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11th > October > 2015 Archive

OH GROSS! The real problem with GDP

Worstall @ the WeekendSpeaking of domestics, what's your house-bound spouse worth?

How long does it take an NHS doctor to turn on a computer?

On-CallHint: Hmm, perhaps diagnose the difference between a PC and a monitor

The Emissionary Position: screwing the motorist the European way

FeatureDon't rush to dump your dirty Vee Dub just yet

Apple news-churn app mysteriously stops churning news in China

Did Cupertino impose blanket censorship to avoid patchwork quilt censorship from Beijing?

Pitchforks, torches, and awful quotes – we read what Cisco's CEO said

Sysadmin blogMust go faster, must go faster!

US trade watchdog rules Sammy, Qualcomm DIDN'T infringe Nvidia's IP in patent WAR

Blow for graphics chip maker as it demands answers from ITC

'We jokingly call Apple the Tesla graveyard. Cook gets our sloppy rejects. LOL'

QuoTWPlus: 'Shuddit, fools! I burned my life to the ground'

Google's .bro file format changed to .br after gender bother

Video compression format's name compressed to Brazilian dimensions

Australia short-circuits e-learning for student sparkies

UpdatedHit the books, apprentices told, after training scheme powered down

Boffin's easy remote hijack hack pops scores of router locks

Singaporean telco's customer premises equipment is a gateway to security hell

Top boffin Freeman Dyson on climate change, interstellar travel, fusion, and more

InterviewWhen physics gurus speak, they speak to El Reg

HP perfomance monitor can climb through Windows

Crimp nasty privilege escalation bug by running it in Linux instead says Rapid7

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