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29th > September > 2015 Archive

Now you can be tracked online by your email addy. Thanks, Google!

We see you just went on holiday. Would you like another one tomorrow?

Yahoo!: Who! cares! what! US! taxman! thinks!, we'll! spinoff! Alibaba! anyway!

Risky maneuver could see it served a hefty tax bill someday

Pasta is now a THING, says Cisco

So are QR codes. No, really

Overheating iPhone 6S+ BLINDED my cam, cries flashgate fanboy

ScreenshotFlash flambé feared

Trump confirms carders raided Las Vegas hotel sales tills

Republican prez candidate a hit among thieves.

Where VSAN doesn't shine: Sources explain EMC's ScaleIO purpose

One is for small biz and the other is for enterprise providers

AdSense fraud still too easy, says Spanish boffin

Uni prof goes public with two-year-old bug

Red alert: Pure Storage IPO could maybe hit as early as next week

Keep your eyes peeled; it could be as soon as next week

US fibre rollouts are driving Cablelabs standards in new directions

Broadcom explains DPoE to El Reg

Google 'cubists' fix bug in Linux network congestion control, boost performance

It's a wonder the 'net works at all, really

Telstra passes on NBN billions, plays it safe

Don't have techs to spare anyhow

Feds want a phone smart enough to burn itself if it falls into the wrong hands

Walk this way – 'cause if you don't, the phone will die

Microsoft eats its Dynamics CRM young with Adxstudio buy

Another day, another small deal to beef up Redmond’s portfolio

Marijuana from heaven: Bundle of blow bombs bow-wow's boudoir

Thunder? That's not thunder, that's the sound of international drug smuggling

Thousands of 'directly hackable' hospital devices exposed online

DerbyconHackers make 55,416 logins to MRIs, defibrillator honeypots

NSA? Illegal spying? EU top lawyer is talking out of his Bot – US gov

Yes, we spied, but we clearly know more about the law than this Euro law-talking guy

Here are the God-mode holes that gave TrueCrypt audit the slip

Elevation-of-privilege vulnerabilities found in popular encryption system

Vodafone left the lonely singleton as Liberty deal kiboshed

Other MNOs couple up in the UK market

IBM buys top Workday channel partner

More grunt to its HR elbow

Herbie Goes Under Investigation: German prosecutors probe ex-VW CEO Winterkorn

Claims he was unaware of the ‘defeat device’

Mobile first? Microsoft decides to kneecap its Android users instead

CommentAnd the man responsible for doing it is now in charge of Outlook

Peaxy offers a vision of the future – and it’s a silo-melding data lake

Raking over dead file virtualisation ashes ... could the flames return?

Outsourcery bags another £1m investment as losses start shrinking

FYI, cloud biz still lost £2.1m in six months of this calendar year

EMC/DSSD swallows Graphite Systems, begins technology digest

Patents and people could have prompted the buy

Google and NASA hop into bed with quantum computing biz

Canadian outfit D-Wave Systems signs 'largest' order in its history

Sky 'fesses up to broken fibre cables as cause of outage woes

Northern England suffering broadband outage since Monday

iPhone 6s and 6s Plus: Harder, faster and they'll give you a buzz

ReviewBut despite the hype, Cupertino’s latest efforts don’t entirely satisfy

Fiorina: I rushed out HP servers to power NSA snooping. Mwahahaha!

Prez hopeful bigs up her part in protecting USA from the Server Gap

Capita: O2 call centre staff exodus is premature evacuation

Hold on, can you stay on for six weeks? We forgot about this extra work

Spirit of Steve Fosset lives on as glider is poised to soar to 90,000ft

Flying high in the wave-riding Perlan 2

Tesla X unfolds its Falcon wings, stumbles belatedly into the light

Vulture at the WheelThird car in the range aimed at large American families

Need discrete encounter with some hardware? Of course, we mean AMD's new Embedded Radeons

Troubled mini-Chipzilla rolls out kit for embedded engineers

UK team pioneers experimental cure for age-related blindness

An end to macular degeneration? We'll have a better idea in November

Put all your eggs in one basket – and by eggs we mean GPU-heavy apps and by basket, Azure

Microsoft adds N-series VMs to its cloud for Nvidia acceleration unleashes 3D virtual world to train GCHQ's kiddie division

Cyber-workforce to learn in 'Cyphinx' land from an early age, just like Nork hackers

WATERPROOF iPhone 6Ss? Old news. Check out the OTHER 7 SECRET FEATURES

In other news - HATS are secretly BOWLS

Find shaving a chore? Why not BLAST your BEARD off with a RAYGUN

Sic semper problem beards everywhere

Blood in the boardroom as Imation ejects from tape media business

Bloody exec cull as Nexsan array business faces dramatic restructuring

Linux-powered botnet lets rip on victims with 180Gbps network floods

Enormous network of hijacked zombie servers threatens to batter everything in its path

Microsoft stamps its bootprints harder into India

Shove off Google, our cloud was here first

Uber's double Dutch moment: Cops raid offices a second time

Ride-booking app one of the few things not allowed in Amsterdam

Monica Lewinsky lawyer named as first outsider on secret US spy court

Sticky situations in the White House? Better call Preston

Web ad tried to make my iPhone spaff a premium-rate text, says snapper

This is why everyone's blocking adverts

Hands on with Google's Nexus 5X, 6P Android Marshmallow mobes

Pics and videoNew kit from web giant shown off in San Francisco

Pixel C: Google has a crack at the fondleslab-with-keyboard game

That worked out really well for Microsoft, right?

Microsoft says Mesos support is coming with Azure Container Service

Redmond to bring easy container wrangling to its cloud

Do you agree with our fee hike? Press 1 to answer Yes; or 2 for Yes

Welcome to ICANN, where you always agree with us

Macquarie academics send Gmail a ‘Dear John’ letter

'Keep our data away from the PATRIOT Act, please'

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