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AMD spray-paints 'Pro A-series for biz' over its Carrizo notebook chips

Easy does it ... don't want to scare off corporate customers with too much fanfare, eh?

Raytheon: Ho hum, another day, another $1bn cyber-security contract with Uncle Sam

Contractor signs on to safeguard 100-plus agencies

Aussie students set to hack cloud biz to hell

Cyber Sec Oz pits 251 hackers in capture the flag comp.

Google literally dangles its new dongle in front of gasping TV audiences

PicsAnd whips out a music-slurping gizmo

NBN net neutrality under fire following DPI RFI

We'll only sniff your packets FOR YOUR OWN GOOD

TPG glasses Vodafone with 4,000 km of new fibre

Vodafail no more

Intralinks tags HP Helion for its Oz-hosted cloud

Paranoia a boon for local data centres

Russian antivirus vendor fire bombed for research blogs

Offices more damaged by water than flame

Herbie goes to a hackathon: Mueller promises cheatware fix

After that, Volkswagen, you'll be on your own

MACAQUE ATTACK: Monkey plunders Florida resident's box, gobbles contents

Clouseau fans will be pleased to hear minkey had liçense

India follows up Mars orbiter with successful space observatory launch

ASTROSAT in orbit, let the science begin

Rackspace: Amazon? Sure, you can buy their cloud ... from us

Hosting firm will offer cloud management on top of AWS, report claims

Smuggle mischievous JavaScript into WinRAR archives? Sure, why not

Proof of concept could lead to nasty phish

Move to the latest IE, or suck it: January’s cold comfort for Microsoft hangouts

‘Lots of people will wake up and figure this out at the last minute’

BBC joins war against Flash, launches beta HTML5 iPlayer

Aunty confident you'll ditch third-party plugin

Tucci’s terrible dilemma: Unlock EMC value without destroying the Federation

CommentElliott Management Corp will demand satisfaction

Twitter signs Edward Snowden to write for them for free

Kremlin says nothing about what he can tweet, but knows where he lives

Has the UK Uber crackdown begun? TfL opens consultation on private car biz

Get ready for tighter regs, possibly, no decisions made yet

Relax Schrems, EU-US Safe Harbour ruling coming soon

Meanwhile, US says Europe's top legal adviser is totally wrong on US surveillance

It's the white heat of the tech revolution, again!

Worstall on WednesdayNow Wolfie's Labour leader, why not rerun his Greatest Hits?

Redcentric lines up COO as new CEO

Fraser Fisher to replace Tony Weaver early November

Adblock farms out acceptable ad policy to independent reviewer

More transparency promised, just not on its revenue figures

Share-crazy millennials spaff passwords ALL OVER the workplace

Workers aged 16-34 chastised for leaving sticky deposits everywhere

Met at 'huge risk' of botching its Sopra Steria outsourcing contract

Watchdog raises concerns over £216m deal that will see hundreds of jobs lost

Lies from VW: 'Our staff acted criminally but board didn't know'

This Just In: List of 1.2m cars in UK affected by filthy cheating planet-killer dieselware

Western Digital sells strangely limited 15 per cent stake to China

Nothing to do with the MOFCOM hold on the HGST merger. Nope

Arabic-speaking cyberspies targeting BOFHs with crude but effective attacks

Special file names and domains are key

Federation is golden, says EMC II boss Goulden

They say that breaking up is hard to do, now I know, I know that it's true

Containers everywhere! Getting started with Docker

How toHello World

Lenovo stock: The channel iceberg is melting

Frosty PC demand not helping as post-XP order glut clogs distie warehouses

Speaking in Tech: Hello from Spiceworld – no, not THAT Spiceworld

PodcastSpiceworkers, selfie deaths, and a lack of terrible girlband pop

Russian hacker, nabbed in Spain, cops 4+ years for Citadel botnet

Should have stayed under the skirt of Mother Russia. Just a thought

Solar panel spammer hit by UK’s biggest ever nuisance calls fine

HELM offered free aggravation, rather than free electricity

Eight cores good, ten cores better: MediaTek resumes Qualcomm multi-core war

It’s not what you’ve got, it’s how you use it, apparently

Acer: We're not laying off staff, just shifting 'em out of the PC biz

Heard of the Bring Your Own Cloud unit? You want to be getting in there

Straight from the horse's mouth: It's October 7 for Pure's IPO

New York Stock Exchange gears up for the listing

Flaky Flickr's pic upload faulty for weeks, fume fed-up photographers

Shutterbugs furious that pic-sharing website isn't

Elon Musk unmasks Tesla's Model X – the $132k anti-bioweapon SUV for the 1%

Pics and videoSergey Brin gets car number 3 off the lot

Weird garbled Windows 7 update baffles world – now Microsoft reveals the truth

So about those automatic Windows updates ...

Oakland mayor fires warning letter to Uber: Welcome to our city. Now behave

Libby Schaaf puts case for using tech to empower people

Roku 4 specs leak: Yes, it's got 4K streaming and a games controller

ExclusiveLatest version of streaming media box puts it to the head of the market

SaaS biz 'made up 99% of sales and defrauded investors of millions'

CEO and CFO in hot water with the Feds

Apple fixes iOS 9.0.2 passcode loophole, kills 101 OS X security bugs

Patch now: El Capitan upgrade plus Safari, iThing software tweaks

Europe talks to hackers, security bods on Wassenaar recalibration

Delegates suggest govs should sort themselves out before criminalising researchers

Verisign opens up its DNS

Free for ordinary users, promises not to harvest your requests

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