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27th > October > 2015 Archive

Trio nailed in US for smuggling $30m of microchips into Russia

Military-grade electronics shipped to the Motherland, breaking export rules

Cisco to acquire ParStream for IoT data-sifting

Borg borgs Borg-backed startup

Broadcom lowers cone of silence over results

Yes, we made money. No, you can't know why

Devote Thursday to Xen and the art of hypervisor maintenance

Nine Xen fixes due to land, but don't panic: cloudy users have them already

Australia on the very brink of cyber-geddon, says ex-spook

Not really, says the document he was launching

Preparing for IoT? Ask some old questions and plenty of new ones

IoT ops will need a network command centre, new thinking and old-school paranoia

Intel sprinkles Saffron on its chips, to satisfy its Big Data appetite

Cognitive computing is a thing, thinks Intel

Qualcomm proposes brain implants for IP cameras

Lots of grunt, video recognition, default passwords, high-speed comms, what could go wrong?

Malware menaces Merkel's minion, says Spiegel

NSA Regin trojan hit German Chancellery chief's laptop

Google and cable pals oppose LTE-U's spectrum grab plan

Signals should not roam across Spectrum, says Google. That's where our Loon balloons go

The battle of Cupertino: Jailbreakers do it for freedom, not cash

RuxconShanghai's Pangu Team explain how they work to loosen Apple's iron grip

US Army bug hunters in 'state of fear' that sees flaws go unreported

Army academics recommend proper patching, pen tests, and bug bounties

Micron’s had its chips … and expects even more. Thanks Intel!

Intel Dalian flash fab viewed as simply good news

Microsoft's Big Data-driven improvement efforts flounder

Dogfooding study finds Big Data delivers … if you build a business to work around it

Europe seeks a few good geeks for hacking cars and homes

EU body wants to pen test smarter devices

Work from home when the next big Windows 10 installation arrives

Xbox gets Win 10 on November 12th. You have the skills to handle it and the office, right?

EU urged to ignore net neutrality delusions, choose science instead

Guest OpinionEstablish facts before making broadband regulations? Might be an idea

Aribba Aruba, screams HP exec, 'now we'll scalp Cisco'

'Priority' is to raid Cisco's sprawling switch and WLAN reservation, make off with sales

Little bang for the Big C? Nitro in the anti-cancer arsenal

James Bond on a lilo couldn’t match this relaxation agent

Dell (Michael, that is): EMC's DSSD a 'game changer'

Founder likes what he found when poking around EMC's labs, he tells El Reg

TalkTalk incident management: A timeline

TimelineLet's waft away the spin and take a hard look

Quantum packs new StorNext hardware in a software glove

Multi-tier, multi-access file-handler gets fast Xcellis engine launches roadmap for Quantum of Something or other

It's not really sure when or where taxpayers' money will go

Balloon-lofted space podule hits 30,000m

World View to welcome paying punters aboard in 2017

WhatsApp laid bare: Info-sucking app's innards probed

Popular chat app collects and transmits data, warns paper

TalkTalk attack: UK digi minister recommends security badges for websites

Foolishly suggests kitemark to, er, reassure customers

Teenage boy bailed until November over TalkTalk incident

No clarification on charges, as of yet

European Parliament rejects amendments to net neut rules, waves through law

New legislation kicks in from April next year

Deutsche Bank's creaking IT systems nervously eyeing bins

Teutonic finance firm is Cryan over tech woes

By 2019, vendors will have sucked out your ID along with your cash 5 billion times

Biometric payments may 'irretrievably compromise' online identities

Another go at remote objects: Google gRPC hits beta

We were 'too tightly coupled' to Stubby

Alibaba’s bet on the fluffy white stuff paying off, revenue up 138%

Company ‘positive about the cloud computing business’

Cisco swallows security firm Lancope for $452m

We've run with these kids before and they're good for us, says Savagno

Huawei Q3 shipments soar, expects to shift 100 million mobes abroad this year

Not just number 1 in China any more

DataCore pushing parallel IO, and puts the cores to work

No more rack after rack of ‘poorly utilised servers’?

Ransomware victims: Just pay up, grin, and bear it – says the FBI

Gee, thanks for encouraging criminals, Mr Fed

CommVault cries out in revenue pain as profits slam into reverse

But it will get better, Bob says, as he puts his hammer down

OpenStack bandwagon rolls into Japan. We cross live to our Tokyo correspondent – Chris?

Who's hot and who's not in the Land of the Rising Sun

FCC under fire over TV, mobile broadband signal interference fears

Shouldn't that have been considered before you set up the auction?

Dad who shot 'snooping vid drone' out of the sky is cleared of charges

Judge rules Kentucky bloke had the right to down gizmo

Europe fails to ban web 'fast lanes' – what now for Euro net neutrality?

AnalysisExpect a decade of fights

Oracle Java 'no longer the greatest risk' to US Windows PC users

And too many people stuck on dead-end software or just simply not applying patches

Top watchdog probes IBM over 'transactions in US, UK, Ireland'

Share price tumbles as Big Blue confirms SEC accounting investigation

Verisign warns new dot-word domains could make internet unstable

The latest loss of love from new gTLDs

South Australia: Great for wine, murder, insecure, outdated over budget government IT

Just another day in public sector technology, really

On Planet Oracle, Big Red wasn't a decade late to cloud ... Amazon was just years too early

OpenWorldElastic VMs, containers, storage unveiled

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