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6th > November > 2015 Archive

Fake IT admin tricked Cox rep into handing over customer database – cableco fined $600k

Shocked outfoxed Cox docked

TPP: 'Scary' US-Pacific trade deal published – you're going to freak out when you read it

Analysis'Cos all those pitchforks you bought will go to waste

How can it possibly be time to patch Xen again?

Xen Project issues maintenance release, urges upgrade sooner rather than later

OmniRAT malware scurrying into Android, PC, Mac, Linux systems

Leverages Stagefright scare for installs

Nigerian government site popped, used for phishing scam

I'm writing from the Financial Reporting Council of Nigeria, hosted on obsolete Joomla

BlackBerry Priv: Enterprise Android in a snazzy but functional package

ReviewA phone for grown-ups that doesn't suck

How much do containers thrash VMs in power usage? Thiiiis much

When process sandboxes talk, electricity meters scarcely need to listen

Linus Torvalds targeted by honeytraps, claims Eric S. Raymond

Attempts to frame open-source leaders with false sexual assault allegations alleged

Startup founder taken hostage by laid-off workers

Bosses called sackings a 'mass streamlining', which surely justifies harsh retaliation

UK's internet spy law: £250m in costs could balloon to £2 BILLION

AnalysisJust look at IMP. Or CDB

Stick a pin in a sales droid to avoid cable voodoo

On-CallHow long is a piece of wire? Remember: size doesn't matter

Huawei who? We probe the sleeping storage dragon's brains

Part IChina's massive telecoms giant flexes its enterprise IT muscles

Exam board in 'send all' fail: Hands up who knows what the BCC button is for?

UpdatedMaths markers module mayhem

Facebook CTO: Clear legal grounds needed for EU-US data exports

New law means no more data centres for social giant

Chef launches Compliance: Server security policy as code

New open source InSpec language and runtime automates server checking

TalkTalk claims 157,000 customers were victims of security breach

Cheapo telco revises down attack figure, shares climb 4%

Another win for SanDisk as CloudByte sinks teeth into InfiniFlash

Shipping ElastiStor ESA-A1000 to support a applications

Symantec numbers are out. Execs might wish they weren't

CEO: Our storage-free world is almost here, now just need to secure our future

New Relic loses money, gains marketing boss, buys Opsmatic

CMO promises to spread the love

DCIG puts out new flash array guide – wonder where EMC is this time?

Documentation-driven doc ranks HCIA suppliers and kit

MileIQ drives to Redmond: Microsoft swallows Mobile Data Labs

Your biz commute, sucked up into Office?

Swedbank smacked by DDoS attack

Website unable to process online transactions

Sphere 3D now sure about Azure, joins Microsoft Cloud Alliance

Our man Trevor says industry-best security claim needs pinch of salt, though

Brussels flings out Safe Harbour guidelines, demands 'safer' new framework ASAP

Ansip demands 'safer safe' transatlantic data transfers

Apple's iBackDoor: Dodgy ad network code menaces iOS apps

Nearly 3,000 apps affected by JavaScript phone-home vuln

UK government looks to harness the potential of open data through APIs

'Value can be extracted' – Cabinet Office minister

Scarface's explosive 'Little Friend' goes under the hammer

Say goodbye to $20-30k, if you want Al Pacino's M16

Google-chaired think tank says Google's No.1 for digital rights

Who'd a thunk it?

GSMA offers a share and share alike approach to the C-Band

Can't we all just get along? Yeah, probably

IT luminaries stranded in tropical paradise with Indian crime lord

Eruption of Indonesian volcano ground planes... worse places to be stuck

Cell networks' LTE-U will kill your Wi-Fi, say digital rights bods

Telcos: No, sigh, it won't ruin your home network

Windows 10: Major update on the Threshold as build 10586 hits Insiders

Coming soon to a mobile and Xbox One near you

Amazon's chomping at the Brits: UK to get AWS data center region

Bezos' cloud invades Blighty

Read the Economist last weekend? You may have fetched more than just articles (yup, malware)

News mag caught up in PageFair pwnage

ProtonMail pays ransom to end web tsunami – still gets washed offline

Paying Bitcoin ransom encourages more attacks, it seems

AMD sued: Number of Bulldozer cores in its chips is a lie, allegedly

AnalysisWhen does a slab of transistor gates become a processor – the big question

Drones are dropping drugs into prisons and the US govt just doesn't know what to do

Uncle Sam needs your help

Voting machine memory stick drama in Georgia sparks scandal, probe

Whistleblower fears votes lost

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