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22nd > October > 2015 Archive

US nuke boffinry to be powered by Facebook-inspired Linux servers

Open Compute Project designs picked for day-to-day simulations of warheads

CISA blowup: 'Web giants sharing private info isn't about security – it's state surveillance'

Senators clash over bill inviting companies to reveal all to Feds

'Malicious time source' can poison Network Time Protocol

Think of this as an evil TARDIS dropping servers into a time rift

Firefox might shoot shoddy SHA-1 in July

Cracking research shakes up browser baron.

Dell's VMware-as-cell sell isn't going swell

Virtzilla's shares dip 20 per cent in one day on fears of future cloudtastrophe

Brocade targets mobile operators with net monitor suite

"Tap" can follow the workload with very low latency

Paris bins banlieue bit barn because cloud is too loud

Interxion struggles to turn City of Light into City of Byte

Microsoft re-writes the cloud service playbook

Old Azure storage APIs stay. So what happened to the 'one codebase for every user' idea?

'Death star' reaches out invisible hand, rips planet apart

Kepler K2 mission spots distant planetary death throes

Security researchers face wrath of spy agencies

Academics deported, harassed, have contracts and clearances shredded after spookwork

C# biz Xamarin fancies a change, sinks fangs into Java upstart RoboVM

Cross-platform mobile development business now pitches to Java developers

Anons blow Japanese airports off-course in dolphin cull protest

Flipper heck!

Laid-off IT workers: You want free on-demand service for what now?

UpdatedZombie programmers awaken ... and they're pretty tetchy

Lancashire Police warn of malware email impersonation scam

Don't open virus-riddled emails purporting to be from your local friendly bobby

Is China dumping smartphones on world+dog?

AnalysisWe're the landfill

Canonical rolls out Ubuntu container management for suits

Time to get serious with LXD

TalkTalk website STILL down on day TWO

UpdatedCustomers rant as woes continue

Experts ponder improbable size of Cleopatra's asp

Wouldn't fit in a basket of figs, that's for sure

Migraine in the mainframe: Unisys reports more losses

Decline chalked up to licence renewal instability

Docker spouts cash, sucks up Tutum

Limitless beta service due in production, erm, well, last month

Google's YouTube Red deal: Sign, or we'll make you disappear

Herding video-makers into a new pasture

No VAT on Bitcoin, rules ECJ, but capital gains still apply

Rebate time for exchanges leaves cryptocurrency nerds salivating

Pebble smartwatch finds its voice

Talk to me

German football hero battles Nazi doppelgänger

Bastian Schweinsteiger none too happy with WWII lookalike figure

Bracken assembles old GDS crew for Co-op

Plans to save the conglomerate as much money as

Citrix: CEO exit plans accelerated, results take a turn.... for the better

Elliot Management are in the building

Support scammers target Mac fanbois

We have Apple staff in blue T-shirts and everything

Intel inks $5.5bn deal to move 3D NAND production into China

+CommentChipzilla's erstwhile mates Micron ain't gonna be happy

German surfers blitzed by widespread malvertising campaign

Ads attack users through Angler, Neutrino Exploit Kits

Ex-SpaceX tech launches class action over unpaid overtime

Elon Musk likes to work hard

Microsoft: Enterprise channel programme will 'not' disappear

Oh yeah? Just look at how our fees have crashed, say LSPs

Seagate moves head moneyman to undefined role, promotes new CFO

Just look after ... er ... you know ... stuff

UK/China cyber security deal: National security attacks still OK, it seems

Adds to the pageantry of Xi Jinping’s visit, if nothing else

Shopping mall CCTV gear commandeered to blast websites offline

Robot zombies found lurking around stores

How to stop ICANN becoming FIFA of the internet – a plan forms

But organization succeeds in retaining absolute authority

CISA latest: Law urging tech giants to share your info with the Feds shows no sign of stopping

Rand Paul spoiler amendment shot down in flames

California enormo-quake prediction: Cracks form between US boffins

Is destruction a certainty – or merely highly probable?

Hackers hit NATO, White House – then aimed at MH17 air disaster probe

Pawn Storm gang set sights on crash investigators

TalkTalk: Hackers may have nicked personal, banking info on 4 million Brits

Names, addresses, DoBs, bank details, and more at risk, confesses ISP CEO

Volkswagen enlarges emissions scandal probe: 'Millions' more cars may have cheated

Meanwhile customers lawyer up

All Dell breaks loose in latest Gartner disk array magic quadrant

NetApp and IBM stumble, EMC still ahead

Google stock buy-back: You'll groan when you realize where that $5,099,019,513.59 figure came from

Your 30-second guide to ad giant's third quarter financials

China: OK, Seagate, you may now kiss your bride (Samsung's disk biz)

MOFCOM gives the nod

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