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12th > October > 2015 Archive

Cryptome grudgingly admits to leak of users' ancient IP addresses

If you looked for vulnerabilities in 2009, you're vulnerable today. A bit.

Revenge-smut law reaches Australian parliament

Turnbull looks like he's backing opposition's amendments

If Dell and EMC really do merge, expect massive, bloody consolidation

EMC/Dell dealCisco, Nutanix and NetApp all have plenty to worry about, too code exposes bids to competitors

UPDATENot confidential information, just A/B testing

Virtualisation blog 'of interest to Interpol'

UPDATEVMware man William Lam detained in France en route to VMworld Europe

It's GOBBLE TIME: Dell set for EMC offer today

EMC/Dell dealEMC will be free to seek other bidders, says report

Man goes to collect stolen-car court docs found in stolen car in stolen car

Criminal genius busted for third time by cop 'on a hunch'

BBC bypasses Linux kernel to make streaming videos flow

The move to shunt TCP into userspace is gathering momentum

China wants international peace pact online and under water

UN Ambassador calls for rules on peaceful co-operation on humanity'new frontiers'

Blighty flings £4m to help n00b games devs level up

Gov goes all ¡BONG! on code that goes BANG to breed next Lara Croft

SanDisk, HP take on Micron and Intel’s faster-than-flash XPoint

+CommentJoining forces for Storage Class Memory deal

EU Digital Commish: Ja, we should have done more about NSA spying

Oetti pins hopes on a 're-negotiated' safe harbour

Cyberwar rules of engagement: Military, law bods mull update

Is 'wartime metadata collection' a human rights violation?

Southwest Airlines: 450+ flights delayed as check-ins go TITSUP

Outage outrage floods airports with passengers

Mirantis and NetApp cement alliance with OpenStack handshake

Mmmm, clustered ONTAP covered in open-source

Meaningful gesture: Thalmic Labs Myo motion sensing armband

ReviewFist and twist to control your PC the electromyographical way

Facebook's UK wing paid just £4k in corporation tax last year

That's a WHOPPING WHOLE GRAND more than in 2013

LOHAN chews the fat with US TV station over Spaceport's FAA-ilure

New Mexico's KRQE squeezes statement from American launchpad bods

Dell buys out EMC in mega-super-duper $67 BEEELLLION deal

EMC/Dell dealGentlemen! Start your garbage trucks!

Fingerprints, facial scans, EU border data slurp too tasty for French to resist

France wants proposed rules applied to EU citizens as well

VMware sees BILLION-DOLLAR upside in Dell buy

EMC/Dell dealCEO Pat Gelsinger looks forward to his mate Mike taking the long view

Android users left at risk... and it's not even THEIR FAULT this time!

You're LATE with those patches, mobe makers!

External vs internal: Why hybrid cloud is the way to go

... For most of us, says Dave Cartwright

Scotland Yard pulls eyeballs off WikiLeaker-in-Chief Assange

Stand firm, jumpsuit Julian, as Met muscles up on covert plan

The incredible IT hulk: Dell + EMC - did someone say 'synergy'?

EMC/Dell deal - AnalysisThe servers, the storage, the synergy - the skinny

Netflix in Australia slower than Mexico, Chile or New Zealand

Telstra improves but still comes in LAST in streaming speed ratings, Optus takes crown

Laptop imports declared SECRET in Australia

Data on networking sales freed again - do YOU know about any big deals that went down?


EMC/Dell deal - AnalysisJoe Tucci's acquisition talks timeline looks ugly if you're Meg Whitman

Data retention has started in Australia, but carriers aren't ready

The metadata of king sysadmin George

Researcher messes up Wi-Fi with an rPi and bargain buy radio stick

Putrid Piper picked apart a packet for just $15

Google says Loony broadband balloons are 'nearly perfect'

Alphabet subsidiary courting African carriers and confronting comms biz realpolitik

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