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Tear teardown down, roars Apple: iFixit app yanked from store

Peek into Sir Jony's precious boxes, pay the price

Microsoft and Google ink SECRET TREATY to end all their patent wars

Chumship pact pie carve-up details kept under wraps

FBI: We unmasked and collared child porn creep on Tor with spy tool

Metasploit decloaking kit rides again?

Oz regulator warns VW: cheatware scandal could cost you millions

Audi crosses fingers, hopes software was 'inactive' in its cars

Cisco borgs UK infosec bods

Chuck pries open Portcullis

BEELION-DOLLAR Japanese satellite gives BOM a data nerdgasm

Ten-minute snapshots of Earth yields a terabyte every three days

Patreon patrons: It's password-reset time

Crowd-funding org let debug site slip outside firewall

Kmart Oz popped but credit cards are safe, really

It's only EVERYTHING ELSE YOU TOLD US that got stolen

175,000 whinge to Microsoft about phone tech support scams

3.3 million Americans will pay $1.5 billion this year.

Slander-as-a-service: Peeple app wants people to rate and review you – whether you like it or not

Internet, you've gone too far this time

AF-FIR-MAT-IVE: Second suspension for robot-voice helldesker

'Hello, IT, have you tried sticking it up your arse?'

Hillary spillery finds half-hearted phishery

Five messages? Only FIVE? C'mon, that's just not trying

Don't look now, but there's another EU data protection court case about to bite

ECJ to decide on which privacy watchdog can fine whom

Shoe stores top US credit card EMV-ready leaderboard of fail

Almost three quarters of US merchants will miss deadline, risk wearing breach fraud costs.

EMC purchase of Graphite Systems was a wetware buy

Storage behemoth needed Graphite's people to put lead in DSSD's pencil

Tegile thrashes rivals in race to supply vomit-free krill pills seller

Going Dutch to save the bacon. Does it sell bacon?

What does EU farm subsidy get spent on? Yes, broadband for Irish farmers

It's not a superhighway, it's a bandwidth mountain. Or lake

Microsoft slaps 13 per cent increase on mobile enterprise levy

User CALs up for iPads, Androids...

MYSTERY PARTICLE BLASTS from Ceres strike NASA probe Dawn

Also, astro mountain named - for Albanian eggplant harvest

Intel doubles capacity and speed of PCIe flash card

New card is literally two cards in one – they've just stuck two DC P3600s together

IT supplier? Got a customer who won't pay? Dob them in to the Insolvency Service

You'll have to keep supplying, but this way you will get paid

You lucky devs: It's Microsoft Office 2016 ... and VBA lives on

Office JavaScript library will be complete across Office 365, iOS and Mac by early 2016

Accenture extends tentacles with €25m Dublin R&D centre

No particular reason for the Emerald Isle, with its really low corporation tax

THESE ARE THE VOYAGES of the space probe Discovery

Its continuing reasonably priced mission: To discover secrets of the Solar System

El Reg lecture shows the merely human how to live forever

Reg EventsTranshumanism for beginners

It's BACK – Stagefright 2.0: Zillions of Android gadgets can be hijacked by MP3s, movie files

UpdatedPop tunes pop phones

Microsoft sabotages own Lumia smartmobe flagship launch

Post-leak Windows phones to stand at back at Surface party

Boeing builds British Airways 787 Dreamliner in 4 minutes

Post-moonshot aircraft builder has apparently smartened up its act

As 'cheap as tape': HGST’s disk array gets Commvault OK

Helium-filled drives for tape-like cost archiving

Rocketeers aim for the Moon with first-stage £600k tin-rattle

Audacious Moonspike mission lands on Kickstarter

Chinese fraudsters hitch a ride on Uber accounts

Active accounts worth '40 cents' each

Bezos battery-box bomb beef brouhaha begins as UK watchdog hauls Amazon to court

It could've been rainin' planes, claims regulator

Microsoft previews less buggy OneDrive for Business client

Hopes to end moans that consumer sync is more reliable

Aspera high speed file transfer: Let the cloud protocol wars begin

Tomorrow's cloud storage today?

Hash-tag CompSci: FBI grooms pre-weed teens

Interviews soonish, text me next week, or whenever

Ex-Autonomy CEO Mike Lynch sues HP for $150m+

Claims damages in High Court writ over accusations he cooked books

Behind the curve: How not to be a technology laggard

Be fast but not first, says Dave Cartwright

Toshiba CEO: Yeah, we MAY need to chop some heads

Accounting scandal and declining PC sales hit Japanese corp

Slurp data in a Eurozone country? Play by their DPA's rules – EU court

No hiding from data protection law in another country – ECJ

Barracuda misses Q2 results target

CEO blames market malaise in Europe, storage slow-down

How to evade Apple's anti-malware Gatekeeper in OS X and really ruin a fanboy's week

Need a better latch on that gate

Woman makes app that lets people rate and review you, Yelp-style. Now SHE'S upset people are 'reviewing' her

Here comes the irony grenade for Peeple founder

Want cheaper AT&T gigabit service? Move to a Google Fiber city

Disturbing contentUS telcos find a way to slash prices when faced with competition

Mars water discovery is a liberal-muslim plot, cry moist conspiracy theorists

What planet are you guys on?

Patch NOW: VMware vCenter, ESXi can be pwned via your network

Remote-code execution danger on VM hosts

15 MILLION T-Mobile US customer records swiped by hackers

Applied for a phone contract? Successful or not, you're boned

AMD to axe a few more staff as it struggles to get back to black

Around 500 layoffs planned in modest restructuring proposal

Bezos' BAN-HAMMER batters Chromecast, Apple TV

Competition? We've heard of it and we DON'T LIKE IT

Are Samsung TVs doing a Volkswagen in energy tests? Koreans hit back

Motion Lighting mode is a feature, not a cheat, says biz

Google's Nest weaves new Weave protocol that isn't Google's Weave

An Internet of Stuff comms tech to kill Apple's still-born Homekit?

Big Blue welds bits of carbon for nanotube transistor

Bonding beats Ώ-ophobia

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