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20th > October > 2015 Archive

Google publishes crypto mandate for Android 6.0

Ad giant tries again ... on devices with enough memory and AES acceleration, anyhow

Your one-minute guide to IBM's financial future – or just imagine a skier tumbling down a slope

Strong dollar, System x sale blamed for glum third quarter

Microsoft flicks switch for three Azure bit barns in India

Save money! Improve government services! Spark startups! Re-colonise!

ITU rubber-stamps '3D' audio format

It's behind you! And above you! And will make UHDTVs bandwidth-guzzlers!

Zombie iOS APIs used to slurp private data

Apple in 'security by obscurity doesn't work' non-shock

VMware adopts cloud-first-for-new-features vSphere update plan

Microsoft's doing it and the sky hasn't fallen in …

Neutrino exploit kit attacks hit thousands of Magento shops

Hackers raise drop-dead-dumb red flag

Accidental homicide: how VoLTE kills old style call accounting

It's all data, all the way down, so tracking voice sessions gets tedious, fast. And dangerous

Sites cling to a million flawed, fading SHA-1 certificates: Netcraft

250,000 cry: 'SHA-1 or death!'

Our intuitive AI outperforms (most) puny humans, claims MIT

Data analysis engine leaves carbon-based lifeforms in dust

Lotus F1: 38°C? Sand in your Vblocks? Must be building a data center in Bahrain again

How the race aces stand up and tear down IT at speed

Terror, terror everywhere: Call the filter police, there's a madman (or two) in town gets radical on radicalisation. Again

At last, UK customers are buying PCs again

As for Europe's other major territories ... less said the better

openSUSE Leap: Middle ground between cutting edge and conservative

Version 42.1: Life, the universe and everything

Hated Capita Contingent Labour One contract will be overhauled

SMEs cheer as outsourcer gets boot – details of 'Temporary Workers' contract to follow

Infosec workers swipe Q-tip across 'net: Ew, there's Dridex on it

Zombie botnet found in sample despite server takedown

Online pharmacy slapped with £130,000 fine for flogging customer data

Privacy group: Must be a ban on all marketing to patients

Microsoft Azure now goes with Google's Go

It's already used in YouTube

Got a DevOps story to tell? Get in touch with us now

Reg Readers to take centre stage at ContinuousLifecycle conference

NASA deep space scope serves up EPIC Earth snapshots

But you won't see stars through it, warns space agency

Cloud drives up growth in SAP's third quarter

But not everybody wants to float...

Microsoft boss Satya Nadella is paid $18m – and would trouser $20m if sacked

Profits halved, yet SatNad scoops fat cheque

That's gotta hurt: NASA suffers attack of the lame Orionids

Downbeat forecast for this week's meteor shower

WordPress blogger patch foot-drag nag: You're tempting hackers

Brute force allows attacker to bypass web server rate limits

About that IBM hardware revenues dive: Blame storage, says CFO

We're switching focus, though, says money man

ARM floats power-sipping Mali-470 GPU for Internet of Things things

50% reduced energy claim

Another go with MIPS IoT: Imagination unveils new Creator board

Ci40 will feature hardware multithreading

SanDisk, we could make sweet flash music together, whispers WD

First Unisplendour, then the MOFCOM OK, now this … maybe

The enterprise IT landscape: Five key ways it will change

BlogDave Cartwright peers into tech crystal ball

Virgin Media boss urges UK watchdogs not to pick wrong BT battle

Broadband World ForumMeanwhile, biz wing of telco to offer SMBs a broadband boost

Deutsche Telekom to file anti-Google EU antitrust charge – report

Android app bundling practices fall under the microscope

Thales buys Vormetric for $400m in major security biz push

Could be finalised early 2016

Google swallows your Docs bill from Microsoft, pitches for user familiarity

Tied to Enterprise Agreement? No worries ...

HTC's new One A9 will gulp Android updates days after Nexus mobes

Midrange smartie aimed at firmware tinkerers

Solidfire enters ninth circle of Dell, emerges clutching new blueprints

AI for VI supports up to 750 VMs

AT&T, Verizon probed: 'No escape from biz broadband packages'

Rivals complain to FCC that customers are unfairly trapped

Rogue Silk Road Fed starts 6.5-year stretch for nicking Bitcoins

Carl Force pocketed cash from drug souk boss Ross Ulbricht

NBN's good-to-go dates remain confidential

Patch-cables spark teacup-storm

Millions of people forget to cancel Apple Music subscription

Service jumps into second spot – but for how long?

Not quite Facebook but need scale? Dell has a DSS server for you

Not so hyper hyperscale

Western Digital's hard drive encryption is useless. Totally useless

Rookie errors make it child's play to decrypt data

We SC what you did there, Mikey: Dell emits top-end array, hyper-converged boxes

Days after EMC bid with its overlapping products

Yahoo! boss! Mayer! promises! shake-up! in! bid! to! save! her! job!

Another earnings disappointment for firm

Bosch, you suck! Dyson says VW pal cheated in vacuum cleaner tests

Brits bash Bosch

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