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SeaMeWe-3 submarine cable spur borked until November 10th

What's happening down on the sea floor near Indonesia?

Kaspersky announces 'death' of Coinvault, Bitcryptor ransomware

13,000 decryption keys unleashed.

Veeam's virtual virtuosity gets more customers by the balls

Ratmir thinks legacy backup sucks, yah-boo!

E-mail crypto is as usable as it ever was, say boffins

Ask friends to use PGP. They'll love you for it

Former nbn CEO Mike Quigley ends his silence, unloads on government

'You broke it, Mal, you bought it'

Linus looses Linux 4.3 on a waiting world

EXT3 filesystem bites the dust, graphics and virtual Linux desktops get some extra love

US Military enlists radio hams to simulate fight with THE SUN

How to stop a Coronal Mass Ejection ending civilisation as we know it

Vodafone UK blocks 1,800 accounts after 'external source' accesses accounts

Repeat after me: don't re-use passwords

Boffins solve bacon crisis with newly-patented plant

Algae looks like cured pork, tastes like cured pork … you can't believe it's not Bacon!

European Commission prepares antitrust probe for O2/Hutchison deal

Regulatory listicle demands consideration before merger can pass Go

Wikipedia cracks the five-million article barrier, in English

Small Australian shrub Persoonia terminalis achieves fleeting fame

Windows 10 growth stalls during October

Windows XP market share declining less than Win 8.x or 7

Apple killed our app say Chaos Computer Club

Cupertino accused of censoring streams of iOS hacking sessions

'T-shaped' developers are the new normal

BlogDon't go chasing waterfalls

We turn Sonos PLAY:5 up to 11

Great sound, but it'll cost you

Helium has a go at Internet of Things thing – using ultra-low power tech

Platform includes homegrown sensors and 802.15.4

I survived a head-on crash with driverless cars – and dummies

Geek's GuideDrove to the Transport Research Lab, ended in France

Are you local? HDS adds locality, Data Ingestor to object storage

Time to think about 'data sovereignty', 'compliance risks'

HMRC 'reluctant' to crack down on VAT fraudsters – tax ace

EU law professor claims eBay and Amazon obliged to police VAT fraud

Huawei mixes it up with Micron and its new NVM tech

3D XPoint adoption looks a given

Google snaps Dutch woman completely taking the piss

NSFWCaught short on Street View

The $53bn 'startup': Hewlett Packard Enterprise begins life

$150bn tech market 'to go after' in the UK

G-Cloud sellers hit out against cap on scaling services

'We've not heard any sensible justification for this'

Endpoint protectors spread wings, Druva flies into Microsoft cloud

Code42 and Druva hover near data centres

Huawei cooks own PCIe SSD: Flash IP in a flash

PicsMicron NAND stores blocks of bits but the rest is all Huawei

In-a-spin Home Sec: 'We won't be rifling through people's web history'

IPBTheresa May claims draft bill will have robust oversight, judicial approval

Skype founders planning non-drone robodelivery fleet. Repeat, not drones

Let ‘em say you’re crazy, what do they know

EMC shareholders slap biz with class action suit

EMC/Dell dealNot happy with $67bn sale to Dell, but that's all we know

Chinese fire up world's 'most powerful' drone brain

Quad-core ARM Cortex A-15 and handy headphone socket

Whitman's split: The end of Fiorina's HP grand expansion era

Let's start at the very beginning

Anti-adblocker firm PageFair's users hit by fake Flash update

Company apologises and offers proper post mortem

HP Inc shares rocket 13% on Wall Street debut after split

HP Enterprise, meanwhile, dips more than 5% on NYSE

Old, not obsolete: IBM takes Linux mainframes back to the future

Your KVMs, give them to me

CSC, NetCracker IT staff worked on US military telecoms 'without govt security clearance'

Outsourcers cough up $12m in tussle with DoJ over claims

We're not killing Chrome OS ... not until 2020, anyway – says Google

Lightweight netbook OS will get updates for another five years

Ninefold gives up race against richer rivals

Users of Australian cloud face Christmas migration sprint after startup sends self TITSUP

Lessig quits presidential race to spend more time with his idiotic ideas

Like running as an independent

Oz government hacks reality TV model to help a startup. Just one

More fun than I'm a Celbrity Get Me Out of Here, less Trump than The Apprentice, more losers than the Biggest one

Tech-sponsored Qld police project queried by corruption probe

We paid how much for the ferret?

World's most frustrating televised Linux install just got more frustrating

VidTwitch crowd-controlled installation hijacked by Gentoo botnet, wrecked by fiber cut

Now VW air-pollution cheatware 'found in Audis and Porsches'

Vorsprung durch cheating

Star Trek to go boldly back onto telly, then beam down in streams

CBS plans new subscription-only series to debut in 2017

How do you anonymize personal databases and protect people's privacy – over to you, NIST

AnalysisHere are Uncle Sam's boffins' two cents

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