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26th > October > 2015 Archive

Mystery object re-entering atmosphere may be Apollo booster

Incoming: boffins scramble to catch debris' Sri Lanka re-entry

You own the software, Feds tell Apple: you can unlock it

Software licences that leave vendors in control cited as fine reason to hand over evidence

Nutanix to float its Community Edition code into the cloud

Home lab admins, this one's for you, by the hour

Intel and Oracle push into big data, label IBM and SAP cloud clowns

Lord Larry says AWS, not Big Blue, is his real competition now

'Composable infrastructure': new servers give software more to define

Cisco, Intel, IBM and HP are bridging virtualisation and the software-defined data centre

Russian subs prowling near submarine cables: report

Our 'fishing trawler' dropped that 'anchor' right on your internet backbone? So soz!

SaaS outfit to users: Change password! Or don't. Oh, go on then

Accounting company Xero spreads fear-o with password warning SNAFU

Mostly Harmless: Google Project Zero man's verdict on Windows 10

RuxconTwo steps forward, one step 0-day hack

Google cloud brownout fix forgets some servers

We fixed all those cloudy containers, says Google, twice!

OEMs still the Achilles heel of Android security, say boffins

Mobe-makers just can't be bothered keeping Google-spawn up to date

TalkTalk plays 'no legal obligation' card on encryption – fails to think of the children (read: its customers)

CommentMorality? We've heard of it!

Would Dutch T-Mobile sale open door for Deutsche to buy KPN?

Meanwhile things heat up between Vodafone and Virgin Media UK daddy

When Michael Dell met Chris Mellor

ProfileCool Texas dude is just your average billionaire

Android Security: How's BlackBerry going to fix it?

AnalysisIt's a tall order

SatNad failure as Lumia income drops over 50% at Microsoft

AnalysisMaybe little sense duking it out in the budget volume segment

Pure Storage is giving away FREE flash arrays – but there's a catch

Triumphal icing or desperate measure to boost the quarter?

VMware veep Bill Fathers steps aside to take 'more strategic role'

He's not part of new cloudy venture with EMC

RBS promises 'safe, secure, confidential' info-sharing on Facebook at Work

First bankers to use Zuck biz platform

The art of Rapid Recovery: Dell begins rebranding AppAssure

Entering the end-point protection game

Bird flies nest: Symantec UK, Ireland and Nordics boss moves on

Exec quits just five months into role

Ex-Trinity boss McDonagh bags NED role at Trustmarque

Industry vet hired to consult on clouds, clouds and more clouds

The iPhone 6 doused in bromine - an incendiary mix or not?

VidGaze upon this extra hot aluminium action

Capita given early Order of the Boot from £500m Post Office deal

Staff to be relocated as prime contractor Fujitsu favours HGS

Sucking primary data into the cloud: The dawn of a new age

Solutions remain immature, but well worth a look

US broadband giants face 'deceptive speed' probe in New York

'Many of us may be paying for one thing, and getting another,' says Big Apple's AG

Bacon can kill: Official

Processed meat added to WHO's 'carcinogenic to humans' list

When hyperconvergence meets the cloud (but who will need it?)

Not for the big boys or small

Further confusion at TalkTalk claims it was hit by 'sequential attack'

Erm, we think you mean SQL injection, Dido

Ofcom won’t hold back in latest mobile spectrum auction

CommentAggressive pricing masks consolidation of UK airwaves

Google can't hide behind Alphabet, EU competition commish warns

So many cases have a common theme. It's the name 'Google'

TalkTalk attack: Small biz customers may also have been targeted

Telco confirms past and present SMBs hit by breach

QLogic looks like it's running on empty

No CEO and no new strategy yet at headless company

IBM stamps its pedal to the metal: Spark flies onto Big Blue's Bluemix

Citizen analysts and Excel junkies please take note

Zuk it and see: China’s stealth seduction of Western phone buyers

Lenovo has a plan

'iOS 9 ate my mobile broadband plan'

Default-on Wi-Fi Assist accused of burning through people's monthly download limits

Lawyers harrumph at TalkTalk's 'no obligation to encrypt' blurt

Alarm bells going off after sensitive financial info stored in plaintext

What would you give to create Vulture Sweat?

We'll make a fair bit of it this weekend on a charity bike ride

TalkTalk attack: Lad, 15, cuffed by UK cyber-cops

Police swoop on home in Northern Ireland following 'sophisticated cyberattack'

Oracle's Hurd mentality: We (and one other) will own all of cloud by 2025

Long-range weather report cloudy for enterprise

Feds in America very excited about new global privacy alert system

Rest of the world: not so much

It's almost time for Australia's fibre fetishists to give up

1.8Gbps over copper trials show Turnbull's multi-technology-mix is sensible

No, seriously, NASA will fly a probe through Saturn's moon plumes

VidCassini craft will buzz natural satellite to sample polar liquid jets

Web giants, Sir Tim slam Europe's net neutrality rules on eve of vote

Four loopholes spark alarm

If Amazon can have delivery drones, we want them too, says Walmart

FAA gets another license to delay until too late

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