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14th > October > 2015 Archive

ebook price-fixing saga: Apple rids self of court-appointed watchdog

Judge Cote: iPhone giant has learned its lesson, put away the bright lights and gloves

nbn™ loses chief operating officer Greg Adcock

So long and thanks for all the contracts, says nbn™ CEO Morrow

You know when you spill your drink but keep on dancing anyway? That's totally Intel right now

Profit down, sales down, stock down, data center growth down

IBM CEO Ginni Rometty also cool on EMC/Dell

EMC/Dell dealHardware? We're mostly over that and zooming away on a cloud

Hillary's sysadmin left VNC, RDP exposed to the internet - report

Presidential candidate's email server wasn't very private after all ...

Microsoft offers sneak peak of Hyper-V containers with Win 10 nested virtualisation

If you find Leonardo Di Caprio down there in a nested VM, please let us know

US-China cyber espionage treaty 'will do nothing': FireEye boss

Cyber Defence SummitSo what are all those hack groups in China doing?

Oracle slices $50m off Rimini in bloody battle over cut-price support

Damages is a huge chunk of indie vendor's finances

Double blow for AMD as CPU brainiac jumps ship to rival Nvidia

Phil Rogers was president of HSA Foundation – ARM and AMD's anti-Intel army

Jackpot: New hacking group steals 150,000 credit cards from casino

Cyber Defence SummitFlat, firewall-free network was a walk in the park, boffins say.

Xen 4.6 lands, complete with contributions from the NSA

UpdateLots more security and ARM scalability in new release

New Flash flaw lets you beat White House and NATO security

Flaw flings phish Pawn Storm gang tried to get past the great and the good

It's automation as usual for VMware after cash Dell-uge

Virtzilla issues new version of vRealize Automation at VMworld Europe

Australia’s opposition promises more fibre in national broadband diet

Overbuild of copper is inevitable and offensive says shadow comms minister

Drunk driver live-streams her slow journey home

VideoPolice nearly missed arrest thanks to standard operating environment

WIPO punts Cambridge University over attempt to grab

Ad-driven site for UK and US cities of Cambridge keeps its domain at a canter

Internet Architecture Board defends users' rights to mod Wi-Fi kit

Net boffins to FCC: spread the love, don't fear spectrum spread

Half-secure not good enough for Chrome users says Google

'Confusing' yellow security triangle binned on imperfectly-secured pages

Dow Jones the latest big-name breach

3,500 of the one per cent get a nasty in the mail after three-year breach

SanDisk 'explores' sale, WD and Micron prick up ears - report

Destination speculation sparks flash fire

Overcoming objections: Objects in storage the object of the exercise

StoragebodStill a lack of support from app vendors?

Dry those eyes, ad blockers are unlikely to kill the internet

In fact, they might halve everyone's marketing budget

VMware to chomp up Boxer, says chief techie

'Consumer simple, enterprise secure,' slogan banal

On its way: A Google-free, NSA-free IT infrastructure for Europe

AnalysisTake open source. Enlist Euro carriers. How hard was that?

FAA issues lithium battery warning

Keep spares in your hand luggage, airline passengers told

GCHQ can and will spy on politicos, rules tribunal

What about protection for whistleblowers? - MP

NetApp flexes all-flash array, flashes Flexpod revenues

Firm unveils guarantees + Data Fabric kits in Vegas, baby

Twitter reduces BBC hacks to tears with redundancy notice

Radio 4 translates Jack Dorsey coder kiss-off mail

Big Blue’s big storage iron gets bigger: DS8880 array uncloaked

Projected all-flash range topper due later this year

Just what do real CIOs think a real strategy looks like?

Reg Roundtable'I know it when I see it'

Hurd clings to Oracle’s cloud growth as overall revenue declines

We’re still in the ‘early innings’ of this game

Rapid7 inhales cloudy machine data search firm Logentries

Metasploit maker goes deeper into compliance

Brazilian prisoner nabbed with mobile up rear end

Also packing two chargers. Ouch

Capita gets green light to acquire Xchanging

BPO and software outfit snubs higher bid for private equity. Yes, you read right

How far will Microsoft go with Android?

'We'll go wherever our customers are' - exec

Ring Chime: Needy wireless doorbell or $30 bling t'ing?

ReviewIt works, but do I really want a gadget that emails me begging for a recharge?

Devs ask Microsoft for real .NET universal apps: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android

Windows 10 only is not a universal solution

An Internet of Things music thingy? What, you’ve already got one?

What’s Lewis’s shtick? A daft stick it seems

FBI takes down Dridex botnet, seizes servers, arrests suspect

C&C malware factory

Violin adds Pure sales heft to bow with strings of new senior folk

Exec roundabout

Speaking in Tech: Laugh it up, Dell/EMC cloud guys... while you can

PodcastIt may not be two bricks tied together

Vote imminent on controversial US cyber security 'sharing' bills

Cyber Defence SummitCould amendments quell privacy fears?

Pure next in line to put boot into Dell

This moves comes out of ‘weakness, not strength’, claims CE Dietzen

AVG defends plans to flog user data as privacy row continues

Industry weighs in, reckons freemium's cool – but consumers won't be happy

Daily Mail caught on hooks of Angler exploit kit

Malicious malvertising makes mess of measly Mail, mentions Malwarebytes

VXers eyeing 'undetectable' codeless code-injection technique

Cyber Defence SummitCheck your generic detection techniques at the door

Modularity for all! The data centres you actually want to build

Democratising the build out of racks

US taxman slammed: Half of the IRS's servers still run doomed Windows Server 2003

And 1,300 PCs running Win XP that it can't find

SAP's Orca leaps from the depths early, Needled by Amazon

Race to analytics-as-a-service

Shocker: Net anarchist builds sneaky 220v USB stick that fries laptops

VidSome folks just want to watch the world burn

Apple may face $900m bill after A7 CPU in iPhones, iPads ripped off university's patent

Jury says lifting out-of-order chip boffinry was out of order

US Navy grabs old-fashioned sextants amid hacker attack fears

Good luck cyber-attacking the stars, miscreants

AT&T, Dish have a problem with Charter-TWC merger – surprise!

Spending billions to absorb the competition? That's our job!

Turnbull's transformers reveal first projects

Digital Transformation Office has given itself nine weeks to built a prototype

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