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13th > October > 2015 Archive

Smut-slingers' malvertising allowed into Android apps, moan devs

Your next train is due in ... HOT VIDEO HERE!

LASER RAZOR blunted by KickStarter ban

No proper prototype, no cash says crowdfunding platform

NASA preps test of broadband-from-spaaaaace project

CubeSat trial hopes for 200 Mbps downloads

SYNful Knock is no Stuxnet, says researcher

'Nation state' resources? Naah, just assembler

Hackers can steal your BRAIN WAVES

Depressingly familiar and stupid mistakes in EEG kit, health org's storage of recorded brains

Which data centre network topology's best? Depends on what you want to break

Boffins beat up DCell and BCube to see what breaks

Volvo to 'accept full liability' for crashes with its driverless cars

But decide on rules so we can make the dang vehicles

Faked NatWest, Halifax bank sites score REAL security certs

Netcraft wonders if CAs are taking verification rules seriously

Netgear prodded into patching SOHOpeless broadband router

Disclosure prompts action on months-old authentication bypass

Hewlett Packard Enterprise CEO Whitman slams EMC/Dell deal

EMC/Dell dealIf anyone knows about integration woes, HP knows integration woes!

Science Museum celebrates Ada Lovelace

Free exhibition on 'The Enchantress of Numbers' today

Interview: Why evolution isn't enough to future-proof your systems

Regcast follow-upHyperconverge your way to happiness

Amazon Fire HD 8: Mid-spec Nokia Lumi... er, MediaTek slab

Amazon's Fire tabs shift in wake of Fire Phone debacle

New cloud bookings are a thing for SAP in Q3

But trad business dominates strong quarter

Want to self-certify for Safe Harbor? Never mind EU, yes we can

Questions? Talk to our hand, or that lot across the pond

UK Broadband suffers £37.5m loss after big Relish investment

Cost of building LTE 4G network, lack of take up hits Hong Kong-based telco hard

EMC chief Joe Tucci to score monster pay-day in Dell deal – analysts

EMC-Dell dealWhat's a mere $27m in a $67.1bn takeover?

Bungling Bonn burglar locks himself into house

Imprisoned in storeroom, calls cops for rescue

So how does an SQL background help you survive 2.5 years as a hostage?

Reg eventsPeter Moore delivers final Reg lecture of 2015

What next for the DellEMC behemoth as sales slowdown looms?

CommentUnEqualLogic and non-Compellent Compellent?

‘Insufficient evidence’ makes Brit cops drop revenge porn probes

SnapChat, WhatsApp, Facebook highlighted in research suspends broadband connection voucher scheme

'Funds fully committed,' crows DCMS

Shonky securo-nightmare NHS apps library finally binned

But new incarnation will be released with more 'rigorous standards', we're told

Freshly slurped EMC's financials will be flat with no fizz

Third quarter results will show no growth, firm admits

BLABBERGEDDON BEGINS! Twitter lays off 8% of its workforce

Micro-blurting site to sinkhole up to $15m in restructuring costs

Playboy drops the butt-naked ladies

Playmate of the Month get the PG-13 treatment

Internet of Things SoC devs: Never touched ARM? Oh go on then

Pre-commercial access to Cortex-M0 IP, anyone?

EMC: We know this much is True, our rebate deal is 'illegal' in the EU

Canalys Channels ForumSales kicker off menu for channel sellers on this side of Atlantic

EMC+Dell: Firm made a $2bn bed-hopping proposal

EMC-Dell dealIf we find a superior proposal before 'consummating' with you, we're off

Salesforce slaps down $100m fund for cloudy European upstarts

Cloudy folk open wallet, shout 'reach in' to cloudy SMEs

IBM bags $700m services and infrastructure contract with Etihad Airways

IT deal comes after 13 straight quarters of decline for Big Blue

Laser razor binned from Kickstarter resurfaces on Indiegogo

Skarp starts its $160,000 tin-rattle afresh

I have one thing to say to MacBook users at EMC: Whoops

EMC/Dell dealSeriously – is this a sensible deal? Storagebod ponders

Can we speak in private? Chat app intros end-to-end crypto tech

Making the terrorists’ job easier? ‘Yes’, say the cops

Dinosaur love hug: Dell's $64bn death pledge to EMC

EMC/Dell dealBuying your way to oblivion

Credit card numbers stolen from charity America's Thrift Stores

Break-in by Eastern European cybercriminals garners attention of US Secret Service

Could Scality gain scale from IBM buying Cleversafe?

InterviewHP might well become a key partner

Companies grow faster when they buy more IT. Yes they do

Dell survey findings will not surprise you

Big biz bosses bellow at Euro politicians over safe harbor smackdown

Disruption but not in a good way

Windows 10 preview on death row, will be executed on Thursday

Early builds unbootable on PCs this week, warns Microsoft

Is streaming pirate video legal? Europe's highest court will take a look

Raspberry Pi at the center of court case

In 2015, your Windows PC can be owned by opening a spreadsheet

Patch your Microsoft and Adobe software today – like, right now

Mm, what's that smell, Microsoft SQL Server 2005? Yes, it's death

Six months left before end-of-life, warns Redmond

El Reg keeps pushing Apple's buttons – its new Magic Keyboard

Hands-onSome design improvements but WTF is going on with the function keys

Alleged Ukrainian botnet herder faces 43 years after Italian job snafu

Hacker fingered for heroin stunt takes the stand

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