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28th > September > 2015 Archive

AGD: silence about metadata retention plans is about security

If carriers talk, criminals might hear, apparently

Sprint passes on premium spectrum

Already got plenty of airwaves, wants to hold onto its cash

M2, Vocus merge to form down under’s newest billion-dollar telco

Oz telco consolidation continues

Insult to injury: Researcher remote pwns RAT of cuffed FireEye VXer

'See judge? I gave cops a backdoor!'

Last week's cookie-vuln won't be the last, security bod says

It's only a local bug until it's not

Robot Romeo gets its 'antenna' snapped off in attempt to 'charm' testy American

'Elite member' suffers 'damages to equipment' in NC fracas

332M Kick Ass pirates get asses kicked by scareware ass-kickers

Welcome to internet technical support. Please give us your computer

Diskicide – the death of disk

Tech Unplugged sees Reg presenter unplugged

Mobile advertising DDoS JavaScript drip serves site with 4.5bn hits

Once-theoretical attack vector appears fully-formed on CloudFlare's doorstep

EU data protection chief: Snaffling all air traveller data goes too far

Buttarelli can't see any sensible reason for enormous passenger data slurp

DfID becomes second ministry to SPURN Cabinet Office IT scheme

ExclusiveBargepole length insufficient

'Disruptive Innovation'? Take this theory and stuff it: MIT Profs

CommentThe inexorable rise of Silicon Valley's unchallengeable mantra

Daisy Group joins Cisco ranks of Gold tier services slingers

Remember that Phoenix IT Group fiasco? No? Oh, good

You want a 6% Google Tax? Get lost, German copyright bods told

Only snippets longer than seven words are chargeable

NetApp slims down latest controller, beefs up channel efforts

Skinny boxen drops from a size 12U to 6U OVERNIGHT with this neat trick

'We can handle politicos, OUR ISSUE IS JUDGES', shout GCHQ docs

Leaked slides show UK spooks worried judicial oversight will spoil their sneaky fun

NASA announcement of MAJOR MARS DISCOVERY imminent: WHAT can it be?

PollAliens? Dirt? Dirty aliens?

The pachyderm punch: El Reg takes just-over-a-ton Elephone P8000 to tusk

ReviewIdeal for trunk calls, and so much else

Microsoft, Google scramble to COLONISE INDIA

Modern day internet missionaries altruistically just want to help

PIGS IN SPAAAACE: HAMS send porker to 25,927m

A safe distance from the Piers Gaveston dining society

Saudi Arabia: They liked Hacking Team so much they tried to buy the company

Might be nice to avoid new spy tech export laws

Want to know the key to storage happiness? It’s analytics. Yeah, it’s that simple

Never has the phrase 'Jack of all trades' been more apt

Cisco who? HP puts Pica8's OS into its open switches

That'll solve all our scaling issues, chuckles SDN upstart's carefree veep

Whoops, there goes my cloud: What to do when AWS foresakes you

CommentMultiple providers? Hybrid approach? Or, just take the hit?

EU, China promise 5G cooperation, seek an understanding on standards

Chinese quite keen on the EU’s export market, presumably

Managing DevOps in the hybrid cloud

Like spinning plates. With meals on them

Quadsys Five hacking fraud trial set for mid-December

Bosses at security reseller to go before the beak at Oxford Crown Court

Microsoft preps Azure data lake flood gates for readiness

And yes, it’ll feature analytics as a service

WATER SURPRISE: Liquid found on Mars, says NASA

PicsCalifornians already booking space flights

Apple CEO: We've hoovered up your cash faster than ever before

Record sales of iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus lead to avaricious Cook outburst

The UN made privacy a human right – but that's not good enough for Team Snowden

Whistleblower's pals want govts to sign up to new treaty

Pirate Bay cofounder and computer hacker Anakata freed

Swedish swashbuckler sprung from Scandanavian cellblock

Audi, Seat, Skoda admit they've been fiddling car pollution tests as well

All Volkswagen brands now under the spotlight

World panics, children cry, workers sigh ... TITSUP

UpdatedTotal Inability To See Uninspiring Posts

Is Windows 10 slurping too much data? No, says Microsoft. Nuh-uh. Nope

Doth Redmond protest too much?

'Miracle weight-loss' biz sued for trying to silence bad online reviews

US watchdog drags Roca Labs to court over Ts and Cs

ICANN taking over the 'net from Uncle Sam? Ted Cruz to the rescue!

Four leading politicians pull out stick, try to jam it into DNS biz's spokes

HP's Mad King Léo ignored Autonomy iceberg, emails claim

Former boss stuck fingers in ears and decided to do it anyway, it appears

BlackBerry's tactical capitulation to Google buys time – and possibly a future

AnalysisWhat. People covet a BlackBerry again?

Rosetta comet boffins: We can explain why there's a rubber ducky IN SPAAACE

PicsEuro probe studies two rocks for the price of one

Apple in eyebrow-raising threesome with TSMC, Samsung for iPhone 6S

Two slightly different A9 processor brains made for new mobes

Axed-ya Nadella swings blade through the forest of Microsoft again

Redmond announces second major financial reporting change in three years

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