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21st > October > 2015 Archive

Oracle points patching firehose at 154 vulnerabilities

Of course there's a Java fix, there always is

VMware considered de-composing NSX into discrete products

One ring to bind all hypervisors is Virtzilla's next network virty goal

Oracle plugs flaw used in attacks on NATO and the White House

Pawn Storm's 'ingenious' click-to-own Java 0day neutered

Let's Encrypt announces browser integration

Cross-signatures in hand, free cert authority is ready to roll

NEC chasing global deal for app-specific Oracle DB appliance bundles

Talks at OpenWorld will explore global expansion for Australian collaboration

Microsoft cuddles cloudy content with CDN deal

Akamai, Redmond link arms in bit-farms

German infosec bureaucrats want mail providers to encrypt

Spook-busting IETF work gets nod from Federal Office of Information Security

Made you jump! Space to give Earth an asteroid Halloween scare

NASA warns cosmic rock travelling at ludicrous velocity

'10-second' theoretical hack could jog Fitbits into malware-spreading mode

UpdatedWristputer-pusher disputes claims from Fortinet

Sony finds some loose change, flings most of it at lawyers ... the rest at staff hit by 'North Korea'

A few million dollars to be paid out in Interview fallout

Microsoft's top lawyer: I have a cunning plan ... to rescue sunk safe harbor agreement

Internet faces 'digital dark ages' if nothing is done, we're told

German Govt mulls security standards for SOHOpeless routers

WPA2 with 20-character passwords? Ja! No firmware updates and CSRF? Nein.

EMC animates franken-cloud with bits of itself, VMware, VCE and Virtustream

VMware beats the street, flings vCloud Air into new joint venture

Oh, OK then: Ireland will probe Max Schrems' Facebook complaints

Euro court verdict meant it couldn't say no any longer

O2 joins Virgin Media as member of weak crypto software club

Operator promises El Reg it'll all be fixed before browsers deep-six support

OASIS: Refreshment for dehydrated secondary storage users?

CommentCohesity to converge secondary storage into its platform

UK MPs have right old whinge about ‘defunct’ Wilson Doctrine

Home Secretary: Er, we could spy on you anyway

EE reports flat Q3 sales, keeps mum on Power Bar recall debacle

But it's OK, penalised operator to focus on 'customer service'

Computacenter warns of squeaky bum time for Brit services contracts

Local prognosis on Q3: Germany is good, UK is less good and France is ugly

Handy results put ARM on track for a muscular year

More fingers being placed in various technology pies

Israel joins EU in spiking Safe Harbour

Silicon Valley is the world's privacy pariah

Don't Panic: Even if asteroid showers cause mass extinctions ...

... humans still have several million years in the bank

Never mind the new guys, take a train from our trusty Data Platform – Commvault

Simpana? Never heard of it

'Facebook for drones' Altitude Angel offers 'cloud' air traffic control

Will it float?

Official: WD buys SanDisk

19 billion smackeroos wing their way to SanDisk shareholders

Oh dear, Microsoft: signs deal with LibreOffice

Deal will, er, 'complement' existing licences

OMG Captain Skywalker, here comes AMD's new Merlin Falcon doing Warp 9 to the Tardis

Bird of prey processor aimed at gambling machines. How apt

Future civilisations won't know how the universe formed

Pity the 'clueless' inhabitants of as-yet-unborn Earth-like worlds

Trend Micro stumps up $300m to buy HP TippingPoint

Infosec firm doesn't fit with the upcoming HP split

Wailing kiddies face Xmas Legogeddon

Plastic brick shortage warning - start panic buying now

R&D money for science – from your taxes?

Worstall on WednesdayAnd yes, economics is a science

Contract losses and re-org slap Logicalis

Parent Datatec: things can only get better, can only get better

BT swarms into the global cloud world with Caringo

Object storage firm hooks up with big regional reseller

Of course you can text and call while driving – it's perfectly safe

Security for connected cars

TalkTalk website hit by outage, broadband customers also KO'd

UpdatedProvider's website knocked offline. Again

Microsoft enterprise licensing partners heading for extinction

Vendor 'turning off the lights' inside four years, warns volume software seller Crayon

Dell traps Microsoft cloud in smaller box

Azure floats for the other 99%

It's a sales VP swap shop at hyperconverged startups

Exec roundabout goes full circle

Cyber-miscreants use Brit e-tailers as personal cash machines

Bunch of online resellers hit by serious issues this week

Microsoft promises Clang for Windows in November Visual C++ update

Improvement in cross-platform code is the aim

Careful, don't move. What's that? Yes, it's a glint of growth at EMC

Let down by legacy array revenues fall

Fab-ulous: Toshiba debuts 10.5K 1.2TB spinner, joins SanDisk for 3D flash gig

Capacity counts – with platter layers and planar NAND layers

Microsoft flashes cash for security bugs in ASP.NET and .NET Core

$500 to $15,000 for eligible submissions

WD is gobbling SanDisk, so what's on the menu? A deflating soufflé

Quick, turn it into a lava cake or something

Windows 10 out, users happy, PCs upgraded, my work here is done – says Microsoft OS chief

Joe Belfiore to take a year off snapping more family pics

IoT's sub-GHz 802.11ah Wi-Fi will be dead on arrival, warn analysts

Don't bet the ranch on this long-distance, low-penetration standard

WikiLeaks leaks CIA director's private emails – including his nat sec clearance dossier

Letters, memos, personal info, all dumped online

Defeated HP will put Helion cloud out of its misery in January 2016

We really mean it this time, says Bill Hilf

FBI, US g-men tried to snatch DNA results from blood-testing biz. What a time to be alive

+Comment23andMe reveals four law enforcement requests

ICANN CEO, internet community heads clash in accountability row

Blowup over efforts to limit DNS overlord's power during crucial talks

'Get a VPN to defeat metadata retention' is good advice. Sometimes

Test shows tethering to VPN-on-smartphone is no magic data-erasing rainbow

Got an Apple Mac, iThing? Update it right now – there's a shedload of security holes fixed

OS X, iOS, watchOS, iTunes for Windows all get bug fixes

Wait a minute, Doc! Are you telling me that you built a self-driving car ... out of a DeLorean!?

VidGreat Scott, MARTY!

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