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4th > November > 2015 Archive

Firefox 42 ... answer to the ultimate question of life, security bugs and fully private browsing?

SSL/TLS library flaws found, anti-analytics missiles deployed

Man hires 'court hacker' on Craigslist ... who turned out to be a cop

Moron used his personal email address and phone number – now he's in the slammer

XSS vuln found in Cisco's social support software

SocialMiner doesn't play nice with China's popular WeChat

'Anonymous' says anonymous KKK dump wasn't from Anonymous

Alleged anonymous hack group says US Senators are members of anonymous hate group

This will get pulses racing, thinks EMC: Copy data management

Consolidate primary and secondary workloads on flash array

China's glorious five year plan will see 'online environment cleaned up'

National realtime pollution monitor planned for actual environment

Met makes fourth TalkTalk arrest, this time a London teen

TalkTalk? Seems like someone's giving plod something to work with

Intel puts cash behind Wi-Fi-first smartmobes

Chipzilla funds FreedomPop to get its SoFIA silicon into more mobes

Sennheiser announces €50,000 headphones (we checked, no typos)

Michelangelo's preferred marble pressed into service for rich audiophiles

Alumina in glass could stop smartphones cracking up

Smash hits a thing of the past

You're right to fear a second dot-com crash, says Intel VC boss

ICGSChip giant's investment wing looks abroad as tech bubble grows

Google: We made India a consumer society and our work here is done

'Great Online Shopping Festival' cancelled. Forever.

Juniper hardware and software to sleep in separate beds

Run Junos on white boxes? Sure! How about other NOSes on our boxes? Yep to that too

Cisco takes Security Everywhere™ to throw blanket over shadow IT

Borg wants in on cloud security like everyone else, but may not be doing more than the basics

Samsung S6 Edge has 11 nasties, says Google Project Zero team

Google must be doing this as an Android partner to Samsung. Not a rival. Perish the thought Verify system misses yet another user signup target

Just 300,000 sign on to creaky identity assurance scheme

Going loco for co-lo: ClearSky Data's dash for the cash

CEO says startup wants to increase US coverage

Licence to snoop: Ipso facto, crypto embargo? Draft Investigatory Powers bill lands

IPBTheresa May's proposal incoming today

Former Dragon lures reseller exec into cloud cave

Outgoing Insight UK veep de Sousa to grab controls at Outsourcery on April Fool's Day

Music lovers move to block Phil Collins' rebirth

'There is far too much suffering in the world as it is'

Stuxnet-style code signing of malware becomes darknet cottage industry

Even reports of crims offering signing-as-a-service

Huawei adds NVMe accessed SSDs to Dorado all-flash array

Supposedly five times faster than XtremIO

Companies need answer to Safe Harbour worries, says minister

Swift conclusion on revised agreement needed

PM wheels out snoop overseer minutes before latest snoops' charter bid lands

Top silk says challenging time ahead on investigatory powers

RIPE rebrand whiffs slightly of joss-sticks

LOGOWATCHNet registry hums gentle whalesong , intersects with community

MPs launch 'TalkTalk' inquiry over security of personal data online

Parliamentary inquiry to gather evidence until 23 November

GCHQ 'smart collection' would protect MPs from spies, says NSA expert

Investigatory Powers tribunal was misled by 'horsesh*t'

Nutanix summons China's Lenovo dragon to magic up hardware

Deal gives hyperconverged upstart PRC creds

UK's super-cyber-snoop shopping list: Internet data, bulk spying, covert equipment tapping

'No worse than an itemised phone bill', says Home Sec

HP Inc in indirect push for biggest UK and Ireland accounts

Wants partners with hungry look in eye

Red Hat Enterprise Linux lands on Microsoft Azure cloud – no, we're not pulling your leg

Distro to be reference operating system for .NET Core

Logicalis: UK boss Gales has quit for 'personal reasons'

Second local MD to hit eject button in months, interim FD made interim MD

Profitable business evaporates at Systemax... make that all business growth

Shuttering US retail stores blamed, but UK get hair dryer treatment from CEO too

US radar paparazzi snap 'Halloween Asteroid'

Pics reveal 'pronounced concavities' and 'other complex features'

Interoute gets green light for £402m Easynet gobble

Blighty's competition regulator gives permission for major boot filling

CPS fined £200k over theft of laptops holding 'sensitive interviews'

Contents included questioning of sex attack victims

Ransomware scammers: Won’t pay? We'll put your data on the internet


Sorry Xchanging staff, only Capita at negotiating table now

Private equity suitor Apollo pulls out of bidding

Speaking in Tech: Larry Ellison pipes up on EMC/Dell – it's all yours Michael

PodcastMicrosoft announces limited unlimited storage

Micron has three bits between its PC disk-killing flash teeth

Crucial SSD offers TLC for slow disk drives

UK govt sneaks citizen database aka 'request filters' into proposed internet super-spy law

ISPs express concern over web activity monitoring system

'I posted winning race ticket in Facebook selfie ... and someone stole it!'

PhotoSnap costs Oz lass $600 in winnings

Join The Reg in Sydney for a FAST Christmas

We've planned a festive fling to get your head spinning

I've lost the remote! Fury as Samsung yoinks TV control from its iOS app

Smart telly promised iPhone support then Sammy taketh away

Biggest problem with virtual reality: It can be a little too real for people

ICGSVection vexing VR

A bubble? No way, we're in a bust, says rich VC living in alternate reality

AnalysisSilicon Valley has lost its mind. Episode 22: Marc Andreessen

iPhone, Windows 10, lonely nights – sound like you? Dump Siri and have a date with Cortana

Microsoft's personal assistant emerges as iOS beta app

Australian government hiring guardians of retained metadata

Who watches the Watchmen?

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