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8th > October > 2015 Archive

Disk boxes, security tools, etc: What Amazon announced at its AWS shindig on Wednesday

Bezos's gang keeps the cloudy mob happy with new shininess

Microsoft starts backup of on-prem workloads and desktops to Azure

Repeat after us: 'Microsoft values its close partnerships with backup software vendors'

Post-Stuxnet hack group builds formidable LinkedIn phish network

Iran-based 'Cleaver' team hacking its way through networks, airport security

Google and pals launch Accelerated Mobile Pages project

To save mobile web, we must destroy JavaScript, HTML and CSS

Windows 10 mobile upgrade coming in December

If you're not dressed in Lumia Denim, you'll need to make Windows 8.1 look cool forever

America's top courts may have to prove how truly dull they are by law

US congresscriters propose web vid streaming, Judge Judy it ain't

Talk revealing p0wnable surveillance cams pulled after legal threat

Hack in the BoxHard-coded creds, flaws galore, plague pricey peepers

Tiny Robot Smartphone: Invasion Earth 2016 – prepare to be facially recognised humans

Does the titchy T-800 run Android? Yeah, probably

HP and pals release open source switch OS

OpenSwitch is a “brite box” NOS that welcomes being forked up

Porsche-gate: Android Auto isn't slurping tons of engine data, claims Google – but questions remain

Just how much can the app access?

DDoS defences spiked by CloudPiercer tool - paper

70% of sites trying to hide true IP address cough their secrets

Online VAT fraud: Calls for government crackdown grow louder

eBay, Amazon fraudsters, cheap gear in the crosshairs

NASA offers free access to its patents for startup entrepreneurs

Yeah, when we say free, that is only for three years

Who’s ready for an objective object lesson in object storage?

It’s changing how large storage infrastructures are implemented, so listen up

Team Microsoft: Device Police... 'Are you pumped? I'm pumped'

AnalysisSurface? F**ck Yeah!

4K catches fire with OTT streamers, while broadcasters burn

Breaking FadTV industry looks to UHD Phase II, but Amazon delivers now

HP boss hopes MS Surface Book will jack up notebook prices

Canalys Channels ForumDell bigwig 'not happy' though

Microsoft tool-crafter Idera buys database, app firm Embarcadero

No word on what it paid money men

LoopPay hackers may have wanted magnetic card-swipe tech

Backwards-compatible feature used for old cash registers

'Safe Harbor': People in Europe 'can get quite litigious about this'

US cloud businesses face 'legislative buzzsaw'

Quantum sells so much product that its earnings might shrink

Sales force did well – but too late for the beancounters

Understand 'Safe Harbor', Schrems v Facebook in under 300 words

A legal, er, brief

Vodafone joins calls to pry Openreach from BT's hands

+CommentSky and TalkTalk also expected to beg for spin-out

New mystery Windows-smashing RAT found in corporate network

Tin foil VXer wraps new Trojan in cloak and evasion tricks

AWS jabs at rivals, proclaims cloud the 'new normal'

AWS ReinventWe do hybrid too, insists senior VP Andy Jassy

Webcam spyware voyeur sentenced to community service

Nabbed in operation targeting 'low-skilled' crooks

Exposed Volkswagen 'n' pals get 2 more YEARS to sort out emissions

Real world still won't meet laboratory limits

FBI inks deal with Dell and Nutanix for embiggenable mutants

Hyperconverged hybrids snare the g-men

ICANN: Just give us the keys to the internet – or the web will disintegrate

Do what we say or the UN will take over, techies walk away, cats and dogs living together

PGP Zimmermann: 'You want privacy? Well privacy costs MONEY'

IP EXPO 2015And no, I can't beat the NSA or GCHQ for you

VW offices, employees' homes raided by German prosecutors

Meanwhile Volkswagen's American head is in Congress' sights

Time to lop off Europe's confusing IT rules, says pressure group

Campaign for Clear Licensing forms Brussels pincer with Free ICT Europe

Smartmobe brain maker Qualcomm teases 64-bit ARM server chip secrets

Prototype has 24 cores, in the hands of techies to test drive

Now even EUROPE is slapping down ICANN in internet power struggle

Governments and registries tool up for next week's meeting

Maker–NOT: 3D printer upstart Makerbot jams, cuts extra 20% of staff

CEO reshuffles management team, outsources production

AWS throws the lever on monster 2TB X1 for in-memory databases

IoT, mobile, and containers highlight day 2 at Vegas summit

Phone-fondling docs, nurses sling patient info around willy-nilly

Anyone ever heard of encryption?

The do-it-all storage giant is dying: Clouds loom over on-prem IT

CommentEMC highlights the problems all face

Hey, Facebook – these are the new Like buttons you should have used

Pic + vid'Yay'? 'Sad'? Nah, this is what we really need

Dell seeking $40bn to buy EMC next week say reports

EMC/Dell dealCunning plan calls for EMC to go private, VMware stay public as cash cow

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