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15th > October > 2015 Archive

Kill Flash: Adobe says patch to fix under-attack hole still days away

Disable the plugin – or enable click-to-play

Internet daddy Vint Cerf blasts FCC's plan to ban Wi-Fi router code mods

You should be able to run any software you like on your wireless box, say campaigners

Junk your IT. Now. Before it drags you under

Legacy systems tie you to unproductive legacy thinking and lead to stagnation

Australian government Slacks off in cabinet

It's got emoji and what else do you need when you're running a country?

Cisco shipped UCS servers with rotten RAID settings

This one weird trick will stop your telephony server staggering

Better hot-patches, more virty in Big Blue's next AIX

And you thought big Unix was dead! Well it ain't. And it wants upgrading inside a year

How French spooks can silently command Siri, Google Now on phones

Using headphones with a mic makes your mobe slightly hackable, in theory

Virty expert with a Cisco cert and hate money? Here's the job for you!

eBay's Gumtree infested with dodgy 'sysadmin internship' ads

Russian peeping Toms look at but won't touch popped web data troves

Cyber Defence SummitNo malware, no data slurp, but they still know where you live

Weight, what? The perfect kilogram is nearly in Planck's grasp

Only Russia can balls up the mass standard now

AliCloud and Foxconn join forces to train Chinese startup army

Middle Kingdom players want to breed next gen companies

Walmart to open-source its cloud-hopping code

Retail giant offers skeleton key to escape cloud lock-in from … oh, no cloud in particular

How do you create an SLA and status page for the whole internet? Meet IANA: Keepers of DNS

Running the web without the US at the helm – and in Java

You can hack a PC just by looking at it, say 3M and HP

Thankfully these plastic shields stop data penetrating the retina-consciousness interface

EMC traditional storage decline accelerating

The slope gets steeper

Let's check out Dell, doom and the competition

Sysadmin blogNow would be a good time not to be in Dell's crosshairs

After Burner: Sega’s jet-fighting, puke-inducing arcade marvel

Antique Code ShowTop Gun-inspired 1980s crowd pleaser

Vodafone exceeds own upper broadband speed limit to hit 80Mbps

Reg reader amazed at breathtaking velocity

No change in US law, no data transfer deals – German state DPA

Look for non-US alternatives, say Schleswig-Holstein officials

Italian court rules in favour of lunchtime porn viewing

Fiat employee wrongly sacked for DVD ogle

Dell-EMC merger could leave Lenovo out in the cold – analysts

+CommentReselling deal for the bin?

'Traditional' forms of thuggery decline in UK, cybercrime on the rise

Or survey-takers misunderstood the question...

Pawn Storm attack: Flash zero-day exploit hits diplomatic inboxes

Government staff swallow news hook linked to poisoned bait

Fixing Windows 10: New build tweaks Edge, sucks in Skype

And you can activate it using Windows 7 keys

EMC-Dell dynamic duo: Mike's my ‘brother from another mother’ – Tucci

EMC/Dell dealExecs prep teams for union

EU’s digi VP: More telco consolidation! What about competition?

Telcos: Or ... you relax the merger rules

UK drivers left idling as Tesla rolls out Autopilot in US

UpdatedAt last - Americans finally get to parallel park

Microsoft previews cloudy Active Directory Domain Services

Full Windows Active Directory service now available in Azure

How much? Imation buys Connected Data for $7.5m. No, really

Replaces CEO, buys company and gets DroboMan in cheap day's work

Seagate sales droop: It was a nearline miss, says CEO

Not about PCs this time

Intel inks $8bn debt deal, preps for Altera buy

Chipzilla bets farm on data centre growth after 6% profit fall

Uber quickly fixes snafu that leaked US-based drivers' personal data

OK, it was sorted within 30 minutes, but even so …

Cybercrime bazaars: What's for sale in the online underworld?

Prices, practices, fullzinfo exposed

Where will storage go over the next 15 years? We rub our crystal ball

AnalysisFollow the money – or, at least, our projections

We snubbed Microsoft's Surface Pro wooing, says Lenovo exec

Canalys Channels Forum'They asked us a year ago but why would we sell a competitor's device'

Wick Hill: we are in talks with 'acquisition targets'

Negotiations start amid launch of security vendor incubation unit

Inside Mandiant's biggest forensics breach battle: Is this Anthem?

Cyber Defence SummitTit-for-tat whack-a-hack in one of this year's largest breaches

Europe's digital grand fromage Oettinger: I'm not resigning

Those rumours that the commissioner is to step down are not true

Connected Data gobbled for $7.5m? More like an $80m funding round

CEO Q&AUp to $5m in earnouts (possibly) plus Imation stock prospect

UK's Lloyds Banking Group scrambles to patch account-snooping security hole

Flaw could have let crooks view your details online

Malware, restoring data: What keeps data center techies up all night

Runaway software nasties are nightmare fuel for IT security pros, says survey

Microsoft now awfully pushy with Windows 10 on Win 7, 8 PCs – Reg readers hit back

UpdatedPitchfork time after Redmond force-feeds upgrade

Microsoft mavens promise proper quantum computer in 10 years

Hybrid approach could cut corners

New NBN build plan full of linguistic holes that will explain away delays

New list estimates where connection work is expected to commence by Sept 2018. Or H2 2018. For 9m connections

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