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25th > October > 2015 Archive

We can't all live by taking in each others' washing

Worstall @ the WeekendAlthough, actually you know, we already do

El Reg revisits Battle of Agincourt on 600th anniversary

What really went down on 25 October 1415? We have the answer

Snakes in the aircon, killer crocs in the river, virtualisation for apps

The eXpat FilesLife in Australia's tropical north offers Brit some new experiences

'Cancer-causing bacon would put a real dampner on processed pig sales'

QuoTWPlus: Vacuum giants blow hot air at one another

TalkTalk attack: 'No legal obligation to encrypt customer bank details', says chief

ISP calls in BAE Systems to probe security breach

Ruin your co-developers' life with Mimic, the Unicode substitution tool

Don't try this if your co-workers have access to weapons

Court to Wikimedia: Your NSA spying evidence is inadmissable, so you can't prove NSA spying

Catch-22: It's the best catch there is

Citrix's boutique virtualisation strategy is working. Mostly

When it wins Citrix wins big, but Hyper-V and vSphere are winning too

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