail

Business customers not hooked up, time to cough up

Teradata’s troubles cause the restructuring knives to slip out

Revenues are down by nearly 10 per cent

Cisco, Ericsson prefer shacking up to sloow marriage process

13 months of talks led to 'partnership of choice'

Redcentric: Firmly in the black despite Calyx slurp costs

Managed Services – the place to be people... but you all knew that

Black Friday Blues: How to dodge a thankless day's online sales crush

Peaks are not unpredictable. Peaks are NOT unpredictable

ProtonMail DDoS wipeout: Day 6. Yes, we're still under attack

Maybe if you hadn’t paid the ransom to the wrong attackers it would be over

Western Digital in joint push with Unisplendour to sell arrays in China

Commerce is a many-splendoured thing

Buffet would take a $2bn hit on IBM shares … if he cashed in now

Multi-billionaire a victim of the cloud and Big Blue's turnaround tardiness

Even with Turnbull's NBN, Australian ISPs are getting faster

New Netflix speed index has good news all 'round, but Foxtel-owner Telstra is still last

Microsoft Windows Mobile 10: Uphill battle with 'work in progress'

ReviewBuild 10581 on the block

One Bitcoin or lose your data, hacked Linux sysadmins told

If you're running Magento, patch it now

DC judge rips into the NSA over mass surveillance

Grants injunction amid a few choice words

Facebook! You've got 48 hours to stop tracking people

Flemish court gets feisty

Oz insurer offers Basis breathing-bangle-for-your-data swap

Wrist recorder reads your weight, tells the cloud

NBN mulls capacity charge revamp

Morrow announces tariff review

Google open sources machine learning software

VideoTensorFlow to help your phone find cats and, you know, everything else

BLAKE2 hash authors post code as RFC

Strong, fast, but NIST is wary

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